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    Las Vegas NV
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    I like music,movies,camping-however I can not sleep on the ground anymore it is hard on my back. Like food. Go out to see things in the area. Meeting people.
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    Bear hairy I do not shave my body hair at all. I was 522lbs now down to 380lbs yes I know I am fat.
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    open to the idea of being in a porn movie.
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    hot man to man sex contact 2059jwm@gmail.com

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  1. chub hairy ass in Las Vegas NV taking cum loads.
  2. nice I am 58 years old and I am a horny old man myself. lol
  3. Who me, thanks man, I take it, like a, slut, that, I am ... lol
  4. Your not the only one wanting the fuck flu.
  5. I would love for something like that to take place with me in a bathhouse but so far no luck. I have taken raw loads in my ass many times but so far no poz loads. I have been unlucky in that.
  6. Damm hot story I would love to find someone like that.
  7. Great story. We need more of it. I wish I was getting a hard cock up my ass right now lol.
  8. I love it when a man fills my hole with cum. so far I am still neg.
  9. Dam I need someone to set this up for me ass well my birthday is the 5th of Feb. lol .....
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