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    memphis tn
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    raw fucking both ways. breeding. high vl count guys or chasers. my vl is 4m love lots of kink, and clothing fetishes and party favors
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    Don't Ask, Don't Tell
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    73 gwm been around the block and know what to do with a guy. I just plain love sex.
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    I have written some porn stories ("the swimmer's gift" and "the gymnast's floor exercises" on here. have written a full-length erotic novel
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    hot guys. I know what I like and how I respond. 18-45 or so. thin, nice build, muscled. not into overweight guys. I like to flip. I like to breed.

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    always ready; gone beserk
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    rufffuk (my preferred name
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    oh, definitely

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  1. ian jay has a vid out where he tops. have not seen that b4. and when he comes, there is a lovely long shot of cum transfer. i wonder, does he do escorting
  2. i notice a lot of guys who are in to mpreg are relatively new members. that is very encouraging.
  3. dannyboycmh i would love to impregnate you, after a hot opening role play. open invitation.
  4. alwaysready

    Save the Bush

    on the other hand, shaving it makes your cock look bigger, less hidden
  5. yeah, i think it does happen. a lot.
  6. there are two songs in two different musicals which ask that question, given about younger folks. in 'bye bye birdie' it is 'kids' and in 'flower drum song' it is 'the younger generation.' this answer will tell anyone with half a brain that i am of the age group where hollywood and broadway mattered, as well as The American Songbook. sigh.........
  7. i think the 'wants to borrow money' is the whiffiest part of this whole deal? for another venture? surely they can find banks who look at their bottom line and know they will pay back loans. hell if 'the last guy' was able to continue borrowing with his atrocious track record, surely a small venture (small being relative) could find a bank willing to lend money. frankly i think they are afraid the justice dept, and state depts of justice are going to come down on them like a ton of bricks. if the justice dept did not do so in 'the last guy's' admin, i doubt they will do it now. they have other matters to deal with.
  8. the reason given for this seems to me 'whiffy' as the brits say. it is claimed the banks won't work with them unless the change in content is made. well, do they owe banks a lot of money? if so onlyfans is rolling in dough. e.g. when a big name gets on and earn 1m in 24 hours--which has happened--onlyfucks takes 30%, as they do with all downloaded content, i believe. so...i can't see how they could be in debt? i do not know puter stuff, but i assume their main costs are increasing server capability and some staffing. are they wanting money from the banks for another venture? honestly, they have not learned from tumblr which died an agonizing and noise death as will only fucks. and a lot of guys who need the money will have to hope that justfans will work as well, and that their fanbase will, indeed, go over there.
  9. self taught. ifrst on my stomach as a youth, then on a pillow as i grew older then the left hand
  10. very good justaholeff
  11. i think a lot of it has to do with the amount of cum they have to shoot. one of my great regrets is that the last time i got fucked, the top did not indicate he was close (a nice thing to do); he pulled out and shot a huge wad right above my ass. if i had been thinking--i was so shocked--i would have cupped my hand and pushed it in. i think he was doing it for health reasons as he was poz; but what does he think precum does to one. a very high level of virus there.
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