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Momma's Boy Gets Impregnated by the Neighbors

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Although Mr. Maxwell's cock was shorter than the stranger's that just ravaged my body for an hour, he was much thicker and stretched my boipussy out quite a bit, even with the three loads the stranger left in me.

"Oh God Mr. Maxwell, you're so thick. Please don't stop fucking me."

"Call me daddy!"

"Thank you daddy! I want your cum daddy!"

"I'm going to knock you up!"

"Please daddy, breed me!"

Mr. Maxwell had a lot of stamina for a guy that hasn't been laid for a while. He fucked me in different positions, made me clean the stranger's cum off of his fat cock and then face fucked me for a few minutes before shoving his fuck meat back into my boipussy. After another 30 minutes of fucking my hole, he flips me onto my stomach, I turn my head to face him and he shoves two fingers in my mouth. I of course naturalist naturally begin to suck on them.

He leans on me fully, his big beer gut covering my back. Her whispers into my ear, "Does my little girl want daddy's load in her slutty pussy?"

"Please daddy!"

He tongues my ear as he fucks me with a passion that I haven't witnessed yet. "Here it cums. My sperm is going to fertilize your womb and impregnate you, Ashley!!!!!" He screams. Hearing him call me his daughter, my best friend's name, caused my cock to spurt all over the floor underneath me. He slams deep into my ass and roars loudly as I feel him unload inside of me. His cock twitching for what feels like for many minutes. I feel cum gush out of my hole and over my balls, and coating my inner thighs.

After a few minutes he pulls out of me, and I feel even more cum ooze out if me as though his cock was a dam being removed from a reservoir. "Jesus fuck, Mr. Maxwell. How much did you cum in me?"

"You're going to be my new cumdump, Jamie. I want you to wear your girliest underwear, or sleaziest swimsuit everytime you come over."

"Yes sir! Did you mean to call me Ashley?"

"I did." He says as he pulls his pants on and walks out of the office.

I decide not to stay at the competition since Josh's races were already over. I pull my speedo on and finished getting dressed. I look at my phone and see that Mike and Chuck liked the video. I told them that he bred me three times and wanted them to know that I took three undetectable. Also Mr. Maxwell walked in as he left and flooded my pussy with cum. I sent them the pic of the two cum puddles on the floor, my normal size one and one that could fill a coke can.

I flipped over to my texting app to see what the stranger was talking about, but he deleted all of my text messages.

I gingerly walked to my car. As I approached, I saw Josh and two of his team mates leaning against my car. Josh was rubbing his cock through his loose shorts. His team mates were both doing the same.

"You missed my heats! Where were you?"

"I got pulled aside by your coach."

They all laughed. "Did he fuck you?" Josh asked.

I looked down in shame. "Three times."

"You're a natural slut aren't you? That wasn't our coach. He was at the pool the whole morning. It was our bus driver. Looks like plan B, boys. That asshole is a  dirty old fucker. I'm not having his sloppy seconds. You're going to suck all three of us off right here and now. On your knees, Jamie."

I comply, dropping to my knees and licking my lips. "Feed me your cocks please!" I beg while caressing the thighs of two teammates on either side of Josh. Josh pulls his cock out and pushes it into my mouth. I pull the other two guys cocks out and pull them towards my face. I take turns licking, sucking, and stroking the three cocks.

They take turns fucking my face. I feel my cock leaking precum into my saturated speedos. After a few minutes, the first one starts jerking his cock aggressively. "Cover the slut's face," Josh commands. The first guy's shot hits my left temple, and he continues to shoot five more ropes across my left cheek, lips, and forehead. Then the second guy shoots all over thr right side of my face, a couple ropes end in my hair. Then Josh's cock erupts, covering my forehead, nose, and lips in his sperm.

"Thank you," I tell them as I lick their seed off of my lips.

Josh takes a pic of my face covered in their cum. "Go home. And take a selfie in your room overlooking your neighbors house with our jizz still on your face. If you don't, we will blast this pic of you all over Facebook and tell everyone that you let dirty old Frank breed you three times. Now go!" They move away from my car and let me leave.

The short drive home takes forever.  I'm caught by several men that stop next to me. A couple of them shift uncomfortably in their seats at I wink and blow a kiss at them.

I finally pull into my driveway and open WhatsApp and send a text to Chuck and Mike about what happened in the parking lot. I then take a selfie with the cum still covering my face, the ropes in my hair clearly visible as some cum is oozing of my nose.

"I want a video of you cleaning it all off of you. And you eating it all. Then we can start your training in ernest," Mike commands.

"Yes sir, Daddy." I text back.

I get out of my car and make my way into my house. As I open the door, I start to feel cum about to run off my brow into my eyes.  I turn around after shutting the door, scooping cum off of my brow and then put my cum covered fingers in my mouth to suck it off. I open my eyes as I'm pulling my fingers out if my mouth to see Chuck, my aunt, two muscled older men,  and my mother all staring at me.

"We need to talk," my mom tells me. 

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"Jamie... who's cum is all over your face?" My mom asks.

Unsure of what's the right response for her, I look at my aunt. She's barely containing a laugh. Chuck is smirking at me with pride and hunger in his eyes. I look down Chuck's body. He's wearing a tight workout shirt and some sort running shorts that are clearly taught from his large cock. His muscular thighs spread and framed nicely by his light blue shorts.

I think back to all the men both my mom and aunt have brought home over the years. Many I never saw more than once, never knew their names. How many more fucked them elsewhere.  I remember counting 80 men between the two of them on summer years ago. Fuck it. "I don't know two of them, I never got their names before the third told me to drop to my knees. His name was Josh, we met Friday at the competition."

Chuck is clearly smirking now. My aunt chuckles and the two strangers openly laugh. "Like mother, like son," mom says under her breath.  She speaks up, "Alright. Upstairs you go. Clean up and come back down as soon as you're done. We need to discuss what you've been up to."

I head upstairs and pass my window and take the needed selfie and send it to Josh. I grab my princess plug, shorty shorts and a tank top and head into the bathroom.

I set my phone on the counter and video myself stripping completely naked, making sure to show my well used boipussy to the camera. I slide the plug in. I need to get a larger one as this one went in too easily. Later. I take another video of me cleaning the cum of my face, eating every bit that I can. I get a washcloth and scrub more off. I show the cum on the cloth to the camera then suck it off as best as I can. I look straight at the camera. "I wish this was your cum daddies." I send the videos to Mike and Chuck. I get into the shower and let the warm water wash over me.




Thanks for all the positive words. Im enjoying writing this quite a bit! 

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