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Momma's Boy Gets Impregnated by the Neighbors

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I've always lived with my mom. She got knocked up by my father when she was still in high school. He was a paramedic and fire fighter, mom was working at the hospital. Supposedly he seduced her and they would sneak off when he would drop a patient off and they fucked in one of the empty rooms. They married when I was one, and divorce a couple years later. I really dont have any memories of him. When I was 7 we moved to my mom's home town to live with my grandparents for a bit. Not long after my grandpa died. My aunt, mom's younger sister moved in with us after that and my grandmother moved into an assisted living facility. Needless to say, I was only raised by women, so I think it was natural that I am gay. My mom started working the night shifts at the hospital when I was 10, and my aunt was a partier and would get home late some nights instead of watching me.

I could remember the hot men my aunt dated and I would sneak a peak in her room when she would bring one home late at night and get plowed by them. I though I was going to watch my naked aunt, but I couldn't take my eyes off the cocks as they fucked her or she sucked them off. I would try to watch them every chance I had. I loved it when they would cum all over her as I could see their bodies tighten up as they stroked their cocks and came.

Not long after this I discovered a bin full of dildos in one of the closets in the house, and gay porn shortly after that. So I stole one and popped my own cherry so to speak. I knew I was destined to be a bottom at that point.

A few years later, when I was in high school, my mom and I got our own house in a private community. It was glorious, the neighborhood had a couple of large pools, and was densely wooded with several hiking paths and picnic areas. I quickly made friends with some of the other kids in the neighborhood and we were all at the main pool hanging out when Ashley pointed out a older man across the pool from us.

"Jamie, see that old guy over there?' She asks me.

"Yea, what about him?"

"Avoid him at all costs. He's a weirdo and a creepy ass guy. My daddy says that he's a pervert and a dirty gay fag. See all those tattoo? They mean the devil has gotten hold of him is what momma says. He even advertises that he's trash, look he's got a radioactive symbol around his belly button, and he wears speedo's. Eww."

"Does your dad think that about me since I'm gay?"

"Haha, no he just calls you my fairy best friend. It's not your fault, you didnt have a daddy growing up. But Daddy says to tell all our friends to keep away from him. He lives at the back of the neighborhood so we dont have to worry that much."

I lock eyes with the man across the pool and he licks his lips at me.

"You're just jealous that Mark doesn't look as good as him. He's got a monster cock from the looks of it. I know Mark isn't nearly that big AND he's a college freshman."

"Well, it feels good most of the time. But seriously, keep away from him. I don't want him kidnapping you and converting you into a dirty fag!"

I keep staring at the older man across the pool. He wont take his eyes off of me and keeps lightly grazing his cock. Luckily I have a school textbook with me so Ashley and the others dont see me get hard. He gets up from his chair and walks around the pool and I can finally see him in all his glory. He's over six feet tall, hairy chest, with salt and peppered chest hair. Tattoos up both his arms, and a couple on his chest. He has both nipples pierced. He has a dad-bod-esque belly, clearly he was super buff at one point but looks like he's put on a few pounds since. Then I look at his tattoo on his belly, It's not a radioactive symbol, it's a biological hazard symbol in mostly black with red and white drops on the tips. I've seen those at the hospital when I would visit mom while she's working, but never with the drops before. Then I see his fat sausages stuffed speedo's and my virgin hole twitches. A minute later he walks up to our group and turns his body to me as he stands between me and Ashley.

"Ashley McAlister, don't spread lies about other people unless you know it to be fact, no matter who you hear it from. Yes, I have perversions like everyone else and I AM dirty, but at least I'm free." He turns to face me, "What's your name, sexy?"

"Jamie, Sir."

"MMM, my name is Mike, but I like that you're already calling me Sir, I like it. Hopefully I'll see you around more."

"Yes, Sir. My mom and I just moved into a house on Cherry Blossom Lane."

"Welcome to the neighborhood boy. You probably live behind my house, through the woods. Isn't there a second house for sale over there?"

"Umm, yes. The one next door to us, Sir."

"Good to know. FYI, the pool over there has a hot whirlpool also. In case you get tired of all the little kids at this big one." He wink's at me and leaves us.



My senior year of high school the house next door to us is sold to a single man, my mom's age, very fit and muscular from hard manual labor and outdoor adventuring. I don't see too much of him as he's in and out a lot. One fall summer evening I'm swimming in the pool by my house getting some exercise when I hear the pool gate open and close. I hear two male voices before I see them. One is Mike and the other is our new neighbor. Both are wearing tight speedo's and both are filling them out quite nicely.

"Hey Jamie, how are you doing this evening?" Mike asks.

"Good, Sir. Just doing a couple of laps."

"Always such a sub. Jamie have you me my friend Chuck. He's your new neighbor."

"Not really. Nice to meet you, Chuck."

"Hi boy, nice to finally meet you." Chuck gets down on the edge of the pool, his legs in the water and spread wide. He reaches his hand out to me between his open legs. I swim over to shake his hand and I see a ring of some sort pushing out his speedo on the tip of his penis. "You like what you see, boi?"

"Umm, sorry sir." I push away from the edge and keep doing laps. The two of them laugh and get into the hot tub. 

From time to time I check them out from the pool and they are making out, rubbing each other's chests and arms. I see a tattoo on Chuck's upper bicep of a scorpion and think that it's kinda sexy on him.

I finish my swim and get out to dry off. My towel is next to the hot tub so I'm forced to approach the two older men making out before me.

"Tell me, Jamie," Mike asks. "Have you had a boyfriend yet?"

"Ummm, no sir, I haven't had a girlfriend either." They both laugh. "We are two older gay men. We know when we see a true gay sub. And that's you."

"Well I'm nervous about approaching guys at school."

"Don't be, or don't approach them. You could always go for older men. Something tells us you like older men." Chuck tells me as they both are staring at my erect penis in my swim trunks.

"Why don't you swim in a pair of speedo's? They'll make you faster swimming, and show off that sexy ass you have. Maybe you'll get lucky and turn one of the kids at school on and get fucked." Mike asks as they both smirk at Mike's last comment.

"Umm, I dont have any and I don't know where to get them. I've thought about it. I also dont have a credit card or anything so I can't order online. And I'm only in swim club and not swim team so we don't get any from the school."

"Shame," Mike says. "You wanna join us in here?"

"Umm, I gotta go." I wrap my towel around me and run home.


"Jamie!!!" My mom calls from downstairs. "You have a package in the mail, and I want to introduce you to some one." I quickly pull some track pants on run downstairs.

I see Chuck holding a package and smiling at me.

"Chuck this is my son, Jamie. Jamie, this is my old junior high and high school friend Charles."

"Nice to meet you again, Chuck..errr..Charles. We met a couple days ago in the pool."

"Very good. I asked Chuck to keep an eye on you and the house while I'm working. He and I were very good friends in school. He says a package for you was delivered to his house." She takes the package and hands it to me.

"Looks like just some computer parts," Chuck says and winks at me.

"Yea, it's and adaptor for my calculator that I warrantied. Thanks for bringing it over, Mr. Charles."

"No worries, and call me Chuck."


"Good respectable boy you've raised, Morgan. I have to get going but I'll keep an eye out on everything for you. Make sure he doesnt get into too much trouble." We all say our goodbyes as Chuck leaves. 

Mom shuts the door and looks at me,  "Look, I know that growing up with out a male figure is hard, and I'm sorry. But I know the men I like wouldn't know how to deal with a gay step-son or what advice to give. Chuck was a good friend before I moved away, and I trust him. I talked to him and he says that he will help you and give you advice if you need it."

"Thanks, mom."

I rush upstairs and open the package. There are two speedo's in it, one all black and speedo brand, the other one is dark green and rather small. A note falls out of the package.


We decided that you'd be a better team member with proper equipment. The green one is for when you want to seduce the boys (or men) at the pool. The only thing we ask is that you send us a selfie of you wearing the green one. Here's our What'sApp numbers below.

Mike and Chuck

I strip naked and put the speedo on and admire myself in the mirror. I'm 5ft 8inc tall, barely 115 pounds. I'm lean with an swimmer's upper body, and a thick butt and thighs from years of soccer. Naturally hairless body, with dark hair in an almost pixie cut. Let's all face it, I'm a femboy. The speedo sits below my hips and just above the base of my cock. The bottom of my ass does spill out a little bit and the top barely hides my crack. If I was a top, I'd fuck myself. I quickly take the selfie and send it to them. They heap praises on me and I get really turned on by their responses so I take couple more selfies of my back side from a few different angles and send those. They both respond with pics of their erect cocks leaking precum in their speedo's. I grab my dildo and fuck myself without taking the speedo off, I pull my cock through  the top of the speedo and cum all over my abs and chest. I tuck my cock back in and keep cumming in the speedo and take another selfie while my cock remains hard and send it to them.


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A couple weeks later mom and I celebrated my birthday at the house with my aunt and Chuck over. Nothing fancy just burgers and a cake. That night Chuck and Mike are sending me pics of their naked cocks for the first time. I tease them by sending them pics of the speedo on while wearing my princess plug that is clearly visible in the speedo. I then fuck myself and blow my load all over my face and send them the selfie of my cum covered face. I still haven't sent them any nudes of me. I have to go to bed early because there is a swim club tournament all weekend that I'm competing in.

During practice on Friday I meet Josh. He's also 18, more muscular than myself, close to 6 feet tall, and a nice package from what I can see. We talk during our down time at the tournament and quickly hit it off and realize we are both attracted to each other. Sadly he is from out of state so definitely not going to date each other. I take my first wins ever on Saturday afternoon and I'm over the moon and hornier than I've ever been. As I'm rinsing off in the shower, Josh congratulates me on my win. I smile and pull him into the nearest shower and make out with him. His hands are all over my speedo covered ass and I'm kissing his nipples and rubbing his cock through his speedo. His hand slips into my speedo and his finger grazes my hole. 

"I've been staring at your ass all weekend and all I can think about is fucking it." He tells me as his finger goes around my ring, lightly pushing in against it.

"Can you get away for a few hours?" 

"My heats are tomorrow and the team is going shopping this evening. Shouldn't be a problem." 

"Good, I want you to come to my place and fuck me." I tell him where my car is and we meet after we change. We get in and I quickly drive the 5 minutes to my house. We are making out as soon as we get to the door and go upstairs to my room.

"Get on the bed, I'll be right back." I run into the bathroom and put the green speedo on. I return to Josh who is fully naked with an erect 6 inch penis, slightly larger than my dildo. "I want to worship your cock first, then I want you to fuck me." I tell him.

"Umm, yes please." I crawl up the bed and start sucking his cock. My first cock ever. He moans and runs his hands through my hair. "God you're amazing at this. Better than all my other boys and girlfriends." I keep sucking, worshiping his balls, shaft, and mushroom. He gets on his knees and caresses down my back and  goes to finger my boipussy and finds my plug is in "Fuck you are a natural slut," He says as he starts fucking me with the plug. I moan and do everything I've seen in porn to make him cum.

"I'm getting close." He says as he grabs my head with both hands and starts fucking my face. My hole is twiching, my cock is oozing pre cum into my speedo. I manage to deepthroat him and bury my nose in his pubes as he starts cumming down my throat. I manage to swallow it all somehow. 

I come off his cock and we make out for a moment. I look out my french doors and through my iron balcony to see Mike and Chuck standing on one of Chuck's balconies. Looking right at us. They are both naked and have a twink on his knees sucking their massive cocks. I immediately become jealous of the twink.

"Josh I need you to fuck me now!" I lie on my back with my legs in the air.

"Do you have a condom?" Josh asks. I see Mike slide bare into the other twink as Chuck is face fucking the twink.

"No, fuck me bare. I'm a virgin and don't want a condom my first time. There was some lube on the plug. Just fuck me already." Josh smiles and pulls the plug out of my now slightly gaping hole. And slides his cock in. It feels way more intense that I could have ever thought. I moan loudly, not sure if it was natural, for Josh, or for Mike and Chuck.

"God your pussy is so fucking tight!" Josh lets go and starts really fucking me. Pre is now pouring out of my cock into my speedo. I check on the neighbors and they have swapped positions.

"I want you to ride my cock." Josh demands as he pulls out and lays on my bed. I quickly mount him and begin to work my hole up and down his cock.

We continue to fuck each other for a few minutes and finally josh asks where he should cum. "Fuck in breed me, baby. Give me all that cum." I twist one of his nipples and he roars as his cock pumps in my boipussy.

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