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  1. I don’t care what they look like or smell as long they have hard dick and can shoot big loads in my holes.
  2. I love all your adventures 😍

  3. You never know what you will get when cruising in the park. Today I suck 2 dick and was fuck raw once. Going back later to see what this greedy pig can get. 

    1. sweetbitch
    2. Bruce999


      Cunningham Park in Fresh Meadows Queens. I found a good spot here. 

  4. hey love to hear more abt cunningham

    1. Bruce999


      There is Nothing like sucking two dicks, getting them hard, then being bent over a log. They rip my pants down and fucked by both. Being called a faggot cumdump as they shoot their load in me. 

  5. On Saturday the Russian who does not speak English gave me a real hard rough fuck. Sunday with a sore hole I could not resist so I went back. I sit on the log and hear people walking coming, it the Russian and a friend. He waves me to follow him so I do. They get to this area and both already have their dicks out, so I get on my sore knees and go to town and soon I have both dicks in my mouth. I'm in heaven and out the corner of my eye I see someone in a red shirt watch, as the one who speaks English is say what good cock sucker, he wants that load, I bet he will swallow. The Russian pulls out of my mouth and comes behind and forcibly pulls my pants down and drives his dick in me as his friend cum in my mouth. His dick is tearing me up but it feels so good. When he grabs my hips with his dick in me as deep as he can, when he pulls out the one in the red shirt ask if he can fuck me. The one who speaks English says you can fuck the bitch. He is not as big as he was jerking off so he went to it and in a minute he dump his load in me. Once he dump his load everyone was gone and I was left with a well filled hole of cum. When I came home to clean I notice some blood I guess from Ruptured hemorrhoid.

  6. Hala scored Boulevard and 73rd Ave. it’s a parking lot you’ll see a tunnel go through the tunnel make an immediate left go past the baseball field you’ll see a dirt path walk in best times I’ve gone in the morning afternoon and evening at dusk and suck dick and been fuck. You will See all ages.
  7. I love being fisted so much I went out and bought my Own portable sling.
  8. This week I made an effort to cruise this park. I found out that Men of all ages are here. If you are looking for love, forget it. As I'm an old bottom I did not give it much of a chance and was I wrong. In five days I suck 5 dicks and I swallowed two loads; I was fuck raw three times and was rimmed before I was fuck. Today someone who did not speak one word of English fuck me. I left, passing others with a wet spot on the back of my pants. Give this place a chance
  9. I took a chance and went to Cunningham Park in Queens. On the bench this guy is stroking his dick on the outside of his pants. He follows me into the park and passes me. He sits down and he does not speak one word of English. He pulls his zipper  down and I suck his dick and it’s a nice. As he is sitting on a log I’m on my knees. He pushes me away comes behind pulls down my pants and with no lube he drives right then fucks me like a rabbit. After 5 minutes he grabs my hips as I think he is cumming in me. I turn around to clean his dick and he Is walking away. As I leave the park, I feel I have a wet spot on the back of my pants. 

    1. melvin0095


      Lucky man hot hot


  10. I went on this site and it said there is a local park near me that I have Never cruise before. so I spent three days cruising and coming up with nothing so tonight I want again but I went later and I could see people milling around. I found this young 20-year-old who wanted me to suck his dick what do you want to use a condom I just walked away.So I know there’s action here so I just set myself on a log and then this gentleman in his 40s came up to me And we talked. He asked if I suck dick hooray home run I said yes so as I’m sucking his dick he said could he bring me I said yes so right befor
  11. Took 3 loads and was plug so the loads would not leak out I'm so happy. I hope they are the kind of loads I'm looking for. 🦂☠️💦

  12. I Have both of my shots from Moderna with no side effects.
  13. Hooking up with a guy from NPK for some PNP and other kinky things. 

  14. The weather is nice heading over to the park. Hooking up with a guy who said he will dump a raw load in me. 

  15. Suck every dick and get on hole wreck and not refuse any load.
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