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    There's a great deal more to me than just my sexual interests (as there is with all of us).

    If you are in Phoenix, I have, for some reason, laid bare a great deal of what lies within my soul on Scruff. I'm PhoenixGeoff on there.
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    My ideal fuck is in his 30s, 40s or 50s, built large but solid and powerful, can get kinky, has facial and/or body hair (but male pattern baldness can be sexy!) and is pretty promiscuous and experienced.

    If you party with T, I'm sorry, but we're not a match. Any other drug use on your part is fine in moderation.

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  1. Well now, you see, back in my day, we didn't have no fancy PrEP or HAART...just condoms and lingering deaths and we LIKED it! Nah, not really. The future's pretty cool. I think there is a message that's floating around with the younger guys that HIV isn't really a big deal. It's a testimony to all the hard work and success of the researchers and doctors and even the guinea pigs who allowed ourselves to be experimented on a little bit in order to get us to where we are today. And so there's probably some complacency out there, which I suppose is good news if you like barebacking, but not so good if you're looking to limit the spread of HIV (it IS expensive to treat and it WILL likely end up killing me in the end, one way or another, so we really ought to take care not to spread it if we can). Some of it is really just youthful exuberance. I certainly remember feeling like I'd live forever. HIV was the first turning point in that realization that my time here is finite and the world will quite happily keep on turning without my presence and for that I'm grateful. On the other hand, I also remember sometimes subscribing to the "live fast, die young, leave a beautiful corpse" philosophy (or its nihilistic variant the "Fuck it!" philosophy)...what a bunch of hooey that was! Either way the end result was the same. The pozzing stories have been around since at least the '90s and probably earlier (I know the terms "gift giver" and "bug chaser" go back at least 20 some odd years) so my guess is there's always going to be a small subset of guys for whom HIV is their kink, and those guys have a decent chance of ending up here sooner or later. I doubt there are many of them (especially if we don't include the tweakers who only feel that way when they're fucked up; I personally don't, on the grounds that if you need a drug to get kinky, you're probably really straightlaced by nature). I got a feeling that the crowd we get around here isn't very representative of gay guys at large.
  2. So this is the crucial bit of information. You have a choice to make. Like Mick Jagger said, you can't always get what you want. So what is important to you? Sex with strangers or your relationship? Because I'll tell you this right now: you can't have both. Not indefinitely. Sooner or later something will happen that will give you away. Your online profile will turn up. You'll catch an STD. You'll run into a trick with your bf somewhere. Your manner will change because you're lying. Something will go wrong. It always does. I will tell you this. That cheatingjock guy up there? Yeah, I'd probably fuck him. But I wouldn't want to date him. Because I'd know he wasn't trustworthy. If you decide to go ahead and fuck around behind your partner's back, you put more than the relationship on the line. What is your personal word and honor worth to you? If those things don't matter much to you, if you're willing to lie and cheat and sneak just to get a little action on the side, then you're not much of a man. Yes, being men, it's really hard to limit ourselves. Yes, being gay, we have much greater opportunities for sex. That's all well and good. But none of that means that we don't have integrity. Don't sell yourself out with this.
  3. Personally, when I was a teenager, growing up in a fairly well-off, liberal family, to the extent I was aware of guns, I couldn't understand why anyone would want one and thought they were a little dangerous and scary. My time in the Army cured me of that. I don't own any guns or rifles now, but would have no objection to any of the people I know owning them (and a few do; I live in Arizona, which has very liberal gun laws). My experience is that having some good solid training in how to store, care for and handle weapons took away the fear of them for me and helped me to see them for what they are: a tool. Does the relative availability of guns increase my personal risk? Sure it does, a little. Not as much as getting behind the wheel of my car and driving with the nutjobs out on I-17 though. Risk is a part of life. That's why we bareback, right? A life that was 100% safe would be pretty damn boring. Seems to me, personally, that the freedom to own a weapon is worth a little bit of elevated risk.
  4. American by birth. Also have Canadian citizenship (and yes, would be Trump exiles, I am assembling a harem to bring over the border LOL) Background is 50% Polish, 50% Kentucky hillbilly. It's a mix I like.
  5. Yeah, if you really want to have sex with other men, why not open up the relationship? What's the worst that could happen? Your partner says no. Then you have your answer and you just carry on like you have been (and it sounds like you've been really happy with this guy). What's the best that could happen? about, next time your partner takes off on a business trip, you bring this Grindr guy over and covertly set up a Skype link with your partner so he can watch this stranger nailing your ass and jack off a massive load to it? OR, you and your partner start taking trips together to some gay resort where you do nothing but lay out by the pool naked sipping cocktails while you arrange your next three-way? I'm sure someone else can come up with something even better. One suggestion: before you do anything at all regarding this decision (including everything from contacting this guy again to having the conversation about opening things up with your partner), I would like you to do one thing: I would like you to sit down and hand write a minimum 300 word paper that is all about the reasons why you are grateful to have your partner in your life. After you have done that, then do the next right thing. (Oh, and you might consider, the next time you two go out for a date, pulling out that little letter, reading it out loud to him over dessert, and giving it to him to keep. Up to you.)
  6. You know, you really need to post face pics and your location so we'll recognize you and know you to go ahead and fuck you in this situation.
  7. #4 is a lie. You know you love it.
  8. As a bottom I pretty habitually get fucked with only spit for lube. A little on my ass, a little on his cock and we're good to go. As a top, I'm uncut, so I have issues fucking a bottom dry, especially if he's tight. My foreskin gets kind of hung up in his asshole and then as I push into him, it at first rolls back and then pulls on the head of my dick. Painful, and not in a good way. At a minimum I need some spit to get inside, unless he's already well fucked and lubed up with other guys' cum. Then, no worries...I'm in like Flynn.
  9. Some basic safety suggestions first: Do you know and trust at least one of these guys well? If all of these guys are strangers (especially if they know each other), then I would seriously suggest not getting into a bondage scene. Simple reason: if things go sideways, you need to be able to assert your right to say no. As hot as the loss of control can be, having your property stolen or getting seriously hurt is not fun. Use some common sense. As for what happens within the scene, when I'm being an aggressive top, I'm willing to entertain suggestions from the bottom prior to the beginning of the scene. But frankly, if you want guys who are basically going to take what they want (which is what it sounds like), I really don't want to hear about your desires. I'm going to do what I'm going to do. Let them know what your boundaries are, but otherwise give carte blanche. Trust me: it's hotter when you don't know what's going to happen next. With that in mind, another safety rule: have a safe word. That way you can scream "No!" all you want and they'll keep on pushing you. That can be really hot too. Again, I strongly advise you to look carefully at who these men are. If you don't know them well, or at all, then I'd suggest and more standard fuck session one-on-one with each of them prior to the four way. At the very least, make sure you're comfortable with and have had good experiences with whichever top is taking the lead role.
  10. The point is he had no way of knowing what your wishes were. You were unable to express them. The fact that his choice happened to coincide with what you wanted to have happen is irrelevant.
  11. Been a while since I did one of these. So where did I get my last load? In the sleeper berth of a Volvo tractor-trailer. I had decided to take a roll of the dice and post to Craigslist. I seem to have reasonably decent success with arranging hookups via CL, but there's a lot of flakiness and frustration too. There have been times when I've had multiple lines on hookups and it looks like the hardest part is going to be coordinating them all so that no-one runs into the person in the next time slot. But then inevitably, things will go nowhere and the whole thing ends in wishes for what might have been. So it went today. After a promising start, one rejected me for my HIV status. One simply flaked. One was just weird. But the last guy was the one I struck up the longest conversation with. And he turned out to be a truck driver who was just settling into Phoenix for the next few days. He was actually kind enough to drop his trailer at the truck stop and drive his tractor into town to a parking place close to me. But more than anything else, it was a bit of a nostalgia trip, getting fucked on that narrow sleeper mattress, reminding me of when I used to drive over-the-road and would try to arrange hookups wherever I thought I was going to be parking that night. So it ended well. A good deed done for a brother truck driver. A load for my ass from him in return. And a little trip down memory lane. Plus I've attached another souvenir: that's his raw cock in my hairy ass in the picture.
  12. I tend to prefer hairy men generally. Hell, I think back hair is sexy. So yeah, hairy ass for me too. There's something about a big huge hairy hulk of a man aching for a cock up his hairy asshole. Woof! You asked about general rules of attractiveness for men and body hair. I'd say that there aren't really any. If you look at the advertising marketers use, you'll see both hairy and smooth guys held up as ideals. Body hair does seem to be more associated with a more adult masculinity perhaps. The only general rule is that, depending on how it comes in, you may need to trim it to keep it looking good.
  13. The first thing that needs to be said is that fucking someone who's unconscious or passed out isn't "practically rape," it is rape in the eyes of the law. Now these cases typically involve sorority girls who drink too much rather than guys in bathhouses, but the point still stands and a top who fucked a passed out guy could technically be prosecuted. From the perspective of being a bottom, I'm of two minds about this. I really love the idea of the anonymity...the not knowing who fucked me. But I also really, really enjoy the experience of getting fucked and if I wasn't present for that, I'd kind of feel like I'd missed out. I guess I'd put it this way. If it happened, I'd be fine with it. But it's not a scenario I'd seek out for myself. As a top, I'd leave you alone. I want my bottoms responsive enough to participate in the sex. If all you're going to do is just lie there, I'll find someone else.
  14. I would say, since it's never been a big deal for you, then leave well enough alone. We've got a medical system in this country that has all kinds of incentives to turn anything and everything into a "condition" that requires expensive interventions. I'd suggest sticking with the "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" motto. I'll also add that on the very few occasions I've run into a top with a downward curve like yours, I've always thoroughly enjoyed the encounter. You might even consider advertising it more prominently. The novelty factor my end up helping you get more business!
  15. My rules of sexual etiquette for hooking up 1) Take rejection with good grace. If a guy is not into you, no matter how perfect he is for you, it ain't gonna happen. My practice is to block men who turn me down due to lack of interest on their part. It keeps me from bothering them in the future. 2) If a man shows interest but demurs due to commitments or not being prepared or whatever, take it at face value and with good grace. Always assume honesty. Corollary to one and two: When declining, always respond and always be honest about why you are declining. If you're not attracted, say so (nicely). Don't just ignore a message, and don't string him along. 3) Be honest in your responses. Keep your profiles up to date, with reasonably recent pictures. Especially do not lie about drug usage or HIV status (leaving those blank in a profile is OK, but if asked about them, respond honestly) Be up front about condom usage, PrEP and barebacking. 4) Have profile pictures. At a minimum, show your face and body. They can be private if you like, but have them to share. 5) Do not post a quick hook up ad unless you are ready to go right now. 6) Once you lock in a hookup (i.e. there have been an address and phone numbers exchanged) then no more cruising. Even while you're waiting for him to arrive. Take down any hookup ads and log out of hookup sites. If you're traveling, don't dilly-dally around, but get what you need and get on the road. From the moment you commit to a hookup to when you have sex, your focus should be on that one scene, not finding others. 6a) If you've been working a few guys in parallel and two or more pan out at the same time, let them know what has happened and offer to get together later. I guarantee you, if he is a real pig, he's going to understand. I always appreciate it when guys are up front with me instead of simply disappearing when things seemed to be going well. 7) Be understanding when scenes don't play out exactly as you had envisioned them. Sometimes this is a good thing! Go with the flow. 7a) If you are a top, understand that sometimes, shit happens, despite the bottom's best efforts. Be understanding. and be as open as you can to continuing the scene in other ways. 7b) If you are a bottom, understand that sometimes, no matter how hot things are, the top simply won't be able to get it up, or cum, or whatever. Be understanding, and be as open as you can to continuing the scene in other ways. Hint: pressuring a guy to get hard is a surefire way to keep it from ever happening. 8) In a three-way or group, try to pay attention to everyone involved over the course of the scene. 9) You are not the focus of everyone's attention in a group scene (unless the group has explicitly been set up for that purpose). Don't hog the sling. 10) Cultivate versatility. Especially if you're a bottom. You'll see a hell of a lot more action if you're willing to top now and then. 11) In a public sex scene, feel free to approach and offer to join in, but remember, no means no. 12) When posting an ad, offer broad guidelines for what you're looking for (age ranges, body types, demeanor). Be descriptive about your own appearance and interests (Hint: calling yourself "hot" or "good looking" is totally meaningless; you and I probably have very different ideas of what we find attractive) Corollary: When responding to an ad, read it first. If you don't fall into the guidelines offered (e.g. he says he likes men 30-50 and you're 21, or he's looking to get fucked and you're a bottom) then don't respond. And don't get offended by someone's preferences. Even if they're racial. Gay guys are in no position to bitch out someone for whom he is attracted to. 13) No hard drugs unless it's really that kind of party. If in doubt, ask. Ask before using poppers, 420, drinking, smoking, etc. Some guys are allergic; many rentals ban indoor smoking. And don't overdo it. Guys who are sloppy drunk can't get it up and give shit blowjobs. Bottom line: we're all here looking for fun. Be respectful, be considerate, and be attentive to your partner(s) desires. Any others?

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