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Grad Student in the City


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I have never thought I would touch drugs as a teen. DARE convinced both my parents to ensure that I never got in the wrong crowd and that I'd get the best education they could afford. It came to no surprise that my effort in undergrad wasn't in vain when I finally got accepted to do my masters at NYU. Growing up in the midwest, the only time I've been to New York was on a school trip in high school. Statue of Liberty, Rockefeller, and all that. Back then, I didn't have the time to fully explore the city. Plus, I was still closeted. That was 8 years ago. Now I'm 24, and I'm finally here again with the freedom to actually be myself.

In Minneapolis, being gay wasn't an issue, but it was less talked about or expressed more. Maybe it's a Minnesota thing but it always made me feel restricted in a way. My parents know my sexuality and they hope I would bring a boy home for Christmas but honestly, they don't know how none of that cookie cutter gay lifestyle was what I wanted. I was into a lot of weird form of pornography, especially the fetish category with a mix of old/young and bdsm. My desire was pure gay sex. It has to always be bareback if not I wouldn't get hard. Before you wonder, I am not a virgin. During sophomore year, I would frequently rent a room by a roadside motel and get bred by random truckers who had to make a stop and never did I once had a rubber on. I also had my fair share of married dudes who loved to get a piece of a college boy's ass. I got tested frequently and so far, I've never had any problems.

As a 5'10, 188lbs well shaped white guy, I wouldn't say I stood out but it was easy to get dicks in MN. Not in NYC though. I'm at most a 6 despite going to the gym quiet often. The guys here frequently keep their hair cut and body shaved and  was always impressing each other. It felt clique-y, but I didn't mind because I eventually found mine. The third week I settled in the city, I told myself I would go to The Eagle. Typical. I couldn't resist. It was a Friday night and I finally got my first draft title approved. I had a pint of Budweiser as I scanned through the room eyeing on the countless of beautiful men that could just plow me right now. I was only wearing a leather pants and a black t-shirt with a sports jock. The shirt hugged my body evenly to reveal the nipple piercing I got when I first landed here. It still hurt but it felt great. Slowly, I was building myself in this city.

Halfway through my beer, a 6'1 tall man, around 240lbs with a heavy built and striking middle eastern feature came up to me with a drink. House cocktail he told me. We cheers and I introduce myself. He was only wearing a tank top with a pair of black jeans. His arms was furry as the beard covering his face. His ears were pierced and so was his gaze on me.

"Thanks, I'm Chris."

"Isaac. Are you new here?"

From then we hit off. I gave him the usual story that he must have heard from other twunks like me that came to NY. He told me he grew up in Michigan and moved to the city in the 90s. He was 54 years old but I wouldn't say he's a day past 40. Not a strand of white hair. All black and curly. His chest hair was revealing from his cleavage and I couldn't stop but to just stare in intervals from it to his hazel eyes, him never breaking eye contact. It was hypnotizing talking to him. Slowly, I was beginning to slur my words and I didn't realize how strong the drink was. Isaac convinced me to go to the dance floor and we both began to explored our bodies as the music played. Isaac then made the first move and kissed me, holding my face with his calloused palms and playing with my tongue with his. I felt a piercing on his tongue and his thick moustache rubbing against my upper lip made me suck his face like a dog with a bone. We were wrestling with our tongue as I let myself loose, thinking to myself how strong the drinks I had were even if there were just a beer and a cocktail. Strange I thought. I was lightheaded and my body was warm but it felt right to be engulfed in Isaak's arms as the second beat dropped and everyone in the club gyrating against each other. He made sure to never lose sight of me even though we got cut by some other guys.

Next thing I remembered, I was carried by one of the bouncers and Isaak was waiting outside.

"I think play time's over for him. Are you sure you two are gonna be okay?"

Isaak then told the bouncer that he's fine and that he'll take me back to my place. Isaak asked me if I wanted to go to his instead since it wasn't too far. I nodded.

Once we reached his place, I threw myself on the sofa. Isaak lived in a loft with ceiling to floor windows and everything out in the open except for his bathroom. There was a sling placed next to his bed and a drawer with a dog hood mask in black on top. Embezzled on the collar are some studs. From across the room I tried to form a conversation with Isaak, telling him how kinky he is. As I rambled, Isaak was taking out different kind of glass pipes and tools from the wardrobe. He had a butane lighter and a gas mask that had tubes. He also changed to a pair of chaps exposing his 8 inch dick and solid formed ass, perfectly framed. He had a harness on and he tied his hair into a bun. Despite being inebriated, I was slowly getting hornier.

Isaak came up to me and took my clothes off, putting me in a leather jock and a pair of leather sandals with clips, tied securely around my legs. He also put on a pair of leather armbands on me, highlighting my biceps. Finally, he instructed me to breathe slowly as the gas mask was put on me.

"Now let's walk slowly to the sling, Chris. Or boy, what do you prefer?"

"Boy is good, daddy, I mean sir"
"No no boy, daddy is perfect. I'm not going to hurt you."

I couldn't remember how I was placed onto the sling, it felt as if I was floated onto it. My feet were shuffling, but I couldn't seem to recall. I could see Isaak through the lens of the mask as the lights in the room dimmed to dark red, resembling the bar we were at. This time, slow techno played and Isaak told me to breathe in regularly, and take the smoke all in. In his hand, he was lighting one of the glasses to release smoke that was then being fed onto the tube to my mask. I breathed in and tasted a weird chalky substance, jolting from the sling and finally being lucid for the first time in the past 3 hours. Everything felt amazing and it felt like sparks was going through my veins.

"You like this boy?"

I could manage a muffled "Yes, daddy, I feel good."

"I know you would. I told you that daddy isn't going to hurt you"

After around 20-30 puffs, Isaak finally took off the mask and I finally got to breathe fresh air. My eyes were popping and I couldn't help but to moan as if there was something in my throat. My limbs were still restrained and I could only move my head as I felt beads of sweat perspiring out of my pores.

"We talked a lot about what your fantasies are, right boy? Your interest in a different side of sex. No vanilla, just pure men on men fuck."

Shit, did I? I couldn't tell. I was talking a lot to Isaak when I first met him, seeing that he was the first and only person at the bar showing some form of interest in me.

"Unlike other college boys and fags your age I find every year, you're a bit different, boy. You know why? Cause you said you only bareback. And that you're not on PreP. You're into the risk. Why?"

"Because I want to be free."
Never have  I ever come up with a reason as to why I love it bare. It's true. I wanted to be free. As cliché as it sounds, I am not like most guys my age. I know there are who think like me, but we're rare. Extremely rare. And sought for by guys like Isaak because we appreciate the true value of men on men sex. Skin on skin. Pure lust.

"Free in what sense, boy?"

"I don't know, I don't care, I just want to not worry bout whether I'm going to catch a disease or die, I'm ready any day, daddy. As long as I'm able to fuck and get fucked bare, that's all that matters. A man's seed in me, mine in his. It's nature."

"You're quiet the talker, aren't you boy?"

I really was. Years of suppressing my desires and being barred from exploring my identity has culminated in me being spun in a midtown loft revealing my darkest desires.

"I knew your pussy is meant to be bred and pozzed when I noticed how you couldn't take your eyes off my chest. Especially this,"

Isaak circled his right pec to show a bio hazzard tattoo. Now I remembered what it was that I couldn't stop starring at. Behind those bushy pecs, there was a patch of the symbol, all mighty in it's glory.

"I can give you one too, you know, but maybe not on your tits, don't want to steal the attention from this"

Isaak then pulled on my nipples with the piercing, sending me to screams of pleasure, as the smoke I inhaled had only inhibit any pain I could feel.

"You're a very well behaved boy, aren't you Chris?"

"Yes, daddy, I am."

"I'm really lucky that I found you tonight, you know. I haven't had a boy in so long..."

Isaak held my head as I fixed my eyes on him while he explained to me that he wanted a sub to train, someone to serve him like Yannick, his ex-lover who left the sex and party scene they were in to live in Portland. He continued to tell me about Yannick, how piggy he was and how one day he just stopped being the bitch he wanted. How he started to take meds and how there was no goodbye from him. Retelling this story suddenly made Isaak angry and suddenly, he started to get rough with me.

"But I can tell you're a better cumdump fag than he is, right, boy?" He shouted as he cling his hands onto the chains holding my limbs.

"Yes, daddy, I'm never going back. Only for you." I can't believe what I was saying. It was true though. I will prove to him that I can be better than Yannick.

He placed his palms on my chest and slowly brushed it, inspecting my body before telling me that I require a shave. Before leaving to get his equipment, the gas mask was put back on and the next thing I remembered was the feeling of a blade against my asshole and some shaving cream. I hear the blade cut through my pubic hair, my legs, and finally my head. Only my eyebrows were spared. As this happened, Isaak was also inserting his fingers into my hole, telling me that I'm going to feel better than before. I wasn't sure if it was the shaving cream he was putting into me, but I felt a sudden burning sensation in my hole and next thing I know, my ass was dilating to suck in more of his fingers. I felt as if I needed to have something in me, however big or long it was. It was a new need that Isaak had unlocked in me. I couldn't resist but to beg him.

"Please fuck me daddy, put anything in me, I need it please." I repeatedly said, without any pause. I just begged him in all kinds of ways. I was moaning, I was insatiate without anything in me.

"Be patient now boy, it's coming."

He walked to the drawer and took out a string of beads, each bead increasing with diameter, the smallest as big as a tennis ball. With each bead in me, I felt complete. When it was all in me, I could only let out a sigh of relief.

"Now you're going to enjoy this."

Isaak pulled the strings out, with each beads at a faster pace, leaving me moaning in pleasure. My hole then felt empty again.

"We're going to keep you quiet a bit with this bad boy here."

A butt plug the size of a Campbell Can was then inserted in me and again, I felt complete. I was slowly breathing now, appreciating the massive anchor in my orifice.

"You seem to like my special lube, don't you boy?"

"Yes daddy, what is it?"

"What you're smoking, mixed with Aloe Vera gel. Excellent combo."

Not have I only smoked Meth, I've also had it shoved in my ass. I didn't see my third week in the city to turn out like this but I have no regrets. I finally found my purpose and am no longer ashamed of my desires. If this is what drugs feel like then I have been missing out on a lot.

Isaak then left the sling and came back with a standing mirror, placing it diagonally from me to let me see myself. I was unrecognizable. Not a strand of hair on me.

"You had to be shaved because you're going to get inked up really good, boy. It'll be worth it."

I was then rubbed with a towel and slowly moisturized by daddy. I didn't even notice the buttplug was still in me as it felt so right to have it there. Isaak took me off from the sling and showered me, kissing me in between, telling me that I will get his cock soon. As we showered, I could only feel his hard pierced shaft resting on my back while he massaged me. He also had a Jacob's ladder which contained different quartz on each head. Breathtaking. After the shower, Isaak showed me a cage behind his bed that had a futon. He instructed me to now wear the pup hood and that my lesson is already starting. Unlike other set ups I've seen in porns, his seems to be comfortable, with velvet pillows. However, my original buttplug was then replaced by a tailed one and I was wearing knee pad to crawl for the rest of the night.

"You will learn how to be a pub from 4 AM to 10 AM, then we'll extend the hours more. You're not just my pup, or my sub, you're my boy."

I don't care what research I had planned to do that weekend for my thesis, Isaak's loft was my new home. I slept comfortably in my set up, with the hood and the tail in me. I see myself in the mirror from time to time in the cage, waiting for daddy to feed me but all I had was a bowl of water. Funnily enough, I wasn't even hungry, just thirsty.

"Drink up, boy, you're going to need this a lot."

I rested in the cage til the sun came up and by 10, Isaak let go of my restraints and only with my jock, we rested on his bed as he circled his finger on my hole.

"Soon you'll get my cock, boy.. soon. Make the most out of the anticipation..."

Despite us being together for the past 12 hours, never once did I had a chance to taste him or let his shaft in me. How potent it would be in my guts, converting me into part of his clan. I wonder how Yannick must have felt. Isaak then jumped from the bed and turned me on all fours. I was rimmed for the first time. Each nerve around my hole felt the caress of his tongue, penetrating in and out as the piercing popped in and out of my hole. How long his tongue was, slurping through every corner of my ass that he now calls cunt. I was shivering and couldn't believe it. He was devouring me as if it was his last meal. I could only maintain murmurs and moans as he rimmed me.

"More of this coming soon. Let's go for your tattoo session now, boy. And let's try a different outfit."

This time, bald and with my muscles being highlighted due to the lack of hair, I was wearing a pair of gym shorts with a fresh jock and a white tanktop. I had knee high socks and a pair of joggers that Isaak picked out. I looked as if I just came out of a football practice. Isaak on the other hand, had a baseball cap and a collared sports shirt. Now I see. He was coach and I was his boy. We paired perfectly to go about town.

"First stop is the tattoo shop. Shall we?"

Walking through midtown, with people starring at us felt amazing. We were well built, dressed in sports attire you'd find at a local high school, all tight and ready for the day. Isaak had his hand on my ass throughout the walk, squeezing it to remind him its his and  sliding his finger in my hole from time to time. Making me lick his finger after when we cross at every intersection was his way to further entice me.

We reached an alley that had a backdoor that lead to a basement. An neon sign had been hung at the door. X's Piercage & Tattouage. Entering, we had to walk through a hallway of fluorescent lights, and when we finally reach the end of it, we entered to find an industrial style kind of tattoo parlor with peculiar chairs.

"This is Chris, guys. He's going to be my new boy."

The two men who I gathered were Al and Vance, glanced at me and smirked, passing a remark to Isaak, Vance said

"How long is this one going to last then huh, sak'? Is he, the next Yannick as you would say? Or  the previous fags you've brought were never enough.. or right?"

"I think they were never right. Are you goldilocks then?" Al asked facing me.

"No I'm Chris."

They both including Isaak laughed and consequently, Isaac cut his laughter to put his hand firmly on Vance's shoulder to say,

"Don't mention that name again. Isn't it tired, making the same old joke all the time? What about you Vance? Where's your bitch? Oh yeah, stationed in Afghanistan or god knows where. And Al, does your wife still not know that you suck Vance's dick on the side or has she already forgotten about the buttplug in your shoebox?"

Vance just chuckled while Al gave Isaak a side eye.

"So what are we doing today?" Vance asked.

"Well Vance, I think Chris has potential. Even more than the previous boys. He hasn't said No so far and he takes Tina like he's her long lost gay best friend. He didn't mind the shave, and now I think it's time to get some work done on him. The tits were already there, so you know he's open to more."

"I can give him a guiche piercing today, and maybe a lorum one too. I don't think a PA would suit him." Al said as he began to go through his tools.

"Now let me see your body" Vance held me and I could feel how soft his hands were.

"Get on the chair now and make yourself comfortable."

From what I gathered, the chair he was referring to seemed like a fuck bench that was upholstered in leather. It was platformed and I had to be on all fours. I was then secured again on each limbs. I guess this is something I had to get used to.

Vance then began tracing on my back, while Al took out a pair of calipers to plan his piercing. Isaak then asked,

"You want to get a new piercing, boy?"


"The ones Al said are good?"


Isaak then nodded to Al. The procedure was quick and numb. I now had an additional piece of metal in me. The coolness from the metal only made electrified me more.

"So what are we doing on the permanent etch a sketch today?"

"I have some ideas.." Isaak told Vance.

I looked up to the display showing Vance's screen that Isaak was now using. Windows of traces and drawings of Barcode that signify Isaak owning me, logos of biohazard and scorpions, additional symbols drafts on my right ass cheek, slideshows pass and finally Isaak told me that sine we're starting slow, let's not do much. With that, Isaak pasted an outline of a barcode written ISAAK's BOY in between behind my neck. On my waist, where the band would usually cover, a stencil of the stencil "No loads refused" was put.

"That will do for now." Isaak said as Vance started to rev up the ink machine.

I couldn't wait to see how I looked like next.

/To Be Continued/




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8 hours ago, boy4you said:

As a NYU graduate who came to NYC from Nebraska I know what it’s like being new meat going to the Eagle for the first time. 

@boy4you I'm a native NY'er and was going to the Spike, the Anvil and other leather bars/backrooms while in my teens (18 was legal drinking then) back in the late '70s early '80s - a blond white jock boy who liked the leather scene and actually TOPPED (I considered NYU, but did theater at Fordham Lincoln Center instead). Anyway, I was always able to spot you sweet, naive, overwhelmed mid-westerners from a mile away either in the bar or even better hesitating outside As a guy their age or younger who looked like a "normal" jock from their campus but wearing the leather they secretly craved I could usually convince a curious but scared guy into the place with me, and along with other guys I knew from the scene, helped initiate and corrupt more than a few timid potential leather pigs into the scene. Great story @wtvrfzzz, looking forward to more chapters!

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Great start.   I think many of us started this way.  For me, it was the Argonauts Leather Club of Wisconsin.   I found my daddy to replace my father, and he found his obedient boy willing to be dominated, used, and corrupted.   I am captivated and interested to see where this goes and how much it parallels my own history. 

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/Short Update cause I've been busy/

After examining my body, Isaak told Vance and Al that he's going to get ready for tonight's event.

"He's going to stay here for a bit as payment, how bout that?"

"I've got some guys coming in later so Al, it's Al yours!'

The guys chuckled and Al came up to me and held my head, tonguing me immediately.

"Mhmm. What am I going to do with you?"

"Listen boy, Vance and Al are going to send you back later. They're coming tonight. Hope you enjoy today & don't forget to drink some water." Isaak snatched me from Vance and spit in my mouth, kissing me and stroking my neck. He then left.

"Seems like you're going to wait for my high VL dick tonight boy. Don't worry. It'll all be worth it." Vance smirked at me.

"Now what am I going to do with you now, slut? Boy's a bit too much for now. You seem like a slut and you'll act like one. Right?"

"Certainly, Sir.

"Good, Slut."

Vance attached a studed collar that had a leash on me with a pair of wristbands and ankle bands. I had to wear a black leather jock with a zip and also a pair of kneeguards.

"You're going to crawl now, Slut." Al held the leash and led me outside.

The store, despite being in a basement, had a large floor area as it was located in a rundown loft. Shabby fluorescent lights hung above the corridor and there were numbered doors on each side. It seemed like a labyrinth when I crawled with Al.

Finally, I looked up to a door that said #34.

"We also run a storage facility. Most of the items stored are just these weird shit we do that most guys won't dare to admit. Closeted, Married, Discreet, who cares? As long as we're making a buck, that's all that matters."

Welcome to America, I thought.

"This room though, is my own personal space. It has AC and plumbing. So it's going to be great for us."

In the past few days, I've seen more kinds of slings than the porn I've watched during my youth. Discovering all these items and the effort put into it, with high accuracy and details made me appreciate and realize how accepted my intrusive urges were. The anxiety that I've once kept had metamorphosed into an insatiable lust that gave me a purpose.

The sling in Room 34 was attached to a wall, with red LED lights circling the room. An open cabinet displaying the paraphernalia Al owned was by the door. Inside, like Isaak's, all kinds of toys were there. But Al's were metal. Al slide opened a drawer below and took out a gas mask for me to wear. It had a tube connected to a sort of bong.

"Fun time begins now, slut."

Before putting it on me, I was hoisted into the sling, legs spread wider than before. Clicks on the bands made my limbs locked. Once the mask was put on, Al grinned more than usual.

Al took off his clothes and I can now see how hot he was. At 5'11, he had a bear body that was built and a shaved head. His beard was fury, as was his chest. He had a septum piercing and his thighs were huge. As he turned his back to prepare our session, I could see a huge scorpion tat on his back, with the stinger trailing down to his ass. The head of the scorpion, close to his neck had a biohazard logo. Fucking hot was all I could think off.

He then connected the tube of my mask to a bong. T was added and I then heard the lighter nozzle triggered.

"Let's relax first, slut."

Inhale, exhale, the same rush flowed me again. Al was softer than Isaak with me. He started to then lather my now smooth body with a kind of oil, exciting each of my neurons.

"You know...this isn't just for me. I've actually been given the task to stretch you up for tonight. So I hope you're ready, slut cause we need to gape that hole of yours to keep in all of our juice."

I was ready to have his arm in me if that was the case. Nothing mattered more than being the center of attention tonight.

"I'm sure the T has loosen you up a bit, so let's get down to business."

Al first caressed my ass, and then brushed my hole with his fingers. I could only yelp moans and pleas for him to give me more. A finger was then inserted into me and Al smiled, pulling out to show how shiny his index finger was.

"You still have some cum, excellent."

Without warning, he dived into my hole, rimming me as I felt his beard around my hole. His tongue pushed deep into me, savoring each drop that my cumload ass could give. He was devouring me and I could only moan as the T was continuously flowing.

Al came up to me, took off my mask momentarily and fed me.

"Fucking delicious, slut. Good fucking slut."

I could only utter Thank You in my spun stated.

"Next step." Al put on a glove on his right hand and dipped it into a jar. Slowly, he began to push his fingers, one by one until his fist could fit into me. I felt full but complete again.

"You're doing amazing slut. I'm going to go in now ok? Breathe in."

I took my breath in and his arm began to intrude my hole.

"Fuck, slut, already halfway in. This is an easy job."

It was more than halfway in. His bicep was almost going in and I didn't protest. It felt fucking great to have him in me.

"Now, in and out we go."

At this point I screamed and felt his arm thrusting in and out of me. It was a mixture of pain and pleasure that I would not forget. As I was stretched, Al was also smoking the T and he mentioned that he's been partying for a few days now.

"I got to relieve myself soon, slut. Want some?"

"Yes, Sir. Please use me."

Al was smirking again. Something about the way he smirked that arches his mustache turned me on. He got up from his stool and came back with a tunnel plug. Inserting it was hard at first as I tried to control my hole but with how spun I was, it popped in smoothly after 3 tries. I could then feel my hole exposed to the air with the diameter of the plug being as big as a hockey puck.

"Fun time's now!" Vance exclaimed as he stood and pissed into me. All those chem now in me, increasing my inebriated state.

"God, I wish I wasn't done with you but we got to go soon."

I didn't realize how fast time had passed.

Vance then barged in and applauded as he saw us.

"Nice work, buddy. You ready to leave soon?"

Al replaced the tunnel with a tail butt plug and changed the gas mask with a pup mask. The jock was also now nylon with the word "cumcump bitch" on the band behind.

"You're not a slut tonight, you're  a cumdump bitch."

I was too high to care but even if I did, I would've allowed it as slowly, I'm embracing my pig side that I never once knew I had.


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On 10/12/2021 at 9:57 AM, versmetropig said:

@boy4you I'm a native NY'er and was going to the Spike, the Anvil and other leather bars/backrooms while in my teens (18 was legal drinking then) back in the late '70s early '80s - a blond white jock boy who liked the leather scene and actually TOPPED (I considered NYU, but did theater at Fordham Lincoln Center instead). Anyway, I was always able to spot you sweet, naive, overwhelmed mid-westerners from a mile away either in the bar or even better hesitating outside As a guy their age or younger who looked like a "normal" jock from their campus but wearing the leather they secretly craved I could usually convince a curious but scared guy into the place with me, and along with other guys I knew from the scene, helped initiate and corrupt more than a few timid potential leather pigs into the scene. Great story @wtvrfzzz, looking forward to more chapters!

I'm pretty much close in temperament to a "sweet naive overwhelmed Mid-Westerner". Need you to corrupT me!

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