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  1. I never ask their status as I only let them fuck me raw
  2. In Brooklyn before Covid, there was a piss group that would meet Once a month. I wish they would open back up
  3. Like others have said but find a Doctor and be honest with what you are doing sexually. Get tested every three months for STI, learn to clean out your hole, and also learn how to stretch out your cunt so you can enjoy getting fucked without pain.
  4. Yes it’s like a brand but it does not last long. You heat up a stylist tip and touch the skin after 3 strikes you re-heat the tip and do it again. Mine lasted two years
  5. I had a verbal Top fuck me In a Language, I did not understand as he was very aggressive. It was HOT fuck
  6. I do everything I can to have clean hole as most tops like clean holes plus, after they give me their load, I will do an ATM for them if they want
  7. You should go to the Rainbow Playground at 35-06 Northern Blvd. It's a sex club
  8. I think everyone should know what a dark room is for. I don't care what the Top looks like as long they have hard and can leave me a load.
  9. I only crave they have a hard dick for me to suck and get fuck by as the rest is just window dressing
  10. I love the fuck but the load is the best part of the fuck.
  11. I like for his dick to stay in until he goes soft
  12. The Sniffles app does what BBRT used to do and post group parties. I am going to one tomorrow.
  13. Cunningham park was so much fun yesterday as I went 3 times and was lucky to get 3 loads In my cunt. 

    1. PissPigBrooklyn


      Good for you!!!


    2. Bruce999


      McCarren Park is a good place also 

    3. PissPigBrooklyn


      Today is supposed to be even better weather (at least until late afternoon)

  14. I love going to the NYC Bondage Club on Sundays. I would get a dick to suck or Get fuck there. I wish they would reopen
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