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Stalked and Stealthed

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I was sitting at home one Sunday night, horny and idling stroking my hard cock. Jerking off was the obvious answer, but I wanted to cum in some queer's mouth or ass, preferably after getting a few loads down my throat. I went online and checked if anybody interesting had cruised me on squirt. Nope, just a guy who'd offered to fuck me several times. No face pic, his body looked hot enough and he had a big dick. But, I got a bad feeling from him and had always turned him down. It looked like a night for Hollywood Boutique in Lake City. I posted a note on my profile and on the Hollywood page in the Cruising section.

It was busy for a Sunday, several guys cruising, two guys making out and stroking each other's cocks and one guy sucking another. I went to the gay room, took a chair and pulled my cock out. One of the cruisers, an older guy, sat down next to me and showed his cock. I stroked him for a bit, then leaned over and took him in my mouth. A few minutes of vigorous sucking and I was rewarded with a tasty treat.

I sat idly stroking my dick for a while. It had turned and not too many guys there. The front door banged shut and after a bit a man walked in, leaned against the wall across the room from me and pulled out a nice fat, uncut cock. I stared at the nicely hardening prick and licked my lips. He walked over, stood in front of me and stuck his dick in my face. Leaning forward I slid my tongue under the foreskin and licked precum off the head. Mmm, tasty: nice and salty, ripe and flavorful. Sucking harder, I pulled the head into my mouth and licked under the rim. I was rewarded with a little bit of yummy cock cheese. Soon the beautiful cock was fully erect and I was getting copious precum. After a bit he pulled out and sat down next to me. He leaned over and kissed me. We made out for a while and I getting really turned on. He pulled away, "I want to fuck you." "What's your HIV status?" "I'm neg, tested last month. I never bottom, haven't gotten much action lately. Last BB I did was several months ago." Mmm, yeah! "You want it bareback or wrapped?" "I'd love bareback." "I'd love to take your load."

I kissed him and stood up, shoved my pants down and turned around. He pulled me to him with one hand and guided his oozing prick to my asshole with the other. I moaned as he wallowed the head around my rosebud and smeared juice on it. I pushed back and he slid his hard length into me. He wasn't all that long, maybe seven inches, but he was nice and fat. His arms went around me and he held me against his crotch, not moving. I moaned as he said "Man, you're really tight! I haven't been in this nice an ass in ages." "Fuck me hard! Give me that big dick!" He started stroking in and out slowly, then quickly banged me hard and fast. I was in faggot heaven, getting my ass fucked off by the nicest dick I'd had in months. "I'm not gonna last long," he panted in my ear. "Just screw me hard and fill me with cum! Breed me!" "Oh, yeah, yeah, cumming in your ass, breeding you, bitch!" He humped into me hard and held it in, shuddering and trembling. I seldom feel it when a man cums in me, but I felt it this time. His cock twitched in my ass and I felt hot liquid fill me. I was really turned on.

I loved it when a man said he was breeding me. I knew most guys meant just cumming in someone bareback, but I was also aware of another meaning of the word. I'd recently stumbled across sites that celebrated bugchasing. I had no intention of getting fucked by a poz guy, condom or not, and had no interest in getting infected, but I'd started jerking off reading stories of guys getting intentionally infected. I'd also started cruising personal sites and checking out poz guys and imagining them fucking me raw. I'd almost shot my load when the guy had said he was breeding me. I fantasized that he was really poz and I'd just taken my first poz load.

He pulled out and I sat down. He stuck his cock in my face, I sucked it in and lovingly cleaned cum and assjuice off it. Yum, yum, my favorite two flavors: cum and ass juice. Especially when it's my ass juice. After a bit he sat down next to me. I turned my head to him and soon were languidly making out. I felt a hand on my cock, looked down and saw a man kneeling between my knees. My top put a hand behind the guy's head and pushed. Soon I was getting a very competent blowjob while my top kissed me. All too soon I moaned and shot into my cocksucker's mouth. He milked my balls empty, stood up and kissed me. His tongue pushed my load into my mouth. I swirled it around for a bit.

My top whispered in my ear, "Swallow your load faggot." I did so and my top turned my mouth to him and he kissed me again. "Thanks for a great fuck, man. It's been a while since I've barebacked. Almost forgot how good it was. You up for another round in a little while?" "As soon as your dick gets hard again. That was a first class fuck." "So get down on your knees and work some magic." I did so and soon was luxuriating in the feel and taste of a soft dick. It didn't take long, soon I was held tight in his arms getting my ass reamed out again. He lasted a long time; it was one of the longest, hardest fucks I had ever had. I had my eyes closed, soon I felt a mouth on my prick. I didn't feel it when my top shot in me. He humped in me and held me and moaned in my ear. I was about as turned on as I'd ever been.

"Breeding you again, bitch!" My body jerked and I shot into my cocksucker's mouth. My top lowered me to my seat and once again I cleaned his cock with my mouth. Not as much cum this time, but more assjuice, tinged with a coppery taste I'd never experienced before. Soon he was kissing me again. He broke off and whispered in my ear. "Great fuck, even better than before. My apologies though; there was a little blood on my dick when I pulled out. I think I tore you up a little. Sorry." "Yeah, I tasted it when I cleaned you and I'm really sore. But, don't worry. That was one of the best fucks of my life. I'll heal."

"When you do I'd like to fuck you again. We can do it at my place in Broadview if you like." "I would love to; give me your email address. I'll shoot you an e-mail." He did and we parted company. It was a couple of months before I dropped him a line. Not only was I busy at work, I also came down with a bad case of the flu a couple of weeks after he fucked me. Finally, however, I found myself in his bed getting my ass fucked. He'd asked me if I minded if a buddy of his watched and joined in. I said sure, as long as he was neg. I'd love to get tag-teamed. His buddy was black with a nice size dick, also uncut. It was one of the hottest sexual experiences of my life. It was the wee hours before I left. They fucked me three times each, the last time a double fuck. That was my first time taking two cocks in my ass at one time. It was incredibly hot, made more so by my being blindfolded. My top had fisted me before the double fuck. After they both shot in me he took the blindfold off and held up a mirror. I was amazed to see my ass gaping open and turned inside out, with cum smeared all over. The black guy licked and tongued me, another incredible feeling.

A few days later I was looking around on bareback sites when I came across a link to a blog by a bareback top with a sample pic. The room where it was shot looked familiar and when I clicked on it I saw it was the room where the two tops had fucked me. I went to the blog and was shocked to find numerous stills and videos of me getting fucked. All the faces were blurred, but everything else was clear. Nothing had been said about any cameras. I wondered what else I hadn't been told. I clicked on the personal info link on the blog and saw that it was indeed the top who'd fucked me both nights. My cock was rock hard when I read his info and my stomach turned over and I became dizzy. He was poz and had been for years. I followed a link to postings he'd made on the main site and found one that offered to gift neg bottoms. He said he was off meds and his viral load was very high. The posting had been made three days before he fucked me at Hollywood. He had lied to me: I'd been stealthed. I remembered the flu I had experienced and realized it was the fuck flu. He had purposely infected me with HIV. When that realization hit my cock jerked and squirted a huge load on my belly and chest. I looked again at his postings and saw a couple in the fiction stories section. One was a detailed account of how he'd offered to fuck a guy on squirt and been turned down. One night the guy had posted that he was going to Hollywood. What followed was a very accurate account of the night, down to the exact words exchanged when he shot the loads in me. My top had very purposefully stalked me, lied to me, stealthed me and infected me.

My cock was rock hard again and I realized I wasn't angry. I was afraid for the future but I was also massively aroused and realized I was grateful to my gifter. I no longer had to worry about getting pozzed, it was done. I was free to take any load offered and planned to do just that. I started to go to the personal sites where I had ads up so I could change my info but had a thought. Instead I emailed my gifter and told him I was really horny and needed to get fucked. He emailed me back and said to come on over. I replied that I'd be there soon and that it would be really hot if he had a video camera he could set it up to record the fuck, complete with audio. He said yes, he had three cams and could set them at different angles.

Soon I was pinned on the bed on my belly and he was slamming that big dick in me. He moaned in my ear, "You want it bitch, do you want my load?" "Yes, I want it. Give it to me." "Give you what, bitch? What do you want?" "I want your poison jizz in me. I want you to knock me up, poz me, infect me with your AIDS cum." "You got it, bitch, here it comes. Pozzing your ass. Infecting your faggot ass." His cock jerked in me and once again I felt his juice fill me. But now I knew I was taking poison cum. My cock squirted into the bed. It was the hottest fuck of my life and the beginning of complete honesty to myself of my desires.

My gifter pulled out of me and turned me over. He took me in his arms and kissed me. "When did you find out the truth?" "Right before I emailed you today. I found your blog and your post of the night in Hollywood. I had the flu not long after and realized I'd been infected. I wanted to take your AIDS cum knowingly." "Are you angry at me?" "No, I'm grateful. I just wish I had known you were infecting me that night. Is the black guy that other night poz too?" "Yes, he is and he knew we were stealthing you. What are you going to do now?" "Take as many loads as I came from as many men as possible. Probably fuck my poison jizz into guys. Although I'm not going to stealth, I'll be honest about my status." "Famous last words. You're going to find what a rush it it fucking your poz cum into neg guys. I give six months max before you lie about your status and fuck a neg guy." "Why did you pick me to stealth?"

"You checked out my ad in BBRTS several times and spent a lot of time looking at pozzing and stealthing stories. You wrote several pozzing stories, including a couple where you got stealthed. It looked to me like you wanted the bug but were afraid to take the step. Been there, done that. I decided to take the responsibility out of your hands. Also, I get off in a massive way infecting other guys, and it pissed me off a little that you wouldn't let me fuck you and give you what you wanted. You were bound to get knocked up sooner or later and I wanted to be the one to do it." "Mmmm, that's hot. How about you take me to Club Z and turn me out?"

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Guest GoodExercise
On 6/25/2011 at 9:27 PM, yourcummyass said:

I was afraid for the future but I was also massively aroused and realized I was grateful to my gifter.

Attitude of gratitude.

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On 12/27/2020 at 4:23 PM, Tanbbottom said:

Shouldn't I know  but luv luv luv stealthing stories. That moment when the stealthed admits they are so turned on and can't wait for the next poz load.  Mmmmmm 

I agree... There's also the thinking of the stealther. Mission accomplished.

We're all twisted, we're still hoping for a continuation where the protagonist drops his first load in an unsuspicious bottom.

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