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    memphis tn
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    raw fucking both ways. breeding. high vl count guys or chasers. my vl is 4m love lots of kink, and clothing fetishes and party favors
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    70 gwm been around the block and know what to do with a guy. I just plain love sex.
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    I have written some porn stories ("the swimmer's gift" and "the gymnast's floor exercises" on here. have written a full-length erotic novel
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    hot guys. I know what I like and how I respond. 18-45 or so. thin, nice build, muscled. not into overweight guys. I like to flip. I like to breed.

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    always ready; gone beserk
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    rufffuk (my preferred name
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    oh, definitely

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  1. I suspect these are very very hard to find. I don't know if I would take one, but probably. oh, fuck, yeah. more than one. so I could breed for eternity.
  2. getting a blow job b4 fucking helps. i'm lucky, I guess, in that I come b4 I have an orgasm. helpful in certain situations.
  3. seems to me even if you decide one way or another b4 getting pozzed, that you will probably want to think the issue anew after you are poz. not suggesting any decision.
  4. he became very popular after that. lol
  5. bing is a great resource.
  6. is anyone else irritated when neg top guys answer the 'are you chasing poz seed?' with 'i'm a top?'  as if a top cannot be bred'

  7. let me impregnate you. then you can suckle on my nipples and bring forth milk.
  8. alwaysready


    let's celebrate, pupshock.
  9. re: steamworks. I would check the website of any steamworks you are thinking of visiting. maybe this was a fluke but when I was looking at the one in seattle a year and a half ago, they had neither a jacuzzi or a steam room. I thought that odd.
  10. rough, no lube, tight ass, willing guy, no questions asked.
  11. poz, breeding, stealthing, converting, HVL, willing, hot, pregnant, breeding for eternity, leave the morals at home.
  12. my feeling (as developed over years) is that if you answer an ad with a polite 'no thanks,' often the guy keeps sending messages. you can ignore them, but I am not fond of that practice. I do not respond. in fact, I do not respond to messages if I am not interested. I have been told this is rude. but there are no real rules of etiquette for the net. unsolicited emails are like junk mail, in some ways. if they are like me, they send out a # of messages, and do not count on hearing back from most of them. however, I do admire guys who send a brief 'thank you' message. very polite.
  13. looking for 'famous last words.'  a story

  14. guys we refer to as rednecks, trailer trash, blue collar or some such, I have found are the best lays, b/c they come without all the middle class hangups. course they likely have hangups of their own. but I would love to spend a weekend with a redneck.

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