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piss - do you swallow?


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On 12/26/2022 at 10:17 AM, YellowFever said:

I would agree. Watching some piss porn, I never quite got it why the recipient would just let it dribble down their cheek/neck/body. I know some people love to be pissed on, I get it. But if you're right there at the tap, it would be and IS pretty damn hot to just drink it down. Shame to waste it. I've seen a few videos of the bottom drinking and swallowing and not wasting a drop: those videos end up in my favourites. 😉

Definitely! I started out getting into piss by being pissed on… still enjoy it but prefer to drink it. For me to get into piss porn… the bttm has to be drinking from the tap or I can’t really get into it. 

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2 hours ago, RawUK said:

I pride myself on being able to keep up with the majority of piss flows and not spilling a drop.

Beer/Lager piss is the easiest on the palate, and sweet too 🙂 

Quite right! Beer piss is the best piss! (Anybody got any for me to swallow?) btw yes I do swallow all the piss I can except when I have been asked to spit some back into the pisser's mouth!.

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Just recently discovered I definitely flagged yellow. Had never thought about it before. First time was asked to piss on a friend, didn't think much of it. Sort of thought back it was kind of hot. Tried tasting my own, didn't like it actually.

When I was a little behind tipsy I asked an open minded fb later to piss on me and I got a tiny taste and liked it.

Next time we did anything WS I got swallowed a little. That taste was so damn good, the next time we did I went all for it and drank from the tap and damn I'm hooked. The flavor of right from the tap is awesome!!! 

Totally unexpected, three months ago i would've said no way...just have to try some things to find out!

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I jokingly tell tops who ask to shower when we're done they can only use my shower if they feed me piss. Most oblige.

One dude was like never mind I don't need to piss, I'll shower when I get home. I had to explain to him I was joking. Never heard from him again. Oh well.

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If a guy pisses in my mouth then I swallow.  

My absolute favourite is a strong piss stream directed onto my hole - the sensation is just fabulous.  I actually prefer piss "on my hole" to "in my hole".   I also really get off on just getting soaked in whatever gear I'm wearing - skinhead gears, sportskit.   

We are lucky enough to have a dedicated watersports club in London.  In its early days, everyone was in different types of gear enjoying the action - suits, jeans, sports kit.  Now a days, nearly everyone is naked and to my mind it is not as much fun.

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I like it when my boi wakes me in the morning by taking my cock in his mouth and tells me he’s thirsty. Him proactively asking for my piss is the only non passive thing he dies. And to kiss him afterwards.  Piss play in bed makes me aggressively horny.  

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