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  1. Ok...well educate yourself boi and leave the attitude at the door. I was simply telling OP that based on what he was describing he sounded like a Side and that I've never heard of pillow Prince being used before. Amongst all spectrums of sexuality but especially in gay men there is, believe it or not, an lot of men out there who aren't into anal sex at ALL (topping or bottoming) and while still gay they prefer to only have oral sex and pleasure by other means than by penetration. This is what is referred to as a "Side" and falls into the category of Top, Bottom, Vers, Side. It's just not something many gay men are comfortable talking about.
  2. I've never heard the term pillow Prince before...but what you're describing to me sounds like you're a "Side." A Side is someone who doesn't particularly care for or engage in penetration during sex but likes everything else and (usually) prefers only oral sex. Though there are many variations of being a Side as any other form of sexuality. Nothing wrong with it. Get yours! 🔥😈🔥
  3. Thanks for the follow xx

    1. ChaserBtm84


      No prob. Liked your profile and the comments I've read here and there...

    2. Fistulike666


      I reckon I like you too!!:*

  4. Where you located? You didn't list in your profile.

  5. Glad to see it's been helping out a bit. And yes we all do have different reactions. Best luck on your New Years resolution. Apparently masturbation isn't getting cut back. I think that'd be almost impossible. Lol.
  6. But I'm staying positive, no pun intended, and am hopeful in nursing my newly knocked up self to full on Poz result. Just hope my immune system doesn't kick in and abort the Damn thing! Lol. Crazy analogy but you get what I'm saying.
  7. Damn I didn't know they were that expensive! Just looked up on my CVS app. Well, for me anyway $40 is expensive right now. We have a local ASAP charity here nearby that offers free testing. I'll just go to them. Was thinking of getting the home test just to save a trip but...oh well. Plus I see my Dr every 3months anyway and have an appt with him that's literally set up 90 days after my encounter and was planning on getting bloodwork done anyway so I'll just tell him to add on an HIV test on. So I guess, taking your advice, I'll prob do the oraquick at the 2month mark just to give it time and then blood test with my Dr in end of February. I wish they did the free mail order testing here in the U.S. like they do in the UK. But oh well. And is it just me or does anybody else not really care for the oraquick testing? I get that technically it's deemed relatively accurate but I still prefer when they did the finger prick test with the lil drop of blood. I know it's just my own preference but I guess in my mind I feel testing a drop of blood-which only took 20 minutes as well-seems more accurate and trustworthy to me then scrapping some cells from the check and gums. Just my own thoughts tho. But I do know that the local ASAP that has permanent residence at a local gay resort will first do the oraquick and if positive they will do the finger prick after to have a more accurate confirmation and then if positive they'll either draw blood there to ship off or refer you to your Dr/local health org.
  8. Thanks for the info. But I thought that most rapid testing protocols test not for the presence of HIV but for HIV antibodies which can take a few months to fully develop regardless of way of transmission. Am I wrong there? Curious on your testing you mentioned. Were you also fucking other guys prior and up to your testing yourself?
  9. Thanks. Obviously I won't know anything for sure until I can test but I'm pretty confident it'll come out Poz. I'll definitely post my results when I can test. This 90 day window of testing Bullshit is going to kill me though. I'm usually a patient person but I have my limits. Lol.
  10. all seriousness though...being that the "safe sex" swing has been in full force lately, (btw sense when the fuck is sex ever safe? It's deliberate, it's carnal, its over-powering)...but never safe! And even if it is (in your mind) quote SAFE end quote.....that just means you're doing it wrong!
  11. Oh, Yeah...that weird stretchy thing that is sometimes flavored or just tastes like jizz!? I never got the point of those. Why have a newfangled contraption that catches a good man's load and prevents it from spreading? That's the best part! I guess those safety folk just keep the stretchy, slick sheathes when done and maybe freeze for future lube? IDK...I still don't get it! 😈
  12. What the fuck is a condom? 😈
  13. That's kings my logic behind why I'm feeling like this. I mean, there is literally not a single person in my life right now who has recently or is now sick with any kind of cold or flu and I work from home so I don't have to worry about offices and I haven't really gone anywhere lately so it's not the holiday crowds. Finger crossed on a positive outcome! Still I suppose I won't know 100% till March. I have to get blood work done then anyway so figure I'll ad on an HIV and Hep C test for official 90day type results. I just don't like waiting. I'm a Leo. We're great people but not that patient! 😈 Thanks for your input. Much appreciated. Wish I could find SOMEONE who knew for sure that was in a situation like mine. But this site is filed to brim with whores-no judgement...wish I could say the same but as I said above had a long dry spell before this. be a whore again! Another thing that kinda sucks is because I want it to be my Dom who Poz'd me and want to be absolutely sure I was gonna hold off on further sex until I get the results of the labs. I know I don't have to but it's like a mental thing for me.
  14. So I did some research beyond this site and word of mouth facts and saw on the website along with the CDC and while they agree on the General timeframe of 2-4weeks, sometimes symptoms according even up to 6months latter they do both clearly state that there is a possibility and others have in fact experienced this, is that symptoms can occur within a 24 hour period or even less depending on a variety of factors.

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