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Ass to mouth-your experiences

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10 hours ago, DirtyDawg208 said:

And yes, sometimes the cock is less than clean, but int he heat of the moment that's almost an added turn-on for me because it makes me feel like a real pig bottom. The taste / smell isn't always the greatest, but I just power through it and get off on knowing I'm pleasing the Top.

Exactly. That's how I progressed into scat play. As a bottom pig it's my duty to clean up after myself. After "powering through" the unpleasantness of those first few times I no longer hesitate to go down on a sh*t covered cock or felch a "dirty" used bottom hole. I'm such a pig :) 

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10 hours ago, chubbybear said:

I like to suck him off as foreplay but prefer that his first load goes in my ass. Yes I think about stupid shit like this but once the realtime action starts I'll take it anyway I can get it. In my mouth or ass it's his choice -- I'm just there to service his needs (which also services my needs). As long as his cum ends up inside me it all good.

And, as an added note, if he's one of those dumbass tops who pulls out to cum, I take charge of the situation and either go down on him and eat his cum or back my ass onto his dick and force him to blow his load in my ass. I may be a submissive bottom but if that fucker think's he's going to get away with cumming ON me instead of IN me he's got another think coming. 

Couldn't agree more. Unless I've got a multi cummer on my hands and know I'll be fed or bred. Even still...why waste a load? That's why missionary pays off bc if they try to pull up you can wrap your legs around them and pull em in until they bust inside you. Naturally afterward they think it was their decision but...we know better?

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7 hours ago, ChaserBtm84 said:

Unless I've got a multi cummer on my hands and know I'll be fed or bred . . . That's why missionary pays off bc if they try to pull up you can wrap your legs around them and pull em in until they bust inside you. Naturally afterward they think it was their decision but...we know better?

Exactly. And that's why I prefer missionary. Took my first load missionary by wrapping my legs around him and holding him inside when he tried to pull out.

Agree that there is nothing better than a muli cummer who can feed AND breed me in a single session. But I always worry he won't be able to do it multiple time and prefer his first load goes in my ass just to make sure. Besides, it's hot to suck off a guy and swallow his 2nd load while his 1st load is leaking out of my ass.


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I just stumbled on this old topic, but ATM is a favorite....shows what a real pig the bottom is....always like getting cleaned off after but really get into ATM back and forth during the whole fuck session.  Also indicates to me it's probably "safe" for me to go down on his hole and bury my tongue up there in between fucks too.  I recently started doing it as a bottom too and makes my cock hard as a rock being such a pig.  Made a new younger vers fuckbud about a month and a half ago.  First time I asked him to suck my cock after I was fucking him he was hesitant (said he never did that), but he did it, and then was devouring my cock.  Next time we fucked, I did it for him.  Then we started flip fucking, and back and forth ATM, hole eating, cock cleaning and making out.  We do it every time now :) Less lube is better - spit, ass and cock juice mix is best! 

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Before the first time I did it, I was grossed out thinking about it.  I knew I cleaned out good but just the thought of tasting my insides was disgusting. Then I met him.

5ft 10 in, mocha colored, tatted gym rat. Not the most handsome dude I ever met but his game was on point. He could probably talk a guy or girl into sucking off a rabid grizzly. He had the bad habit of wearing just a muscle tank and spandex shorts that looked like it was stuffed with a liter soda bottle. He was bi, or just the kind of guy that loved to get sucked off no matter the gender, as long as he got to nut. I sucked him off once in the steam room (janitor and another patron caught us) and once more in the parking structure in the back of my SUV. I wasnt the only one as Ive seen him in his car with a head bobbing in his lap quite a few times, both guys and girls. 

Anyway, he texts me one night that he needs a booty call cuz the girl he was fucking moments before up and left when he tried to put it in her ass....three times. He didnt get to finish and didnt want to waste the nut by jacking off. We never fucked before and I was game to ride this mustang.

Got over, got down to business. Rode him for a long while, enough to get a nice assgasm. I wasnt fully erect, it was one of those where cum leaked out of my dick for a long while as my whole body shuddered. He threw me on my back, put my ankles on his shoulders, and dug deep, busting his pent up load the built up from before I came over. He fucked his cum into me for a bit, took his dick out, held it by the base, grinned, and said "Here bitch, taste your ass. Suck my dick clean."

Hypnotized by the sight of his huge cock covered in cum, smelling of fresh jizz and hot ass, I lost any inhibitions, leaned in, grabbed the dick and started licking and sucking it. I truly felt greedy, squeezing his balls and lapping up his cum mixed with clean booty juice. It didnt smell or taste of shit. I was intoxicated by how sweet and salty it tasted. It was like licking a sex lollipop; a warm, thick, juicy sex lollipop. I kept it up until he got fully hard again and wanting round two.

Since then, ATM is something I really enjoy. I find its a good transition to the next round, a way for the top to lay back, catch his breath, and enjoy me worshipping his manhood.

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After a daddy fucks me raw, I usually suck the cock clean, so no cum goes to waste. Even if the cock is less than clean, like some of you said, id suck it clean. Faggot sucks dick like hes told and doesnt complain about taste. I usually try not to talk when servicing men, because faggot only suppose to use mouth to suck dick & nothing else.

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