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  1. Bottom boy in Mississauga. I want to get loaded up. Is this group going to happen?
  2. What kind of jockstrap will you be wearing to tomorrow's Fuk'd party at Club 120?  I want to make sure I see you in action.

    1. Read1


      Hey, curious_mississauga!

      Yeah, I have to be at a birthday party in the village today before the Fuk'd bb party.

      I love JACK ADAM jockstrap. Sewn well, durable; they don't fall apart after a few washes like other ones I've bought. Tonight's JACK ADAMS jock - blue! 

      The 1st anniversary Fuk'd last September attracted around 200+ barebackers over the course of 5 hours. Can't wait to be there tonight!

      What colour and brand of jockstrap will you be wearing, curious?

    2. Read1



      I looked for you yesterday but didn't manage to see you. Where you there at Club120 last night?

  3. What was the crowd at Slammer like on a Sunday afternoon? I am coming to LA in May and was hoping to experience this place.
  4. I just got an e-mail for another free room at Spa Excess tonight. Should I go and report on my experience?
  5. I love to get fucked by Asian tops. It's stereotypical to say but I find their cocks get really stiff and they fuck like jackrabbits. Asian guys also tend to be really good at dirty talking while they fuck.
  6. It was a Wednesday afternoon, and about three weeks had passed since I was last fucked. I was very horny, and remembered it was mid month and sometimes Spa Excess in Toronto offers a free room to guys that sign up to their mailing list. I checked my discrete backup e-mail address and sure enough there was a coupon for a free basic room if I checked in between 8 and 9 PM. I had just enough time to shower and clean out and get downtown to the sauna. I checked in about 8:20 showing the coupon on my phone to the clerk and was given room 403. I quickly found the room, stripped and lubed my hole with my butt plug. I went to the showers in the wet area on the main floor and soaped up, then went to the steam room directly opposite the showers to start my cock hunt. I don't wrap my towel in the sauna but usually just sit on the lower bench idly jerking off and scoping the guys. I saw an Asian guy about 30 years old sitting on the upper bench a couple feet away and decided to give him the look. (I love Asian tops.) I held his glance for just that extra second and licked my lower lip. That was all it took. He slid over closer to me and opened his towel. Turning towards him, I took his nice stiff cock into my mouth all in one motion. I only sucked him for two or three minutes (with a few onlookers) and he asked if I had a room. I replied "Only if you'll fuck me." We made the awkward walk you do in bathhouses, two guys with tents in their towels walking past other cruisers, everybody knowing where you're going and what will happen when you get there. The Asian guy wanted to wear a condom and unlike most guys on here I don't mind getting fucked with a dome. I bent over the bed, removed my plug and re-lubed with some Swiss Navy. Top got in behind me and poked a couple times unsuccessfully before finding my hole (I am kinda tight) and easing it in. He fucked nice and steady with me moaning and whimpering like I tend to do for the first four or five minutes, only to realize he had gently disengaged. I turned my head to see him take off the condom. I ask if everything was okay. He explained he had cum. I was somewhat surprised as his thrusts hadn't sped up much and he did not grunt or announce his orgasm. It was a good first fuck though. I thanked him and he left quickly. With my hole now opened I was super horny to take more cock. I put on one of my PUMP jockstraps and headed for the third floor dark area where I cruised around the slurp ramp and saw another smooth Asian guy. I brushed against him going past the back wall of the slurp ramp and he reached down and caressed my jock pouch. That was all I needed and I reached for his cock through his towel. We felt each other up for a minute, then I dropped down to suck his cock (kinda thin, hairless with robins egg balls) for a minute. As I was sucking he made the move that every bottom loves. He reached around to feel my ass. Once he felt that I was wet with lube he knew what I wanted. I straightened-out, we smiled at each other, and he led me over to an alcove that contained a short stool. Bending over, I grabbed it on either side. The top then slid his slick finger into my hole to confirm my readiness, then smoothly entered me bareback. No talk of condoms. He was an enthusiastic fucker and it felt good to get fucked in the common area. We soon attracted a crowd of three or four guys, each of whom was tugging his cock as we fucked. The only words I heard were the top exclaiming "So tight, so tight," in a thick accent. Soon the pace of his thrusts increased and he unloaded up my ass. He thanked me and went off to the showers. I was super horny now and made the walk of shame to the far end of the dark area to where the sling and fuck bench are located. Once there I looked at the guys jacking off to the porn videos and the guys strolling the corridor, then climbed onto the fuck horse and bent over exposing my freshly loaded hole to anyone who was interested. As typically happens at the baths in the open areas guys are reluctant to make the first move so I had to wait a couple minutes until a scruffy bear sidled up and felt my ass. I purred and looked straight ahead as I felt him remove his towel. He slapped his cock on my trench a couple times to firm it up, then asked "You ready?" I nodded and he slid his cock head into my ass. Reaching back, I felt a very nice cock, uncut and kinda spongy - oh, and it wasn't covered. The scruffy bear seemed to be of Mediterranean ancestry, and was a bonafide top who was definitely into fucking hard. In fact the bench squeaked a couple times as he fucked with enough force to move it forward as he buried himself deeply up my ass. Now a few guys gathered as often happens when one hears a hot fuck happening in the baths. On older guy (had to be 60 or more) leaned down and whispered "Do you like that bare cock up your ass boy?" I whimpered a 'yes sir' as the top continued to pound my hole. Then the old guy again leaned down again and quietly announced "I'm next." About a hundred thrusts later the Mediterranean top decided to take a break, tapping my ass twice as he withdrew. True to his word the older silver daddy was ready to take over and my hole was empty for less than ten seconds. This guy had a long slender cock and was ready to pop almost as soon as he got in me. I guess watching the other guy really turned him on. He pumped 40 or 50 times and then asked if I wanted his load loud enough for everybody watching to hear. I said "Yes Sir" again and he grunted through four more thrusts, plunged in balls-deep, bent over and kissed my neck as his cock continued to spasm. After that I needed a break. I went to shower then back to my room to chill, and re-lube. I decided to open my door and bend over on my bed exposing my ass to the corridor. On a whim, I checked Grindr on my phone. It was amazing how many guys were on the app within 50 feet of my room. It seemed counter-intuitive to be using the web to hookup when so many horny naked guys were walking the halls, but who was I to tell others how to get it on? I was on the bed presenting my ass for almost 10 minutes (according to my phone) when a smooth Latin twinky guy felt my ass. I startled a bit as I did not see him approaching, but he was hot and wearing nothing but an Andrew Christian BLOW jockstrap. He smiled and asked "Are you open for business, baby?" "For you? Definitely yes. Do you want a condom?" "Not unless you want me to," he replied. I just handed him my lube bottle and he handed me his vial of poppers. I don't buy poppers myself but will use them when offered and so I took a sniff in each nostril then buried my head in my pillow. The twink took a couple hits on the poppers and by then was nice and hard. His cock was at least seven inches and rather thick. He didn't bother removing his jockstrap which, somehow, added to the experience. Instead he simply pulled his meat out to one side. He had some trouble finding my hole but eventually got in. He was my thickest cock of the evening so far but as I had been fucked a few times by now I was able to handle it pretty well. This kid loved to talk as he fucked. "You like that. Take that dick." I love verbal tops. I moaned a lot and several times whimpered 'Oh, fuck'. It was very hot. He must have fucked my ass for ten minutes and by the end he was dripping sweat onto my back. "Are you close?" I asked, to which he replied "Anytime you're ready, guy." "Go for it." He pumped hard for about a minute, then pulled out and told me to turn around. I thought he wanted to finish missionary but as I turned around he held the top of my head, aimed his cock and let loose six thick ropes of cum onto my face. It was a gusher. One landed in my eye, three on my forehead (and hair) and two on my chin. As I was still trying to open my left eye, he had already tucked his poppers in his jock and was opening the door. "Thanks, man" was all he said. After that fuck I was almost done. I decided to end my evening I'd be super slutty. I decided to walk back up to the third floor and get into the sling, but I decided to do it without wiping the cum off my face. The sauna was not as busy now but I still passed quite a few guys on my way back up the stairs. Some guys gave me a funny look, and one guy remarked "I guess you had a good time," which brought a smile to my face. Arriving on the third floor, I found the sling unoccupied so I climbed aboard. Now, as I said the crowd had thinned out by now so I had to sit in the sling for a while without any action. Two guys came up to feel me up a bit and when they saw the shiny cum on my face in the dim red light of the sling area they seemed to be put off, almost as if the sight of a guy in a sling looking to be fucked is okay, but somehow if the same guy's face is spunked-up, well, that's uncool. Oh, well. After another five minute wait I was all set to call it a night when a short blond daddy with thinning hair and glasses (who honestly looked a bit like Alan Ford in Snatch), came up to the sling. Taking off his towel he hung it over the chain, then caressed my legs and torso as he jerked slowly on his cock. I was able to reach down and get a feel for his tool. Oh my. Oh no. This guy, who could not have been more than 5'7" and 140 pounds, had the thickest cock I have ever held. It was probably eight inches length (which admittedly isn't super huge) but as to the girth of his cock? It's enough to report I couldn't close my hand around it. It was thicker than my wrist. (I have thin wrists, but still.) He looked at me and asked if it was okay. "I'm honestly not sure," I replied. "I'll take it slow," he said. I was still hesitant but figured I was in the sling at the bathhouse, face covered in cum, I'm pretty much obligated to allow a guy who wants to fuck me to do so. He had a small tool kit and pulled out some lube and greased his cock. He was so short I'm pretty sure he had to get on his tip toes to line up his cock with my hole. First couple tries gave no joy, but he was persistent and broke through on the fourth try. I felt every millimetre of his massive mushroom cockhead as it pushed past my ring, then tried to breathe as he very slowly filled my (previously) tight ass with his cut cock. As he got in he held me tight to against his crotch and commented "It's okay. I'm not going anywhere. We'll stay right here until you're ready." After about 30-45 seconds of trepidation I gave the 'okay' and he slowly pulled out to leave just the head in. Then pushed deep. Then out. Oh wow. I was doing it. I started to moan "Oh wow. Big cock." Then we started to really fuck. Oh my, he was holding me tight and humping up into my ass and I was crying out (not super loud, but loud enough for a public area of a bathhouse). "Oh you're fucking me. You're fucking me with that big cock! Oh fuck. It's bare, you're fucking me with a big bare cock." By now there was half a dozen guys watching. Some closely. Most were jerking off. He was humping me steady, I was whimpering constantly telling him not to stop and to "Fuck me like a bitch,." He fucked up into my ass from below another minute or two then casually plopped out. I sighed knowing he was gonna have to put it back in. He grunted lightly and smiled at me. I asked if he was getting close and he told me he had already blown his load. He had bred my hole without me even knowing it. I asked if it was a big load and he said "Oh yeah." It was then I started to feel the cum seeping out of my ass. It was obviously taking a few seconds for my hole to return to it original state and in the interim all the spunk was seeping onto the floor at the base of the sling. One guy to my left was watching and remarked the fuck session looked really hot, fisting his cock with energy. "You gonna cum?" I asked. He nodded and I motioned for him to cum on my face. He turned and blew his load mostly on my chin and shoulder. My Alan Ford lookalike thanked me for the best fuck he's had in a while and went off to the showers. I sat in the sling for another minute and then did the same. I was a mess but oddly my hole was not sore from the huge cock I had just taken. I was surprised and silently thanked the top again for being such a good fucker and giving me the best fuck I have ever had. It was only after I had returned to my room ans started the process of dressing to leave that I realized I had not yet blown my own load. I thought for a moment about going back for more cock but decided nothing could top my sling experience and I would just go home and jerk off. I then laughed to myself remembering that the best dicking I had ever taken was for free.
  7. Hey freshxtop5 have you ever been to Slammer in LA? I think its in Silverlake or Koreatown. Would love to hear about any guys experiences there.
  8. I often get that familiar tingle when I'm getting fucked. I usually verbalize to my top what their cock is gonna make me do but I tend to have to help it along with some jerking. Never cum completely hands free.
  9. I attended the Fuck Party at Club 120 in Toronto today. There were plenty of guys already there when I arrived just before 4:30pm. The only thing was most guys were standing and watching and not fucking. This was different from the other parties I have attended where the fucking starts almost right away. I stripped down to my jockstrap and did a loop of the club. In addition to the anon fuck wall (think Gay Czech Fantasy) there were padded benches with camouflage covering them. The four slings were in place at either end of the upper level. I was really horny to get fucked so I set my eye on a black guy rubbing his cock in his jock over by the cabins. I got close enough to reach over and rub his cock for him. That was all it took as he put down his drink and followed me into a cabin. I bent down and sucked his cock for about 30 seconds, (side note: because there is so much bareback fucking and no shower facilities there is not much cocksucking at this party) until he reached behind me to see if my hole was lubed (it was). He then bent me over and entered me smoothly for my first cock of the day. I moaned and whimpered on his cock for a few minutes until he pulled out and apologized that my hole was so good it was going to make him cum and he had just arrived and did not want to blow his load so fast. We parted and I went to the far balcony on the 2nd floor and bent over adjacent to two of the slings. It did not take long for a hot daddy to sidle over and feel my hole. Once he felt wet, he stepped right behind and started rubbing his bare dick on my hole sliding it up and down until he stiffened then pointed it up my ass and proceeded to fuck rigorously until he unloaded for my first bare cum in weeks. The rest of the party was quite good. Two Australian Porn stars did a fuck show. I spent some time in the wall (and took a breeding while in there). I got fucked by three different black guys which was a highlight for me. All told I had a lot of fun and took eight cocks up my ass, though not all blew their loads in me. The organizers said there was almost 60 guys attend. I am anxious to attend the next fuck party on July 2.
  10. Was the last night of Urge as disappointing as it seemed in your post?  I went there a few times in the summer and was kind of surprised at the lack of fucking for such a great space. 

    1. jontheblock


      It was this time yes lol, too many people just walking around.  I had fun this time because I went with a friend, but we left after he fucked me and went to steamworks. I have had fun at urge in the past, kind of hit and miss

  11. I have a coupon for a free room tonight at Spa Excess, I want to get in the sling on the third floor and take cock and loads.
  12. If you are determined to go to the Cellar (I think it's a bad option) go on Wednesday. It's their only busy day.
  13. Did the snowstorm effect the crowd? I didn't go for this reason.

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