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  1. My first time was in 1973. So many became Pozzed at the Ramble in the 80s
  2. I have gone to McCarren park a few times now and have left with a sore hole. It’s in Greenpoint Brooklyn on the north side of the swimming pool by the sprinklers. The best time is after 10pm.
  3. A couple of the Sex clubs in NYC let’s Mount Sinai hospital in to give a free testing. I have tried the home testing kit also. Just keep getting testing if you are chasing.
  4. The side of the park with the swimming pool on the north end by the sprinklers. After 10pm it starts until daylight. Durning the day don’t go.
  5. The East Side club is at 227 East 56 st. The West side club is closed for ever.
  6. Asspig is good. The Manhole Group has a fisting party in September
  7. As I’m on my hands & knees all I care is how big his dick how long can he keep it hard and how big of a load I’m getting in my Ass or mouth.
  8. I get off more cruising the parks sucking and getting fuck now than ever before. 

  9. These are my toys for stretching.
  10. I see him dressed, holding his dick. I get on my knees, unzip his pants, and pull it out. I suck it nice and slow as it grows. When it's ready I drop my pants and bend over the log. Nothing is I said about condom or lube as I feel the head of his dick on my cunt. He goes for it driving it in, and fucks me as hard and as fast as he can. He grabs my hips as I feel his dick pumping me with his lost. Nothing is said as we both pick up our pants are go our separate ways. 

  11. I'm interested in your profile, I emailed you. Can you check my profile also if you're interested? Please let me know, okay?

  12. If you are the only bottom taking loads then you pay for the room as the Tops are giving you what you desire.
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