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Momma's Boy Gets Impregnated by the Neighbors

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"I want your DNA in me," I told Josh as I rode his cock on my bed. "Breed my virgin pussy please!" I begged of him.

"Take my seed you little slut!" He yells as he pumps his load deep into my hole. I feel his cock pulsate for several seconds and my bowels feel warmer as he cums in me.

We make out with his cock still buried in me. I get up and slide my plug back into my freshly popped cherry. "I'll be right back, I need to pee." I tell him.

I rush into the bathroom and slide my green tiny speedos on. I open my camera and take pics of my speedo covered ass, the plug pushing against the fabric. I then slide the speedo down to just below my plug. There's cum around the jeweled head of my princess plug. I snap a shot, and pull my plug out a little and push some cum out and it drools down my speedos. I put the plug back in and take another pic. I select the three pics and I open my texting app and quickly type 'm' in the contacts and hit send without looking to tease Mike and Chuck with my boipussy. I hit send and put my phone back on the bathroom counter.

"Jamie, it looks like your neighbor is having some fun!" Josh yells at me. I come into my bedroom and I see Josh naked standing on my balcony stroking his hard cock while watching Mike and Chuck aggressively fucking the twink.

I drop to my knees in the balcony and start sucking his cock again as we watch the other balcony. Both Mike and Chuck lock eyes on me. Something inside of me compels me to climb on my lounge chair, my bubble ass pointing at Josh. "Fuck me now!"

Josh doesn't hesitate. He pushes my speedo down to my thighs, pulls my princess plug out, "Suck my seed and your ass juice off this while I destroy your pussy." He shoves the plug into my greedy mouth and I savor the taste of us.

Josh grabs a handful of my hair and starts rutting my hole. Pure animal lust has taken over both of us. We are matching the thrusts of the balcony across the fenced as Mike and Chuck increase the fucking off the twink from both ends. My list and jealousy grows exponentially from the whole situation. I hear Mike roar and watch him slam his cock deep into the twink as he breeds him.  Chuck quickly replaces Mike at the twinks ass and I finally see all of his glorious cock. I cum for my first time as I see the large piercing on the head of his cock get shoved into the twink. Chuck plows all 11 inches of his cock into the twink in one swift motion. Setting my eruption off. I cum all over my lounger. The largest orgasm I have ever had.

Josh quickly pulls out of my boipussy and spins me around to face him.

"Drown the bitch!" I hear Mike bellow.

Josh contorts his face as his whole body flexes in ecstasy as his cock unleashes a third torrent of cum all over my face.

"Take your fourth serving of toxic seed!" Chuck screams as he's looking at me and pulling the twink onto his cock by the twinks shoulders.

Josh and I go inside. As Josh pee's I take a pic of my cum coated face and send it in the messenger app.

"I hate to fuck and run but I need to get back." Josh says. I blindly hit send and wash my face.

We leave my house and I drop Josh if at his team's motel. And head home. I open WhatsApp and am briefly confused by why the photos are not in the group text with Mike and Chuck. I reattach them and send the pics to the group message. Plop down on the bed and quickly fall asleep.

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I woke up Sunday morning in bliss, but a sexual hunger creeping forward. I think back to yesterdays events. I reached down to feel my very slightly sore hole and felt the dried cum encrusting my rosebud. Irun everything through my head. I loved worshipping Josh's cock. I enjoyed giving him pleasure and having him cum in my mouth. I really liked the fucking and riding, especially when he was rough with me. Why do i feel like I am missing something? Why am I still not satisfied with what happened? It was fun, but it's not like what I thought it would be. I replay the events in my head as I insert my dildo into my boipussy, I moan as the image of the twink between Chuck and Mike takes center stage. I am transported into the body of the twink. I'm being filled by two older men. I'm awakened back to reality by my phone vibrating.

I pick it up and see I have several missed notifications from WhatsApp and texts from Ashley. I open the texts from Ashley.

Hey! I tried to congratulate you after the competition a few minutes ago but you ran off pretty quickly.  Everything okay?

Really? You couldn't see me parked in front of you?  Who's the sexy guy you just left with? Don't do anything I wouldn't do 😉

I text her back and tell her all about Josh.

She then calls me. "What did you do?" She starts to interrogate me. I tell her about going down on him, and that we head sex twice. I leave out everything related to Mike and Chuck.
"You slut! Did you swallow. "

"Of course! You said it yourself I'm a slut."

"Hah, well I don't think you can call yourself a slut after sleeping with your first person. Did you fuck each other?"

"Haha, I guess that is true. No I have no interest in topping."

"I knew it! Did you use protection?"

"No. I didn't want my first time to be all rubbered up."

"I'm not judging, I hate rubbers. Luckily you can't get knocked up! Where did he cum?"

"After I swallowed his load, he came in my boipussy, sorry, ass. And the third time he came on my face."

"Hot! I love when Mark cums on my face, I love feeling like he's marking his territory. Did you cum?"

Josh didn't make me cum...I only came from watching them use the twink. I was jealous of him the whole time. I remember watching Mike breed the twink, and then Chuck and I locked eyes as he planted his large pierced cock to the hilt in motion. That's what was missing. I didnt orgasm from Josh.

"Of course!"

"Awesome. I'm surprised that you'd choose him as your first. I always figured you'd go for older men. I mean all your moms and aunts lovers and boyfriends are significantly older than them."

"Well I've been super horny for a new daddy in the neighborhood. Josh was cute and wanted me. Honestly I only came when I thought I thought of this new neighbor offering into me. Hey I'll talk later. I gotta get to the competition."

We hang up. I open up WhatsApp and see a flood of pics of their cum covered cocks, the twinks gaping hole, lightly bloodied and over filled with cum. "This is how a real slut's pussy should look!" Chuck asks.

"What did you do with the cum that he covered your cheek with?" Mike asks.

"I washed it off. " I realized this was the incorrect answer as I hit send.

"Shame, kinda makes me less interested in making you a REAL slut if you waste that type of gift. What would you do if we gave you a real gift then?" Mike responds disappointedly.

I throw the green speedo on and put a pair of shorts on and a shirt to go watch Josh's races. As I get in my car I respond, "I wouldn't waste any gift from you!" I respond and head to the competition.

I walk into the athlete entrance as my phone goes off. There are several pics of them fucking the twink. Close ups of their cocks in his hole, him sucking one while being fucked on his back. I realized that there were more cocks than just Chuck and Mike's in these pictures, I scrolled through them and guess there were 6 men fucking the twink. Every pic of his face has his eyes looking as he's in pure ecstacy. The last image is of his ass with cum leaking out and a huge puddle of cum pooled underneath him with streams going down both thighs and balls. Then I see a tramp stamp in the final picture. A small biohazard symbol in the middle of his back.

"Do you want us to fuck you like we did him?" Mike asks.
"Yes, Sir."

"Prove to us you're a slut then, a no loads refused slut." Chuck instructs me.

I feel someone behind me and see a tall man, probably 5ft 11in, lingering behind me. I turn around and take him in. He's overweight, but not obese. He's got piercing green eyes and a chub in his pants. I'd say he's in his 50s. He looks a lot like Ashley's dad honestly.


"That's me. Can I help you?"

"I'm one of Josh's coaches. I heard about your night. Can you step into the office here?" He opens the door next to me. "Josh is going to be kicked off the team for leaving the grounds with a minor and having sex with one."

"I just turned 18 Thursday, sir."

"Did you now?" I hand him my driver's license. "I wanted to have sex with him.  He didnt force me."

"Was he really your first?"

"Yes sir."

"And you're okay with someone you'll never see again fucking you and taking your cherry?"

"Yes sir."

"You are a slut, well have potential at least."

I see his cock pushing out his pants. Looks decently sized. I lick and then seductively bite my lip.

"Thank you, daddy."

"Good boy. Take your shirt off if you want to help Josh."

I remove my shirt. I turn away from this man and slide my shorts off. Showing him my small dark green speedo covered ass. "What if I'd rather be fucked by you than help Josh?"

He takes his shirt off revealing hairy dad bod. Then he slides his pants off. Revealing an 8 inch and thick cock with two large hairy balls. "You didnt even wash his cum off of your speedos. You know what that color speedo means in some parts of the gay community?"

"No sir. My neighbor got them for me. He thought my ass would look good in them."

He pushes me over the desk and pulls the speedo down to my ankles. "Haha. Good lil' slut. They definitely mean you're a boi in need of a daddy." He spits in my hole and pushes his cock against me.

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This coach that I've never seen before, is rubbing his thick bare cock up and down my ass crack driving me crazy.  "Please sir, fuck me."

"In due time my boy. Josh was bragging that he made you cum hands free. What did he do that felt so good?" The man asks.

"Nothing, sir. HE didn't make me cum. It was watching the two daddies that bought this speedo for me...it was watching them both fuck another boy while they watched Josh fuck me, Sir. The one that was my neighbor locked eyes with me and shoved his whole cock down the boys pussy in one quick go after the other daddy bred him."

"Is this the toxic twink you were texting?"

"No, sir. Those were a group chat from the two daddies. It just happened to the same twink in the pics."

"You like daddies?"

"I've fantasized about daddies. But always been too nervous."

"I'm your daddy for the next two hours." He flipped me over in one swift motion onto my back and pushed my legs back to my chest. "Now I'm going to have a snack." He licked my boipussy for my first time.

"Ohhhhhh, Daddy!!" I immediately came all over my chest and face and started seeing stars as doin as his tongue penetrated me.

"You taste so good my little cock puppet," My daddy of the hour tells me. All I can do is moan in ecstacy as he eats my boipussy. He licks, sucks, and tongue fucks my glory hole. He slowly inserts three fingers into me as he slowly licks my testicles and makes his way up my shaft. I grab the back of my legs to hold them wide to give daddy better access. "Good. I like bois that act instinctually." He deepthroats my 5.5in cock as he pushes a fourth finger into me. "Do you know what that twink's tattoo means my little slut in training?"

"No daddy. I think it's a club though. One daddy has the symbol as well."

"Sort of. You have a lot to learn, but im not going to ruin your other daddy's gifts." He walks away leaving me whimpering on the desk. He comes back holding my phone clearly videoing me.

"Do you want my daddy dick, boi?" He points the phone at my ready hole as he slaps it with his thick cock.

He points the phone at my face. "Please fuck me sir! I need daddy's cock drop in me." I beg.

He points the phone at my chest, scooping my own cum into his hand. "Who's cum is this?"

"Mine, daddy. I came when your tongue entered my boipussy."

"What's my name?"


"No, my real name."

"I.." oh my God, I'm becoming a slut. "I don't know sir."

"How long have you known me?" Shit, my cock get even harder.

"Maybe 10 minutes."

"How long did it take me to get you to strip for me?"

"Three minutes, maybe five, Sir."

"Where do you want my cum deposited?"

"Deep in my pussy!" I moan as he slams his cock in me to the hilt again. I feel his belly rest on the back of my thighs.

He puts the camera close to my face. 'This fresh slut is in ecstacy from a real man's cock. Not some 20 year old. He wants all daddy cocks in him raw. Dumping their loads deep in his womb or down his throat. He can and should be a no loads refused slut. You two should impregnate him. Knock him up with your babies. Isn't that right, boi?"

"Yes! Please! Daddies. Fuck me. Breed me. Impregnate me. Knock me up with your babies." I beg into the camera as he starts peeing my hole on ernest and points the phone camera at my hole.

"I just sent this to your daddies in WhatsApp... and let's see... your last text was an Ashley Maxwell, so she should know you're really a slut... and... oh what a stupid slut you are.. hahaha. Looks like you sent your facial and creampie pics to someone you probably shouldn't.  They'll love this video too." He does a couple other things in my phone and puts it down and he starts fucking me aggressively.

After an hour, and three large loads later, and me coming hands free for times, this stranger pulls his pants up and kisses me deeply. "Tell your daddy you took three loads undetectable from a stranger." He puts his hat on and walks into the hall. He leaves the door open and I'm on my back with my used pussy facing the door. I hear from the hallway, "Hey, if you want a fresh piece of freshly deflowered boipussy there's one on the desk in there with three loads in him."

Fuck yes. Hopefully another daddy.

"Goddamn, what do we have here?"

I recognize the voice and look up between my legs, "Shit! Mr. Maxwell!!"

"Jamie?! I always knew you'd be a good little fairy slut! Ashley always complained about how jealous of your ass she was. Stand up and let me see it." I comply. I stand up and spin slowly. I slowly squat down with my ass facing him. "Fuck, boy. "

I stand back up and bend at the waist over the desk. "Mr. Maxwell, I want to be your cumdump."

Ashley's dad locks the door and strips down to just his socks. "Donna hasn't let me fuck her in months. You're pussy is gonna make up the difference. I've wanted to fuck your ass since Ashley first brought you over and you wore her leggings years ago. Clearly you're a slut by the amount of cum in and all over you. Im going to drain my balls into you." He strokes his fat short cock as he approaches me. I take in his balding hair, obscenely hairy body, and bloated beer gut. No wonder Donna hasn't fucked him. But damn that's a thick cock. I drool as I admire the beer can thick, thick purple mushroom headed beast.

He slams it in me in one go. Stretching me more than the stranger that left. "Oh God, Mr. Maxwell. You're so thick!! Fuck me, daddy!"

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