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    Just a married former Marine who loves reading and watching bb porn. Love watching a hot bottom being bred!!
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    Experienced breeders and cumsluts to watch fuck and maybe participate in.

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  1. Wish you were in Texas!  Yum!

    1. JillyJenn


      Maybe an invitation ? 

  2. Wish you were in Texas!  Yum!

  3. So hot!

    1. FatWorthlesWhore


      Thank you, seeking extreme raw motel use & poz loads again now, groups and blind hookups 

  4. Wow!  You're gorgeous!

  5. Thanks for following my profile ?️‍?

    ? ❤ ?️?️ ? ✌

  6. Hi! Thanks for the follow. May you stay hard and cum hard! =P

  7. Fucking gorgeous cock - I want you seeding my ass deep & rough

    1. Dickmagnet


      Thanks for the reputation man

  8. I wasn't a Marine, but I had a lot of them in me

    1. gonopodium


      and i was a Sailor on USS TARAWA (LHA-1) with over 2,000 Marines onboard WESTPAC.  I was off coast of Beirut when the Marines got blown up in barracks-Lebanon Contingency Ops

    2. mjkuhl


      I have nothing but respect for marines. 

    3. Worthy3639


      Fuck, I neeeeed some ass!

  9. Need to find someone in my area that can take this cock good!

  10. Damn I'm hard right now!!!

    1. MackyJay


      wish it was in me then

  11. Love hot bottoms being bred!!

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