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    raw fucking both ways. breeding. high vl count guys or chasers. my vl is 4m love lots of kink, and clothing fetishes and party favors
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    70 gwm been around the block and know what to do with a guy. I just plain love sex.
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    I have written some porn stories ("the swimmer's gift" and "the gymnast's floor exercises" on here. have written a full-length erotic novel
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    hot guys. I know what I like and how I respond. 18-45 or so. thin, nice build, muscled. not into overweight guys. I like to flip. I like to breed.

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    always ready; gone beserk
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    rufffuk (my preferred name
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  1. and for that matter, where is dirtyfuckboy? he has not been on since april,
  2. Love slamming and getting used


    1. alwaysready


      you'd have to do the slamming. I am needle averse.

  3. I have found a hot guy TN_POZ_CWBY who lives near Memphis. he has a HVL and loves to breed and breed hard. definitely a cowboy look. he is on nastykinkpigs    would love to breed you myself, though I think I have told you that b4. maybe more than once.  lol   alex in memphis

  4. in porn, depending on the cam shot, look for upper leg muscles tightening, same with stomach muscles. I like to watch guy's facial expressions as they come. some are so interesting. others show no sign of an approaching orgasm. some guys report that when fucked a guy's cock swells a bit.
  5. I agree with curious dallas. they find listings online. maybe even in here. and craigslist, for all its prudish elimination of interesting personal ads...well, that did not last long. at least not in Memphis. most of them are breeders though.
  6. I was working as a night watchman, during the day, at a high school, before my senior year in college and making good money. I would get bored and jack off. no one else was in the building for weeks. so I was sitting in the custodian's lounge, jacking, and a janitor walked in. we both seemed shocked. I did myself up and hoped he would not enter it into the day book, where we were supposed to note any unusual happenings. lol he did not. one time at college, I was jacking off to an ah-man catalog and a hot guy with the most incredible blue eyes walked in (oops door not locked?) I got all flust
  7. anyone recall about a decade agao a curly blonde guy who got in trouble for posting nude and semi-nude pics of himself online?

  8. despite my comment above, the several times I visited--some years ago--I had a great time. I know ownership changed a few years back, as a friend who had worked there many years, and who I am sure, was a steamroom fave, cause he was so nice and so funny, was let go, along with lots of other staff members. I have a feeling the new owner may have brought in some old buds. or in the alternative, does not really do much of a job interview and/or does little staff training/retraining and/or does not seem to care about patrons' complaints. yeah, they are the only baths in town. sad, though, that a f
  9. it is easier than it used to be. more men are willing to experiment. but experimentation does not necessarily mean they want raw sex, or kink or, breeding. give them what they want, if you want it to, and see where--if anywhere--it goes. be cool. be yourself.
  10. I hope you mean, why did you decide to call yourself a fag, like 'queer' fag is a loaded word, but one many gay guys feel describes them. I say chose in that sense since one does NOT choose one's sexual orientation. period.
  11. yes, you are right. I was watching another vid. which was hot (guy in a yellow jock buttfucking raw a hot younger guy). the scene here was, I believe one of wolfe's earlier one. at least I have seen it around a while. I gather he did not do bareback 'til he came to TIM. here is a list of those: Buggery (Video) 2014 Hawked (Video) (as Ethan Wolf) 2012 Fucktards (Video) Ethan 2012 Manfuck Manifesto (Video does anyone know if wolfe barebacked on film b4 coming to TIM? as far as I can tell having just watched excerpts of a few of his raw performances, he does not lo
  12. re: ethan wolfe in the second video. really? where? the top does not look like e.w. if it is him, yes, he looks thin, but he has sported the biohazard tat for some years and I do not see it on here. wearing a jock you would see it. how video though.
  13. I cannot find a thread of 'where to buy poppers.' I do want to say that I ordered two bottles from: liquidpowerarmoa.com   even though the packaging was quite good, when I opened it, the interior was demp. one of the bottle seemed not to be as strong. I wrote the company back, and Tom, the guy who has responded, says he is sending me a couple to sample, which I think is good business.  I wrote a positive note about the situation initially and since, and today he thanked me for my nice message, saying some are not so nice. he singled out the south as an area he gets the most polite responses!   I will note that on another website a # of guys ( I suppose) have given the company 1 star. but I notice as well, that the names of most all of the negative reviews are quite similar, as are the comments. this leads me to believe while there are some legit complaints, this is a disgruntled customer or maybe ex employee.

    on this topic, sort of, my advice when reading reviews on yelp or amazon, is to look at the 5 star and the 1 star, esp. the latter. if, like the ones described above are one or two words, then I disregard. I look to see if there is/are a pattern(s) to the bad reviews; likewise I look for patterns in the 5 star reviews. I believe this has helped me avoid, as the brits say, a 'boo.' 

    I would like to make some of the above on a where to buy poppers thread, if anyone can identify one for me.  many thanks.


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