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Fukd, back and better than ever


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I was alerted to the fact of Fukd's revival by an email sent by a friend just two hours after Fukd's alert went out. I was surprised to read that—I had heard nothing after the last Fukd ever at Club 120 back in March of 2020—but not so surprised that I decided not to go. (That, I read, vaccine passports were enforced was a point in Fukd's favour.) So, I headed over after work to the new location, after paying $27.50 for my ticket, to see what was going on.

I think this new incarnation of Fukd has the potential to be better than ever. It is housed in a location much easier to get to than the old Club 120, stranded on lower Church. Fukd now takes place in a new location on the Danforth, just a couple minutes' walk from the Broadview subway station. This is a smaller space than the old Club 120, but there is still almost as much usable space, with more than enough space for the two slings upstairs and for a smaller play area in the basement next to the coat check and the washrooms. The facilities are clean and new, in good shape.

As for the crowd, there were a lot of people there. I got there just before a quarter to seven, more than midway through the stated 2-10 window, but there were a couple dozen people there still. Some were people I remembered from previous Fukd's, others were new, and everyone was up to fun in a friendly atmosphere. (I got fucked by four guys, fucked one, got blown for a couple of guys, and ate one of my fuckers' asses.) 

I strongly recommend the new Fukd. I was afraid it might be underperforming, but it was not. If anything, the new location with its accessibility and its new facilities may make this new incarnation of Fukd even better than the old one.

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