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    Wheeling, WV
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    Bareback. Being breeded and seeded. Would love to be filmed as I'm getting seeded. Likes one-on-one, pairs, groups.
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    No guy who's ever fucked me says I was a bad fuck. Hot tight ass looking for seed.

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  1. Ah to be Chris! Looking forward to part 2.
  2. Of course. Prefer being pozzed with charged seed. Leather Men, pierced and tatted, hairy, rough looking fuckers. Gang bang would be my ultimate porn film.
  3. Thanks for commenting my fictional story : Poz Breeding God

  4. When I read sex date, I assume you’re going to have sex. I could see him tweeting after the sex date. Before seems odd to me, unless it’s followed up with,e.g., can’t wait to poz him.
  5. Thanks for the follow.


  6. Your English is fantastic. I know I couldn’t write a story in French.
  7. How rude! A bottom always thanks his host. Part of being raised right. Bet that bottom never again sees Your sling.
  8. No one. Taught myself, though there was nothing to learn then.
  9. A top at IML had me lay on the bed with my head over the bed to overcome my gag reflex. It helped a lot,
  10. @rawTOP Thank you for posting this help topic. I must have missed it when first joining.
  11. Total bottom here. Tried fucking once with my dicklet. Couldn’t get my dick in his ass. So, my hot, tight ass is availAble for all raw loads.
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