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    Shemales, trannies, traps, queenie sissies, faggots who love taking loads from real men. Also love talking to other dominant tops who like to use and degrade pretty, young girly bottoms. Daddy/son, daddy/daughter action. Men who enjoy hardcore incest and other dirty taboo.
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    Young, pretty, eager NSA cumdumps. Human fleshlights. Other Dom men who like to use, share and pass around girly sluts.

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  1. I would love to spit in your face while a jackhammer your loose cum filled pussy babygirl
  2. When I am using a cocksucker l just want them to suck me off and leave when l’m done unloading down their throat. l’m not trying to chill and hang out and chat. Just do a good job, milk my load out and drink it so l can get on with my day
  3. Yep. I had some foggy kid in high school suck my cock literally hundreds of times. He would do it anywhere I wanted and when i started driving I would give him a ride home to or from school or pick him up and drive somewhere so he could suck me off in parking lots or parked at the side of the road. Deepthroat and swallowing every time. He was so handy for a horny teen. He was sucking off a lot of guys.
  4. You have a very lucky father. l bet he loves your mouth and throat. Good boy. Keep on sucking your fathers cock whenever he wants it.
  5. l prefer clean shaven and pretty. As a straight man l don’t want to see a beard gobbling my cock.
  6. I have a big cock and enjoy fucking boys that I can tell have taken a lot of huge meat but I really love those sluts thats don’t care what a man looks like or the size of the cock and is willing to let just anybody fuck him. A real slut, not a picky queen.
  7. Gloryholes are a great way for straight men like myself to get off in a gay boy
  8. I have gotten my cock sucked that way several times. A couple years ago l went into a restroom and this cute girly Twink was checking out my cock so I ended up with him on his knees sucking my cock and after I blew my load down his throat, I noticed his high school uniform lol Great blowjob
  9. Thats hot. l think there is a name for that trick. something about a dragon.
  10. As a straight top l turned this around. l think l would rather get sucked off by my friends son. Then send his dad pictures and emails of his son sucking my cock from an unknown email address and telling him what a great cocksucker he is. That was what made me decide to let my son suck my cock. That being said there have been a few of my sons friends who I would gladly have let suck me off. A couple girls and a couple boys. (one of the boys gave me a blowjob every time l drove him home. Usually we would just pull into a parking lot or down an alley or park at the side of the road but he also sucked my cock while I was driving. Lmao
  11. That’s hot. Did you always know you wanted to suck your fathers cock? How did you start sucking him off? Has he ever watched you suck off other guys?
  12. l would love to watch you kneeling in front of your father, sucking his big hard cock and sucking a huge load of cum out of him to swallow.
  13. Damn little girl. You look like you were born with a hard cock in your mouth.
  14. Do it now boy. Find a way to suck your fathers big meaty man cock like you have always secretly wanted to. l'm sure he already knows you're a cocksucker. Maybe you can even get him to fuck your pussy. You look girly enough to put on a skirt, a bra, and lace stockings with crotchless panties to hide your useless boy cock, and of course some high heels. Be your daddy's cumhole.
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