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    Love everything about cock and cum. Also open for being pissed on and anything else dirty you want to do with me.
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    Been into kinky sex for a long time, but started taking it bareback a few years ago. i'll never go back.
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    Top men who love breeding ass

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  1. Southern Sweden. Looking for a top who'd like to breed me!
  2. Yes... i don't know any bigger slut than me personally. i'm sure there are though, it's just that i tend to seek out users of sluts rather than other sluts...
  3. i love ATM. It's one of the main reasons why i don't like when the top uses lube... it makes the cock taste of other things than cum, piss and ass.
  4. i got started with being a scat slave long before i was fucked BB (like, about 20 years before). It doesn't do that much for me anymore though, but if a top wants me to, i still won't say no to being a toilet.
  5. Actually, i can't really understand that. i don't say no to cock. It's not just the principle; it's also that i've never seen a cock i don't want inside me.
  6. Welcome here, great profile!

  7. i always swallow But it can be nice to be really drenched in it too, especially if it's done outside or in a public toilet...
  8. Love being filmed or having pictures of me taken when i'm being fucked. i don't care if my face shows either.
  9. You are a seriously hot father!

  10. i so need a warm load up my gut right now

  11. Sorry if this has already been discussed... but i've been wondering about how poz guys do it in clubs or saunas? Say if someone gets his ass against a glory hole... will you fuck it bare or just with a condom? The same in a darkroom, of course. Do you tell someone you're poz before you fuck then?
  12. being degraded and told what a dirty fucking faggot i am turns me on so much!
  13. Thanks, guess i'll just have to find the right guy/cock then. I guess it helps if he can last long before he cums too so he can really work my prostate...
  14. i've seen a few movies where the bottom cums just from getting fucked. It hasn't happened to me yet though, but i'd really love to be able to do it. Does anyone here know if it's something you can learn?
  15. Perhaps you could try what size of butt plug you can get in?

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