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  1. Before I forget, thanks newboy1689 for writing this.
  2. This story encouraged me to get my own cage... got it four days ago! And I froze the key! Got horny and wanted to cum, and then I saw my key frozen. I hope it doesn't bend or break. Or do I lol.
  3. Do you mind if I ask what the play space was like? I'd been interested in trying the wall when I heard about it, but... timing was unfortunate.
  4. I know the Bistro is opening up in a normal way… are there plans yet for more going forward? Would love to be there for the first fukd.to after pandemix
  5. Given how much fun I'm having with it-- I have to say, the best age to start is "today's day old" if you haven't started yet.
  6. oh shoot. didn't realize that was 2020... but would love to meet a few groups
  7. i'd love to come by, i only party rarely, but still the pig.
  8. Kind of wondering what kind of collar, a lot of the slut or cum dump ones seem to be bejeweled, wondering if there's something unsubtle, but not bejeweled. Still may get it.
  9. Yeah, definitely a concern, but I do so want to on occasion just be --- obvious and let it out. Baseball cap and t-shirt will definitely be on my list.
  10. I've been wondering, as I've taken to over the last decade dressing normally very cleanly as an average build almost 6 foot, 160 pound half asian man... what I should look to wear to .... well to be noticed as a slut ... thinking both blatantly on occasion, and maybe something to subtle to my normal clothing, which is a mix of slim fit jeans and pants, buttoned shirts or very nice tshirts normally. I like talking to people online and meeting them that way and being a slut in private... but I kind of want to feel the excitement on occasion of thinking, yeah, everyone knows I am... I just had never thought of presenting myself that way until recently, and don't really know what would work for me.
  11. Is there anyone in Ottawa that would like a semi regular hole to train to be fisted (working to punch and elbow). Pictures/caming welcome
  12. Are the walls / maze still only available for last party of month? tnx in advance
  13. Thanks all, will update with before and after pics when I get it (used).
  14. Any recommendations for a jockstrap that would look good and pretty much say I'm a cumdump to everyone?
  15. This is the winter! Thanks! I'm coming horny for more than one top that's for sure.
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