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Has this happened to you?

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On 7/13/2021 at 2:09 PM, mikedc said:

Guy was shooting in my mouth and it went into my nose and ran down my face. So weird!

OMG Yes!!  The first time that I sucked a real man, he shot so much cum that I wasn't ready for it and couldn't handle that much so I was left coughing with spunk flowing outta my nose and eyes watering 😛

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Yup, it happened once to be at a rest stop. Was in the woods sucking a nice  cock, he shot a huge load in my mouth holding his cock still. His cock filled my mouth and I think the cum had no where else to go,so out my nose. It was everywhere.

He then thanked me and told me he just got out of jail after 30 days.

That happened about 30 years ago and I remember it like it was yesterday


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Swallowing loads sometimes the top will pull out and just want to lay it on your tongue and he’s really backed up so the cum comes out with tremendous force and goes up your nose eyes. It’s fun I am licking it up. It's the life of a cum dump. 

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On 7/29/2021 at 8:27 AM, Nik101 said:

Yeah I think it’s really hot cumming in a cum dumps nose or eyes. Forces the bitch out of their comfort zone and means they’ll remember that fuck.


I have always been a bitch and i know it. but i so love it when a man pushes me to my limits and beyond! i expect when i meet a guy to get on my knees let him feel my ass, grab it and suck his cock and get fucked. but when he does more that i don't expect, and pushes more my limites even against my will is amazing. I will hate it but on the long run i will never forget it and will enjoy that fuck. it feels great when men look at me and check me out as they want to fuck me, but i look for it when they will push me take me out of my comfort zone,make me moan, scream. He takes full possession of my body and as me do what i never expected and takes no for an answer or no lip or shit from me.

He is a man who knows what he wants and know what he wants and expects from his bitch! i can't wait to pleasure such a man!

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yes it has

remember one time this Daddy was fucking my face

wasn't very hung but enough to reach back

He jizzed & it made me sneeze out cum

with His cock still in me

made Him chuckle

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i had this  young hung dude ask me over

he face fucked

he came so hard and long

it shot out my nose in spurts as he kept comming

looked like i had been bukae

i will never forget it

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I have met a bi supersoaker at Steamworks Toronto twice in the past. Loved it. Wrote about on BZ too. I haven’t run in to him since. What a giant cum splasher! Everyone should experience something similar!

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