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  1. Well in a few weeks I might be Poz as the guy who fuck me and gave me his load said I hope you are on med as I toxic. Well in not on meds and chasing to become Poz. 

  2. I have been cursing the parks and have taken a few loads.
  3. This really sucks Pig Week is canceled and so is MAL as these events have a lot of Poz Tops. 

    1. Bruce999


      I have been cruising the parks and some of the open book stores around me taking any loads 

  4. I’ve been cruising the parks and been lucky getting some loads.
  5. When PrEP first came out I went on it so I could start taking raw loads again like before the AIDS epidemic when AIDs I become a condom fairy and hated it. On PrEP I could enjoy the feeling of a raw dick dumping it’s raw load in me. The pleasure of cleaning a raw cum covers dick again. I did catch other STDs but they were treated. One day I just stop taking PrEP as if I become POZ I can take meds for that and chasing is so much fun.
  6. Eat light and make sure you hold is spotless as you might be doing ATM as you will be the main attraction. You can pre stretch your hole unless you have man cunt and bring your favorite lube and no deodorant of any kind.
  7. You know what I like about going to parks is if you find a Top who is willing to fuck you raw and another Top come by and ask if he can have after he is finished. Great 2 loads 

  8. I love rimming even after a top drop a load in someone’s hole and love ATM
  9. Yes I have louse hole as I have been into fisting for years. When getting fuck Tops don’t have to fight their way in and can fuck as hard or as fast as they want me bitching. The one down side when I get a big load it dribbles out
  10. I went off PrEP 3 years ago and chasing for Poz loads. I know some have been Poz not on meds but did not convert. I take all loads and have caught syphilis and gonorrhea. Someone said for me to take blood slam but I’m kind of old fashion and want it from a Poz dick.
  11. Last night I get a message on A4A from a Top who wants to meet up he has 7 1/2 dick, I say give me 1 hour to clean out and I will be right over. I get to his hotel and he is looking great in his jockstrap as he meet me at the door. I went commando so I'm out of my shorts and tee shirt fast and on my knees going for his dick. I can see he is half hard and does not take him long to be rock hard. He ask if I brought condoms as he does not have any. I say to him I like it raw as he is smiling as I take some spit put on my cunt and he sticks the head of his dick in me and it feels so great. Af
  12. I’m 70 it’s hard for me to get my dick hard I love taking loads in my hole being a cumdump.
  13. I love sucking dick but that’s all they do rising in the parks by me. I really what a raw dick up my hole and their load that way instead down my throat. 

  14. Try looking on squirt.com as I gave and got load the other day in the park near me.
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