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    Seminole, FL
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    Sex, Friends, Friends w Benefits, Chasing, Poz Cum
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    I'm 6'3", 250, white, buzzed head, light natural hair. While I like all types I'm extremely attracted to more natural looking guys like bears or otters, body hair turns me on. If you don't have pubes don't bother. Love Daddy types, including the Silver Daddy's and Polar Bears out there too. However... I don't discriminate. I'm not a size queen(dick is a beautiful thing), all body types/races cool though I must admit I prefer my white chocolate to dark. But... You never know who you'll click with!
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    Yeah...I wish.
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    Looking for Poz top to breed and seed me. Love sucking cock and swallowing as well. Not into drugs other than weed but seeking someone to blood slam me with just pure poz bldslam then suck and fuck. Higher VL the better...

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  1. Hey man I'm in seminole county too. we should totally have some hot raw sex. and if you're poz you should totally bug me!

  2. Fuckin' Oink~! Chasers like you make visiting BZ fun. Please keep sharing. Thanks

  3. tallahassee and toxic here man

  4. ChaserBtm84

    "Fuck Flu" Timing/info???

    True. Though Of course I did it both ways that amazing night with my Master. And while he pounded 6 loads deep inside me...the selfish bottom I can be kept every drop inside. I realize some find it hot to felch or watch a load drool out the hole just fucked but unless told to do so I keep every single drop for myself and never let it go to waste! 😈 It's just sinful in my mind. Kind of like when I guy doesn't swallow. THAT'S NOT AN OPTION OR EVEN A FUCKING QUESTION! IF YOU'RE GOING TO SUCK A COCK YOU FUCKING SWALLOW! Call me old school but it all cums down to manners. I don't care what hole got bred, its just rude to spit out the seed...especially in the case of a toxic charged load. Kids today need to learn these things. I find the younger generation isn't as good at these basic manners. I had a younger guy-not my type bc I like older guys but you have needs that are to be met-who was going down on me and right as I start to cum wanted to pull away! In all fairness he said beforehand here doesn't swallow but that's not in my dicktionary. So naturally as I'm feeling him pull away I grab his head and bury it into my crotch to shoot my load in his thrust and mouth and even though there was some resistance I kept him there long after I came which forced him to swallow and clean up the mess he'd pumped from my cock. Too cute...he slowly comes up for air a little dazed and I'm just smirking at him and his face is blank and he just says "I don't swallow. I thought I mentioned that." I just kind of scoffed and said "well you do now!" I mean is it just me or does the younger generation not know these simple things. Especially with something so basic as giving head. It's like rule #1-If you're going to suck a cock you're going to swallow! It's not up for discussion. Otherwise what's the fucking point? This is why I'll never have kids. I just don't have patience for bull shit. But that's just me.
  5. ChaserBtm84

    "Fuck Flu" Timing/info???

    Thanks. I'll be sure to keep everyone posted. Between friends on this site and those on my tumblr psychoriter I have a lot of people waiting to hear. But I'm pretty confident on this time myself.
  6. ChaserBtm84

    "Fuck Flu" Timing/info???

    Not yet. Soon though. Got Bloodwork I need done beginning of nex month so just going to add a test on then. Might try a rapid test in the meantime but I don't trust them. They only show antibodies and while they are extremely accurate depending on your body's chemistry you may not produce antibodies for months or in some cases up to a year. At least the lab test actually looks for the antigens, the active virus in the blood. I'll let you guys know my results from my bloodwork and if I have time to do a free rapid test somewhere in the meantime I'll post those results too. Don't worry guys I haven't forgotten about you. I will keep you in the loop. I've just been in a crazy busy and Pozitively Horny state of mind. Lol. But seriously no joke. Since that night before XXXMAS eve, even during that 10 day period of what I presume to be the Fuck Flu (7days hard, 3 ok but not TOO BAD overall) I've been extremely hyper sexual, way more open to things I wouldn't normally otherwise stop to think about, been more animalistic in my urges and what I seek. To some it up I don't think a day has passed without my having to shoot at least 6to8 loads whether with someone or not, back to back. So that's the biggest change so far is my sexual interest, libido, kinks everything is hyperactive. I've been like a bitch in heat. Lol. However if time permits I did want to stop at the health dept free clinic today for a full STD checkup. If I do get the chance I'll share the results with you guys. I can say though that my initial "insane excitement" has waned a little...just bc of the simple fact that I know I'm going to test positive. I just know. So I'm already in that headspace but as I said before I'm still not having sex with anyone else but my Master until I get the Poz results. I just want to make sure it's him who has gifted me. And Fuck that's been a HARD decision to stick to but so far I've done it And simply taken matters into my own hands.🔥😈🔥 I'll update you soon!
  7. ChaserBtm84

    STDs from cocksucking/getting sucked

    Thanks. I'm going to head to our local health dept clinic tomorrow (Friday) for a full check up. So I'll see then what's what. Haven't done that level of checkup in maybe ten years. Been awhile but...I never caught anything and it was just a waste of time over the years to keep going back. But I figure it's time. What the Fuck...right? Also it's been long enough now that my HIV test should come back accurate. 😈
  8. ChaserBtm84

    STDs from cocksucking/getting sucked

    Yeah I know symptoms can differ and sometimes not show at all statistically speaking on paper. I just like to hear from firsthand knowledge what it's like...for anything. It's weird because as big of a slut as I've been and the hundreds of men I've been with I've never caught any STD before. Though this could be a first. Guess I'll find out when I see my Dr next month. It's not painful and can come and go, the scratching in my throat but worth checking out. Just not so bad I'm gonna run off to the doc or local clinic. Then again I probably could use a full STD test profile so I might just visit the health dept clinic anyway. We'll see. It's just weird. I mean, I'm not stupid and as I've said before have a medical background but it never ceases to amaze me how different the human body acts from person to person. I know some guys that catch all sorts of things all the time. Yet I've never had protected sex before...an probably over 400+ guys I've been with by now...you lose count after awhile...and still I've never had any kind of infection. Unless it was something I picked up and my body just naturally disposed of...which can also happen to. Don't get me wrong I may be a chaser but not thrilled with the idea of catching other stds along the way so it's not like I'm mad about it. Kinda glad I've dodged some of those bullets. Still...just think it's weird. Oh well...
  9. ChaserBtm84

    Daddy / Son

    Nothing gets me hotter than Father/Son roleplay, sex talk or porn. It just makes my dick drool! If you're a Daddy or Silver Daddy living near St Pete Florida in search of a 30something son then hit me up with a private email and let's talk!
  10. ChaserBtm84

    STDs from cocksucking/getting sucked

    I'm curious what gono in the throat (or even ass) might feel like. Never had before but after sucking/fucking in Dec the very next day my throat was a lil sore. Still is. I assumed it's just allergies as I live in FL and we have crazy weather changes this time of year. What's your experience been like?
  11. ChaserBtm84

    Truth About "pillow Princes"

    Ok...well educate yourself boi and leave the attitude at the door. I was simply telling OP that based on what he was describing he sounded like a Side and that I've never heard of pillow Prince being used before. Amongst all spectrums of sexuality but especially in gay men there is, believe it or not, an lot of men out there who aren't into anal sex at ALL (topping or bottoming) and while still gay they prefer to only have oral sex and pleasure by other means than by penetration. This is what is referred to as a "Side" and falls into the category of Top, Bottom, Vers, Side. It's just not something many gay men are comfortable talking about.
  12. ChaserBtm84

    Truth About "pillow Princes"

    I've never heard the term pillow Prince before...but what you're describing to me sounds like you're a "Side." A Side is someone who doesn't particularly care for or engage in penetration during sex but likes everything else and (usually) prefers only oral sex. Though there are many variations of being a Side as well...like any other form of sexuality. Nothing wrong with it. Get yours! 🔥😈🔥
  13. Thanks for the follow xx

    1. ChaserBtm84


      No prob. Liked your profile and the comments I've read here and there...

    2. Fistulike666


      I reckon I like you too!!:*

  14. Where you located? You didn't list in your profile.

  15. ChaserBtm84

    Tips to increase libido?

    Glad to see it's been helping out a bit. And yes we all do have different reactions. Best luck on your New Years resolution. Apparently masturbation isn't getting cut back. I think that'd be almost impossible. Lol.

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