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I have decided that I want to become a cumdump. It feels like my life is beginning.


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3 hours ago, Kimberley said:

Becoming a cumdump means also you take the risk for granted, matter of time the first STD's shows up and that's quicker than you think. but it's all worth it for sure. I won't let it stop me taking all loads

How many of the STDs you've got were treatable and how early were you able to test and treat?

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8 minutes ago, freeusebottom said:

How many of the STDs you've got were treatable and how early were you able to test and treat?

Chlamydia and gonorrhea. i test every 3 months (almost always positive on 1 of these or both together)

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On 11/16/2021 at 3:06 AM, ErosWired said:

@Lustofalltrades - I’m afraid the scenario you lay out is almost certainly never going to happen. Getting multiple strangers to hook up at once is tricky enough. Getting them to meet at one location and then all shift to a hotel would be expecting a bit much. Getting them to all submit to an HIV/STD screening and get the results so you can  fuck anyone uninfected on the same day? Pure fantasy. The absolute fastest turnaround on an STD test kit is 24 hours, and for most you’ll wait 2-5 days for the results. The fact that you’ve posted this absurd notion as a plan suggests that you’ve never actually had such a test yourself, or you would know that you can’t get instant results.

You say that you have “hard-core” fantasies and that the acts you want to perform are “raw and extreme”. The good news, for you, is that nothing you talk about doing in your post is, at least by the standards common to this forum, either hard-core or extreme. You want to perform fellatio, fuck bareback, and eat ass/rim/felch. These are the basic sexual acts everyone performs. Indeed, if you did not do one or more of these things, one would be hard-pressed to call it sex. You should have no difficulty finding partners to perform these things with you provided you can find partners.

But that itself may prove difficult if you erect insurmountable barriers out of fear of disease. This is the plain truth, so heed it well:

You cannot enjoy bareback sex without risk. Period. There will always be some risk, however slight, of the transmission of disease. You can - and should - take sensible steps to mitigate those risks, but no measure is foolproof. You cannot fly unless you’re willing to risk falling to earth - It’s as simple as that.

Now, even if your luck is terrible and you do catch something, all is not lost. I am a living example of a worst-case scenario in which I caught HIV, it went undiscovered until it had progressed to AIDS and destroyed my immune system, and I almost died. It’s now seven years later and I’ve survived, am healthy, and am sexually (over)active.

So dispense with these foolish ideas that you can live a life of wild sexual abandon in perfect safety with well-organized and meticulously planned group meetups. Instead, get on PrEP, get immunized for the STDs for which vaccines are are available, resolve yourself to get tested regularly and treated when necessary, and then go out and actually do those things you dream about doing. They may not be particularly hard-core, but I suspect that by the time you actually do them a few times, you may decide you’re ready for something that is.


Eros - first let me compliment you on your amazingly captivating way with words. I am a freelance writer and it is always refreshing to read/hear someone who writes/speaks with such manner. 

Honestly, it was impressive. 

Because I write ALOT/MANY HOURS per day given my chosen profession, when I am writing with anonymity in such places as here, YouTube, etc., I let go of my care to write all balanced and proper, so many who read my replies would never expect I am a professional word smith. LOL


2ndly, I can see why you would think my idea is a bit silly, and I agree that it is silly, IF IT WAS A SPUR OF THE MOMENT IDEA. I think it could be arranged given proper time AND correspondence back and forth with other willing participants. I mean lets face it, this is 2021, literally ANYTHING can be made to happen with enough persistence. 


As for your comment about the 'hardcore' sexual acts I desire to perform being 'the normal acts of sex' any day of the week....

I can see your point, truly.  But do realize that your idea of hardcore is a bit skewed given your propensity of becoming a cum dump for any man wishing to unload his balls inside your guts. 

When I refer to hardcore, listing such things as deep throating, cum swallowing, ass eating, barebacking, etc., do understand that while these acts are the acts of normal sex, it is more about how one goes about performing these acts, and how into these acts they are that define them as hardcore in my head.


BUT also you must know, i have to confess and i think then it will all make more sense to you,  such acts are hardcore to me personally because im wanting to perform them on A MAN, and i must confess that ive NOT YET had any experience with another man. I am still waiting on making my first move to man on man sex. The extreme urge for cock, cum and fucking a mans ass as well as having a cock inside me, fucking me and filling me with cum is with me and has been for a long time.

Ive just always been in a relationship with a woman. This is the first time in my life that i am single and i have only recently decided to pursue my urges for cock. Ive been on a gay video site several times a week where its regular people at home, and ive jerked off with many men over this site, as well as put on a show for many men who have cum for me. I get on my knees, ass high,  and fuck my hole with my dildo, and of course play with my cock etc.

So i am easing into my wild side. 

As for worrying about diseases and safety... its weird because ive slept with well over 40 women in my life (stopped keeping count after 40) and i havent used a condom since I was a teenager. And for some reason i never really worry myself about it. I never caught a single STD either which im quite surprised of to be honest.  I mean, i probably caught HPV but its dormant, and apparently we all have it inside us.

Im just a bit more reluctant to stick my cock inside a man ive met at a bar or on an app and take his jizz inside me because I know how horny men are and when the desire to scratch that itch arises we will fuck anything almost.  I know men because I AM ONE LOL. And if a man is 100% comfortable in his sexuality, then I also know that he is definitely fucking or sucking someone new every friday and Saturday night. Doing the math, if he is in his 30s and has been comfortable with his sexuality since his 20s, well then, thats A TREMENDOUS amount of different mens guts hes been inside and cum hes swallowed.


Anyhow,  i enjoyed reading all the replies. I hope you accomplish what you desire and it satisfies you.

It actually gets me rock fucking hard to think about dipping my cock inside a sloppy oozing mancunt after you've already had several loads inside, and then to contribute my own load.... makes me VERY fucking hard. 


By the way, every cum dump should see this video.  I cum to this every night. 


[think before following links] https://www.gayforit.eu/video/866803/Depraved-Cum-Dump-Poppers-Trainer

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2 hours ago, Lustofalltrades said:

2ndly, I can see why you would think my idea is a bit silly, and I agree that it is silly, IF IT WAS A SPUR OF THE MOMENT IDEA. I think it could be arranged given proper time AND correspondence back and forth with other willing participants. I mean lets face it, this is 2021, literally ANYTHING can be made to happen with enough persistence. 


As for your comment about the 'hardcore' sexual acts I desire to perform being 'the normal acts of sex' any day of the week....

I apologize if my response made it seem that I thought your post silly or in any way seemed condescending - that was not my intent. I very much understand the sort of outlook you have on these matters as a man who has heretofore only been with women but has discovered later in life a same-sex desire and the simultaneously scary and exhilarating sensation that comes from contemplating actually doing the things you imagine - and then actually doing those things. I understand because 17 years ago, I was basically you.

It’s because I was there in relatively recently terms that I felt drawn to speak to you from, as it were, 17 years in the future. I absolutely get what you mean about it feeling hard-core - “hard-core” is definitely a relative concept and a sliding scale. You would consider things I’ve had done to me beyond hard-core while I would think of them as commonplace; but there’s shit out there that I still think is hard-core, and some of it I would kind of like to do just to see what happened and some of it I wouldn’t allow to happen under any circumstances. Hard-core to you is hard-core to you, and that’s fine. I just wanted in my earlier post to indicate that you might be on a different wavelength than a lot of the other posters on the forum in terms of how you characterize the things you’re interested in.

 I do stand by my advice regarding attempting to set up the kind of scenario you described, however - it doesn’t matter how modern a year it is, you’re never going to be able to get that to work. First of all, what you describe is logistically impossible - you simply cannot obtain test results that rapidly, and no amount of persistence is going to alter that fact. As to the rest, let’s just say that 17 years of arranging hookups with men for sex has given me a fairly representative sense of what you can and cannot get men to do... and you’re never going to get men to do that. Sorry. It’s a nice idea, but men are fuckers. You could, if you were irrationally stubborn, decide you were going to be ‘persistent’ and keep holding out hope any repeatedly trying and failing to make this perfecto-multi-hookup happen, and suddenly look up one day and realize you’ve wasted years trying in frustration to do the impossible when you could have been having perfectly mind-blowing sex with slightly less stringent expectations.

Remember: The perfect is the enemy of the good.

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