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First time at the sauna

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9 months later


I woke up with the now common feeling of cum leaking from me and a wet patch on my bed and smiled. As I rolled over in the bed I used to share with my wife I pondered how things had changed over the last 9 months. Firstly there was that first night at the sauna but that was just the beginning the first in a chain reaction that changed everything. 


Jane cared for me through my fever and looked after me assuming it was flu once better and after the weight loss she couldn't get enough of me we spent the best part of a month fucking 2-3 times a day then she got sick. I cared for her the same as she did for me but after her doctor recommended she get tested the truth quickly became apparent and she left. 


I loved Jane and was sorry for all I'd done but her leaving gave me a new found freedom and it wasn't long before I found myself back in the same bathhouse night after night. The other thing that changed in me was I became more versatile and found out just hoe empowering shooting my own now poz cum in a bottom could be. I never mentioned my status unless specifically asked which was rare. Soon the evening trips to the bathhouse weren't enough and I found myself sneaking out on my lunch breaks to fuck anyone close enough with a cock. 

Work had been good to me over the years and I soon realised without Jane I could afford to stop altogether and did just that. 

With no work and no wife the remaining months have given me the freedom to become the sleazy pig i never knew I needed to be. 


The noise of the shower being turned off broke me away from my thoughts and I smiled as I watched the young twink walk out of the bathroom at 19 he was the youngest I'd fucked since this all began but he had the confidence of someone twice his age. He walked over and kissed me deeply. "thanks for last night and for letting me use the shower I've never had so much cum in me from one guy it got everywhere overnight. Usually I don't go bareback I'm not sure what came over me" 

I smiled "no worries I'm glad we both had fun" as my cock began to grow I pulled him in close and kissed him again before throwing him on the bed. "I've really got to get to work" he said "don't worry bimoy this won't take long. Call it a parting gift." with that I buried my face in his smooth hole and began eating his ass like there was no tomorrow his protests soon stopped and he began moaning from my assault. I came up and kissed him deeply before sliding my poz cock back into his ass. He gasped and went to say something but couldn't as my tongue was still working its way down his throat. "that's it boy take my cock take everything I've got" I fucked him without mercy as he moaned louder and louder "tell me what you want boy tell me how much you want my seed" "Please" he shouted "please breed my hole breed my fucking hole" I felt my cock swell as it began to shoot my now toxic cum deep in this twinks cum. 


Once the orgasm subsided I kissed him again before getting off and letting him get dressed. 


"fuck looks like I'm going to work with a part of you in me aswell then"


I smiled he had no idea how long that part of me would be with him for. 


He kissed me goodbye and left just as my phone started to ring. 


 I answered. 


"Hey pig where are you me Matt and Dave have been waiting at the tattoo parlous for 20 minutes for you" 


"sorry guys I'm on my way just got a bit carried away with last night conquest" 


Jack laughed 

"your such a fucking pig hurry up its time to get your ink" 


With that I got dressed and took the short walk to the tattoo parlour before finally getting my own Biohazard tattoo just above my cock. 

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First read, top to bottom,

I did not care much for the Prince Albert from hell, but the rest is pretty solid.

And now, where will you put the tattoo on your protagonist ?... I've got to find out...

More please...

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