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    memphis tn
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    raw fucking both ways. breeding. high vl count guys or chasers. my vl is 4m love lots of kink, and clothing fetishes and party favors
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    70 gwm been around the block and know what to do with a guy. I just plain love sex.
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    I have written some porn stories ("the swimmer's gift" and "the gymnast's floor exercises" on here. have written a full-length erotic novel
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    hot guys. I know what I like and how I respond. 18-45 or so. thin, nice build, muscled. not into overweight guys. I like to flip. I like to breed.

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    always ready; gone beserk
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    rufffuk (my preferred name
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    oh, definitely

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  1. how about instead of insulting words you say: unattractive, overweight? same difference but not as nasty.
  2. if you want to wash a jock and it is fairly new, wash in cold water. do not put in dryer. for an older jock, hand wash, rinse, do not put in dryer.
  3. I am trying to find a 'clean' copy of hot desert knights: bareback buddies.   I found on online, but it was on vidster and as usual with that source, the vid was covered first by ads; then zone alarm said they'd halted a virus; then I got one of those irritating online messages supposedly from m/soft, which forced me first to restart my computer--it ws still there; then to turn it off and back on.

  4. if you are chasing, and cannot seem to convert, I suppose you might, in that case, lower your standards (not a nice term, I know) and just take it with lights off
  5. love mperg and having a guy see if he can extract milk from my tit.
  6. the more versatile you are, the more sex you will get (depending on circumstances of course) and the more fun you will have. roles are for parker house
  7. if you watch porn movies, most all of them are suck/rim/fuck
  8. also they discriminate against older men. sad, b/c it is a great facility. you would think all the complaints would have resulted in some staff re-training.
  9. live large. if you meet a truly hot guy, like porn flick hot, and he wants to be the bottom, are you going to pass on that? maybe you can get him to trade loads.

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