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    memphis tn
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    raw fucking both ways. breeding. high vl count guys or chasers. my vl is 4m love lots of kink, and clothing fetishes and party favors
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    70 gwm been around the block and know what to do with a guy. I just plain love sex.
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    I have written some porn stories ("the swimmer's gift" and "the gymnast's floor exercises" on here. have written a full-length erotic novel
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    hot guys. I know what I like and how I respond. 18-45 or so. thin, nice build, muscled. not into overweight guys. I like to flip. I like to breed.

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    always ready; gone beserk
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    rufffuk (my preferred name
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    oh, definitely

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  1. how soon will you be able to receive messages?

  2. afternoon sickness? maybe you are preggers.
  3. a str8 friend who wanted to watch would have to parTy and would end up as a bottom.
  4. yes. in the short run. but as the british economist j. m. Keynes pointed out: 'in the long run we are all dead.' and the all-but-forgotten-American humorist fred allen pointed out: 'live every day like it was your last, and some day you'll be right.' and to lighten all this a bit, former soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev, on a tour of the states in 1959 said to an audience: 'life is short; live it up.' I am 71. so I am glad I am old(er). b/c we are doing so much damage to the environment that we may have passed the point where **today's** technologies could reverse the race into the abyss, not to mention other dangers, like the current president not being of sound mind and followed everywhere by the nuclear codes.
  5. I think you are going to have a hard time finding a place that meets that criteria and is near the French quarter. if you are going to have a car, that would help. there are tons of motels on the road to the airport and on...I think it is airport road or drive there area # of older ones which would serve your purpose and be cheapter.
  6. get a room. get naked. lie on your stomach. it you will take any load you can face away from the door. if you want to pick and choose face the door.
  7. one can always age condoms. leave them on top of your dashboard in the summer heat. I have a couple from the 90s and some from the early 20 thou that I am quite sure would not hold up esp if I used petroleum jelly to lube my cock, lube the condom and lube his cock.
  8. you sound very conflicted. you might consider talking to a counselor.
  9. Thanks to follow me U R a fucking pervy fag! If you love a public fuck, public restrooms and Glory Holes, darkrooms so we definitely should to talk about that! 
    1. alwaysready


      why thank you. I have stories galore (now in a novel) about my days in public sex. the 1970s were The Golden Age of Promiscuity.  I would love to play with you in public and private if you ever get to Memphis

    2. POZitiveBoyZ


      I sent you a private message you are a fucking perv piggy faggot! I’m so horny now! In the park in NYC and JO on the bench!

    3. PervLayino


      Love young lil boys! Taboo young little boys incest and so much more! https://t.me/tabuincesto

  10. I am amazed they let you use the word. usually it is changed to sarah palin.

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