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Non-consentual rape is illegal... This story is for fantasy purposes only...


Jeff was awakened by the sound of broken glass. He had been sleeping in late enjoying his summer vacation after finishing his junior year of high school. The loud noise of the broken window had startled him out of a deep sleep. Rolling out of bed, he slipped on a pair of underwear and pondered the loud noise. Both of his parents had left two days ago for vacation, and his older sister wasn't due back from her summer college classes until later on in the afternoon. His parent's house was in the country and no other homes or people were close by to making any noise. Puzzled by the sound, he decided to go investigate. As he opened the door to his bedroom and started to walk down the hall, he was surprised to see a big black man crawling through what had been the closed living room window. Instantly seen by the black man, Jeff turned and raced back down the hall to his bedroom and slammed the door. Within seconds he heard the black man outside his door. Even worse, he heard more footsteps, and heard several other sinister voices ordering him to unlock the door. Frightened by the men, who by their voices were obviously black, Jeff was terrified. He forgot about the other door that led to the bathroom that he shared with his older sister's a joining room. His only focus was keeping his bedroom door closed. Concentrating on keeping the bedroom door leading to the hallway closed, Jeff did not hear another black man enter through his sister's room and come into his room through the bathroom.

Standing with his legs spread, trying to keep the other men from breaking down his bedroom door, Jeff presented an erotic sight to the black man who had just escaped from the state prison located fifty miles away. Watching the young white boy pushing against the door trying to stop his friends from entering, Bruce, a two hundred pound convicted rapist watched the white boy standing with his legs spread, ass sticking out. Already filled with adrenaline and joy over his escape from prison, Bruce smiled at the sight of the boy. Feelings his cock growing erect Bruce could think of no better way to celebrate his prison escape than by tearing off a piece of the white teenage ass. Rushing up behind Jeff, Bruce backhanded the white boy on the side of the neck. Not even aware that Bruce was in the room, Jeff was caught by surprise. The karate strike caused his muscles to spasm, causing him to drop to the ground instantly. As the boy whimpered on the floor in shock and pain, Bruce unlocked the bedroom door, allowing his two black friends to enter.

"Shit boys look at this cracker." Bruce said referring to Jeff who was still laying on the ground trying to recover from the sharp pain in his neck.

"Here we need a place to hang out until the heat dies down from all those pigs chasing us, and look, now we got us some entertainment why we is hiding." Then kicking Jeff in the ass, Bruce continued, "I bet this punk white ass is still virgin." Rubbing the front of his prison pants to fondle his cock, Bruce said, "Well nothing like some Alabama bull snake to break in a virgin ass, hey brothers!"

Laughing, the two other men agreed with Bruce. Bending down the men pulled Jeff to his feet, and threw his body facedown, sideways over the small twin sized bed. Pulling his waist over to the side edge of the bed, Bruce held the boy down, while his two friends grabbed shirts hanging from Jeff's closet and ripped the shirts apart. Tying the torn shirts to the metal legs of the bed, they quickly spread Jeff's legs and tied his ankles to the shirts attached to the legs of the bed. Recovering from the blow to his neck, Jeff suddenly tried to stand up and fight the three black men. His efforts were futile, and the black men enjoyed beating the white boy back down on the bed with their fists.

Pushed face down into his bed, Jeff was powerless to stop the strong escaped convicts hovering over his spread-eagled ass. Walking around to the other side of the bed, Bruce grabbed Jeff's arms and quickly tied each wrist with a torn shirt. Pulling the shirt tight, he managed to stretch the boy over his twin size bed, tying the shirt wrapped around Jeff's wrists to the metal legs of the bed. Looking down at the white boy who was now crying laying side ways across the bed, Bruce enjoyed the sight of the white teenager spread out before him. The white boy's ass, still covered in boxer shorts, was sticking up, and the white boy's face, with his pretty mouth, was hanging over the other side of the bed.

The white boy cried, and begged for mercy. "Please don't kill me. My parents have money. You can take anything you want. Please just don't kill me." Not yet realizing the escaped convicts intentions, Jeff continued, "Please you can take anything, I won't tell. I promise I won't tell anyone and I'll do anything you want, just let me live!"

Leroy, a convicted drug dealer walked around to the front of the bed, and pulled Jeff's hair and made him look up. "You mean white boy, that if I don't break that lily-white neck of yours and I let you live, I can take anything I want and you'll do anything to help me?"

"Yes sir! You can take anything you want! Please just don't hurt me."

Leroy continued to toy with his hapless and naive victim. "You mean boy, that you'll do anything, anything at all?"

"Yes Sir anything, anything at all"

As soon as he said those words, Jeff noticed the huge bulges in both Leroy's and Bruce's pants. It was then that he focused on the men's prison uniforms, and Jeff suddenly recalled all the horror stories he had heard about what convicts do to young men in prison. Jeff gulped in shock as his fear of death became replaced with the fear of being raped. His body shook in fright at the thought of being raped by the three big black men. Watching Leroy reach down and fondle his cock through his jeans, Jeff knew that the three men had tied him like this on purpose. He had heard about getting butt-fucked, yet he had never thought such a thing would happen to him. Only fag's let other men touch them, and Jeff never would have thought he'd be fucked by another man, let alone, three black men. Jeff, already beaten by the men, knew that he couldn't escape and he feared what the men would do next. As he laid on the bed he trembled and whispered. "Please Oh no. Not that, please."

A moment later, Leroy confirmed Jeff's worst fears. Unbuttoning his pants, he pulled out his cock, and walked up to his white captive. The huge ten-inch black cock stood at attention only inches away from Jeff's face. Jeff gulped as he stared at the black one-eyed monster jutting before his face. Leroy' cock was huge, and Jeff shivered and watched as the cock moved as Leroy stroked the big organ. Surely, Jeff thought, it would be impossible for that cock to fit up his tight little ass.

"Yeah, white boy that is all for you" Leroy snorted as he fondled his dick. "You did say white boy that you wanted to live and you be willing to do anything, if we didn't kill you. Well I reckon we can let you live. But ya' got to help us. Help us celebrate our escape from prison. Open your mouth and pleasure me, and let me see how much you want to live. You suck real good boy. You kiss my dick and you show me how much you value your life by sucking down my manly seed, and I think we can let ya' live to see tomorrow. Now open wide boy!"

Jeff, staring at the huge black cock, the first black cock he had ever seen, heard Leroy's words, but the demand seemed impossible. With tears rolling down his checks, Jeff begged. "No, No, please, anything but that." Looking around the room for mercy, he saw the other two men undressing, and he noted their big black dicks sticking out from their waist. "Please don't hurt me. Please don't do this he pleaded and begged.

Enjoying the sight of the white boy sobbing on the bed, Alton, who was a sadistic pimp and killer who had been convicted of murdering a prostitute for failing to earn enough money, pulled his belt off his jeans. "Shit Leroy, ya' offer this here boy a chance to live and he won't even suck ya' dick. Well, let me teach this honky some respect and gratitude. Reaching down, he grasped the underwear covering Jeff's virgin ass, and ripped the material in two. Throwing the underwear aside, Alton placed his hands over the globes of Jeff's upturned ass. Spreading the boy's ass checks he admired Jeff's small anal opening. Kneaded Jeff's ass he commented "Oh yeah, that's a fine ass you gots there boy." Feeling the hands caressing his butt checks, Jeff struggled against his bounds and begged for mercy.

Alton, enjoying the feel of the boy's tight, muscular ass cheeks, kept on talking. "Hey man, when I was in the city, I would get these young white boys running away from home. Man I would break them in hard. Raping there little asses and make them drink my sperm for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Every morning, I'd drown their throats in my piss before I rammed my cock, and then my hand, up their ass. Man, you should have heard how they screamed when I fisted their little ass holes. After I got them use to sitting their tight little asses on the end of my cock, and got them to enjoy the feel of my dick sticking down their throat, I'd have them begging for dick. Then I'd introduce them to heroin, and put `em out on the street selling their tight little bodies, while I raked in the money. Man, those old white men in their three-piece suits and BMW's would be paying good money to beat, torture and fuck some little lost white boy like this kid. Why those boys were stuck on the ends of men's cocks almost eight hours a night. The only down side was that after having load after load of sperm shot up and down their asses and throats they'd be used up in no time. It was bad for business because it didn't take too long before they got beat real bad or they got AIDS or some other fucked up disease. Then I'd have to get rid of them, either sell them to another pimp, or if they was likely to call the cops, make them have an accidental heroin overdose. But man, why they was healthy and good looking, like this kid, I'd be living the good life. These little white boys made even more money them those little white bitches I'd get." Releasing the boy's ass cheeks, Alton placed two of his fingers in his mouth, and then after wetting his fingers, spread Jeff's ass cheeks. Shoving his two fingers a inch up Jeff's ass, he laughed as the boy screamed and moved his hips up, involuntarily raising his ass to met the prodding digits. Moving his fingers around, Alton examined the crying boy's asshole. "Oh hey, that's fine brown eye." Alton said "Looks virgin too." Then without any concern for Jeff, he rammed his two fingers completely up the boy's rectum.

Jeff bucked up and down as his virgin ass was torn open by the thrusting and wiggling fingers. "Oh god that hurts. Please stop! Please stop sir, please!" Jeff screamed as he bucked up and down, trying to force the fingers out of his asshole. Alton ignored Jeff's pleas and repeatedly shoved his fingers in and out of the boy's ass. "Yeap, look at this boy. Moving all about like my fingers are killing him. He's virgin alright. Wait until he gets one up the ass, then he'll really have something to scream about!" Pushing his hand as hard as he could, he made Jeff's hips rise up and down off the bed as the boy suffered through the cruel fingering. Over the pain, Jeff heard Bruce laugh cruelly and say, "He might be virgin now, but he won't but for long!"

Pulling his fingers out the boy's ass, Alton jumped up on the bed, and grabbed a handful of Jeff's hair. Pulling the boy's head up by the hair, Alton pushed Jeff's face into Leroy's crotch. "White boy, my man said you could live, but ya' got to suck his cock. Now boy, ya' said you'd do anything. Anything means ya' open up that pretty white mouth of yours and pleasure my friend here." Slapping Jeff on the side of his head, Alton screamed "Open ya' mouth boy and suck my fingers clean that been up your stinky ass. Then once ya' get done, ya' can suck my main man's cock!"

When Jeff shook his head in refusal, Alton pushed the boy's head down into the mattress and got off the bed. "You was warned boy!" Alton snarled. "Leroy you just hold your cock in front of that honky and I promise you he'll be sucking on you dick like he has been wanting to do it all his life."

Then without any warning, Alton picked up his belt and raised it over his head. When the belt slammed onto Jeff's bare ass, Jeff's body arched, and his arms and legs pulled desperately against his bonds. Jeff's screams of terror and pain vibrated the bedroom windows. "Aggh, Oh, God no! Please No. Please stop, I will..." Before he could even finish his cry for mercy, Alton brought the belt back down, slamming the leather into the boy's succulent ripe flesh.

Jeff's ass was on fire and throbbing in pain as Alton repeatedly brought the belt down across his ass cheeks. Each time Jeff's mind exploded with pain as the leather belt crashed into his body. The leather belt wrapped around to smash into his hips and sides, conforming to the shape of his waist. Jeff squirmed underneath Alton's lashes, screaming and begging for mercy as he tried to move his ass from side to side to avoid the stinging belt, and relieve the burning pain. But there was no getting away from the belt. Alton had whipped dozens of his prostitutes, both males and females, and he always enjoyed the sight of a white ass turning bright red from the kisses of a leather belt. Alton aimed carefully, and after several dozen powerful blows of his belt, the white boy's ass was glowing bright red. Seeing that the belting was starting to leave faint black and blue marks on the boy's whipped ass, Alton adjusted his blows. Still swinging the belt with all his might, Alton targeted the back of the boy's upper thighs. The young, naked boy thrashed in his bonds and begged for mercy as new areas of pain assaulted his mind. Alton, like a fine craftsman repeatedly whipped the boy, adjusting his blows to find new area's to torment. When the screaming boy's thighs grew red, Alton redirected the belt and brought the belt down onto the white boy's upper back. The belt smashing over his ribs and spine caused the boy to arch his back in pain. His screams, which had been growing weak as the boy became exhausted under the steady assault, suddenly returned to their original ear-shattering loudness. "Oh god please stop! He begged as he sobbed and tried to regain his breath. 'Please stop. I'll suck you. I'll do anything! Please just stop the hurting!" Ignoring the boy's cries, he brought the belt down to crash into the small of Jeff's lower back. The boy continued screaming and begging for mercy, as his body was viciously whipped and pelted by the leather belt.

Growing tired and knowing that the boy's spirit had been crushed, Alton dropped the belt and climbed up on top of the crying boy. Running his hands up the boy's beaten back, he placed his cock between the boy's ass cheeks and straddled his ass. Grabbing a handful of the white boy's blond hair, he pulled back the crying boy's face, and raised it up to face Leroy's large cock.

Smiling, Leroy moved his cock in front of the white boy's round lips, and said, "Open wide boy. You better lick me good, and I better not feel any of those pearly-white teethes of yours on my dick." Whimpering with pain and humiliation as he stared at the huge black cock only inches away from his nose, Jeff opened his mouth. Thrusting forward, Leroy moved his cock past Jeff's lips and felt his cock gliding over the white boy's hot wet tongue. Moaning with pleasure, Leroy filled Jeff's mouth with his big black cock. The thrill of the boy's wet tongue moving under his hard cock made Leroy shudder in pleasure. "Oh yeah, boy suck my dick." Wrapping his hands behind the white boy's head, Leroy grabbed a handful of the boy's hair. Getting a good solid grip the boy, he made sure that the boy would be unable to move his head, and so he would be powerless to stop his cock from ramming into the back of his mouth. Then without warning, he rammed his cock deep into the white boy's throat. Feeling the huge staff of black meat moving past his tonsils and into his throat, Jeff tried desperately to escape the huge cock stabbing into his throat. Gagging on the thick slab of meat, he had to fight his natural reaction to throw up as the rock-hard cock pounded past the back of his mouth, going deep into his throat. Unable to speak with his mouth so full of the black man's cock, he couldn't even scream in protest. The only sound heard beyond Leroy's grunts of pleasure were Jeff's muffled whimpers of protest and the bed springs moving as Jeff's body tried to push away and escape from the mattress. But there was no escaping from his spread-eagled position or anyway to stop the black man from brutally using his mouth and throat to pleasure his long black dick.

Both Bruce and Alton watched transfixed as their partner used the white boy for his personal sexual satisfaction. They all laughed when, without warning, Leroy stopped moving his huge slab of cock meat in and out of the boy's throat. Leroy's balls rested on the white boy's chin as he kept his black log lodged in the back of the white boy's throat. Unable to breathe, Jeff squirmed on the bed, and desperately tried to turn his head to get the cock out of his air passage. Remembering the black man's threats though, Jeff kept his teeth off the black man's huge cock. The beating had taken all his pride and sense of strength away, and he knew he was powerless to stop the black man from blocking his airway. After waiting two full minutes and enjoying the sight of the boy's face grow red and then white from lack of oxygen, Leroy reluctantly pulled his cock completely out of the boy's throat and mouth. Watching the white boy gasp for air, Leroy rubbed his cock over the white boy's forehead and cheeks. Rubbing his cock over his nose, he could not help but admire the boy's feminine looking facial features, and his back and ass facing towards the ceiling. Noting that the boy's body was firm, with a nice muscle tone, yet lacking body hair on his back, ass, and legs, Leroy thought of how this boy would make a big hit in the prison block. Or he thought, as he placed his cock against the boy's lips, a big hit on the street pimping and pumping his tight little ass for some old white man's greenbacks. Yeah Leroy thought, Alton was right, this white boy could make a pimp rich selling his tight little ass and wet mouth to a bunch of rich white dudes. Wouldn't that be a historical twist of fate? A nigger selling a white boy into slavery. Hey, Leroy thought, we should sell this white boy into fucking slavery and make him a prostitute. But first Leroy thought he was going to get some personal revenge for the white judge and jury that sent him to prison. "Suck my nigger dick white boy. Suck me good!"

Pushing his cock past the boy's red lips, Leroy felt his cock slide over the top of the boy's tongue. Pushing forward he stopped when the back of the boy's throat surrounded the head of his cock. Then moaning in pleasure, he rammed his hips forward, once again driving his cock back into the boy's face. Back and forth he moved his cock over the boy's tongue, power fucking his cock deep into the boy's throat. Only briefly stopping his assault every minute or so to let the boy catch his breath, Leroy used the boy's hot, wet mouth to satisfy his carnal lust. The sight of the boy's tears and his muffled cries only added to his sadistic pleasure.

Listening to the crying boy, and watching Leroy's spit drenched cock sliding in and out of the white boy's pretty face was too much for Alton. He had moved off the white boy to get a better view of Leroy raping his face. After watching the cock moving back and forth between the boys lips, and enjoying the sight of the boys cheeks puffing in and out on Leroy's dick, Alton decided that it was time to try the boy on for himself. Walking back behind the white boy's spread- eagled legs, he quickly undressed. Dropping his clothes to the floor, he stroked his hardened cock before he grabbed the boy's red, beaten ass cheeks. Feeling the boy's tight ass meat, he squeezed his hands into the meaty globes. Pulling the boy's cheeks apart, Alton peered down at the boy's tiny virgin asshole. "Virgin ass" Alton thought. "Ain't had no virgin ass for a long time. I am going to split this crackers ass wide open. I can't wait to feel the heat of body squeezing my dick. Now let's get started." Licking three fingers on one hand, Leroy moved his fingers down to the boy's crinkled opening. Sticking the tip of his index finger into the boy's ass, Alton started sinking his finger deep into the boy's tight ass. The white boy, sucking on the cock lodged in his throat, groaned as he felt the new invasion of his body. Squirming and tightening his muscles he tried to dislodge the invading digit plowing up his ass. But he was powerless to stop the black man from ramming first one, then two, and finally three fingers into his ass. Alton thrust his fingers deep inside the boy's anal cavity, drawing a gasp from Jeff. Alton felt the tightness delightedly. Oh, it would be such fun opening this boy up!

Noting the tight dry ass, Alton asked Bruce to look in the bathroom for any type of lubricant. Bruce quickly found a tube of KY jelly in Jeff's sister's bathroom articles, and he returned to hand the tube to Alton.

Fingering the boy's ass, Alton watched Leroy thrusting his hips forward as he feed his cock in and out of the boy's face. Pounded in and out of the boy's mouth, Leroy held the back of Jeff's head in a death grip with his strong black hands. Leroy quickened his thrust, moving his cock over the boy's tongue and deep into the boy's wet mouth and throat. Grunting, Leroy shuddered as his body was racked by an orgasm and his cum exploded from the head of his cock. His cum shot into Jeff's open mouth.

Jeff's throat and his mouth flooded with the hot, sticking cum of the big black man fucking his face. Gagging, he tried to avoid swallowing the salty cum filling his mouth. But Leroy held the boy's head firmly against his crotch as his cock shoot wave after wave of hot cum into the boy's throat. Jeff, disgusted by his first taste of man seed, could not dislodge the big prick shoved into his mouth, and had no other choice but to swallow the hot slime down.

Finishing his climax, Leroy, slowly pulled his softening cock past Jeff's lips. Watching the head of his cock trailing a line of cum over Jeff's lips, Leroy slapped the boy on top of the head. "Ya' first mouthful of cum boy! You done good but you'll get better. You'll be getting plenty of practice sucking cock boy, you can bet on that. Now, you better lick my cum off ya' lips. Don't let any of my seed go to waste! Ya' better get use to that taste too white boy! Because from now on, you ain't nothing but a nigger's sperm receptacle. Yeah, white boy, you is going to be turned into a pin cushion for big black dicks" Slapping the boy on the side of the head again, he asked, "Ya understand me boy?" Grunting in pain from the slaps, and the intrusion of Alton's fingers deep in his ass, Jeff, breathing down a throat rubbed raw by Leroy's brutal throat rape, moaned "Yes Sir, I understand." He then darted his tongue between his lips, and licked the last of the man's slick sperm off of his lips. Then moving the sticky seed across his tongue, he moaned as he swallowed the black man's salty seed.

Pulling his fingers from the white boy's ass, Alton spread KY Jelly on the boy's crinkled hole. Admiring how the boy's spirit was already broken, Alton smiled as he thought of all the fun he was going to have raping and torturing this young boy. By the time he got done with this white boy, the boy would be totally crushed, and if he let the boy live, the boy would be a whore to any man who wanted to fuck his ass or face. Ramming the lotion up the boy's tight ass with two fingers, Alton positioned himself behind the boy's upturned ass. Removing his fingers from the white boy's ass, he moved his hands over the boy's firm ass, and up the small of his back, exploring the boy's firm body. Moving his hands back down, he placed his hands onto the boy's waist, before he dropped his weigh down onto the helpless boy. Sticking out his tongue, he licked and kissed the back of the boy's neck as he moved his hips to position his cock right between the boy's baby smooth ass cheeks.

Jeff groaned as the fingers spread the cold KY Jelly up his stretched ass. Suddenly, the fingers were gone, and Jeff felt the black man's hands move all over him. Then he felt the black man's weight on the bed as the man began to crawl over him. Suddenly Jeff felt the black man's hairy chest against his back, and then the man's body crushed him down into the mattress. Trying to adjust to the big man's crushing weight, Jeff shivered when he felt the black man's tongue move over his neck, and he then felt something hot, long and hard pressing between his butt checks. He moaned in terror as he felt the man's huge hot rod positioned between his ass cheeks. Swallowing with fear, Jeff felt the huge hot log pulse against his ass, and he knew that the huge pole of burning cock was going to be shoved up his ass. Crying with renewed energy and terror, Jeff begged the black man not to rape him. "Please sir, not that. Please, I will suck you. I'll do anything you want, but not that. I'm not gay. Your are too big! Please don't do that to me."

Alton, enjoying the pleasure of total control, whispered in the ear of the tied captive lying spread-eagled before him. "But white boy I have to hurt you and I am going to fuck you. I am going to make you gay, boy." Then talking louder in a cruel voice, he taunted his rape victim. "I will do anything I want to you boy! You fucking worthless piece of white trash, I don't care what you want! And I know that you're going to do any fucking thing that I want, because if you don't I'll break your fucking neck. Now you little piece of shit, I am going to fuck that honky virgin ass of yours so hard you won't be able to sit down for a month. Why I is gonna turn you into one first class cock sucking, dick taking faggot."

Rubbing his cock back and forth between Jeff's butt checks, he continued to torment Jeff. "Now I want you to scream real good for me when I ram my cock up your ass and make you my woman. And I want you to beg me to stop hurting you just like my people use to do when you honky- mother-fuckers use to beat us when we was slaves. Well white boy, I am going to get me personal revenge by plugging your white ass and making you my faggot bitch. If you don't want me to kill ya', you better be begging for me to fuck you while I shove my dick up your ass. Yeah white boy, gonna turn your ass into a pussy. You better move real good too white boy, because the only thing that's keeping you alive is your ability to pleasure my cock! Now get ready for it white boy, because here it COMES!"

Without any other warning, Jeff felt Alton lift his upper body off his back, and the tip of Alton's cock move against the crinkled opening of his asshole. Then, the black man pushed his hot log forward with all his might. Jeff's asshole tightened with fear and pain as the cock tried to spear into his butt hole. Eager to fuck the white boy, Alton continued to push forward until the head of his lubricated nine-inch cock slid past Jeff's tight sphincter muscles. Jeff screamed in pain as the tip of the big, hot cock battered past his ass muscles and burned up into his tight ass. "Aggg shit, it hurts! Take it out!" Jeff screamed as his bowels and lower body was racked in pain. "It's too big. Ohh shit, it hurts. No more, no more! Please don't go so fast!" Jeff begged for mercy as he frantically pulled at his bonds and tried to move his ass away from the invading intruder. The tight restraints and mattress kept him trapped under the black man and there was no escape from the cock burning ferociously up his virgin ass.

Feeling as if the end of a baseball bat had just been rammed up his butt, Jeff wiggled on the bed in pain and torment.

His cock surrounded by Jeff's soft, tight ass, Alton relished the pleasure of the young boy's hot body. Laughing at the boy's frantic but unsuccessful attempts to avoid his assault, Alton dropped his weight down onto the young boy, and continued to press his cock into the boy's tight up turned ass. Then, readjusting himself, he placed his hands on the boy's shoulders, and pushed his upper body off the hapless boy. All the while Alton slowly pushed his cock forward into Jeff's tight asshole. Alton sank three then four inches of his long, thick cock up the white boy's ass. Pushing his upper body completely off the white boy, he looked down at his cock. Marveling at the sight of the boy's ass swallowing his cock and the feel of the hot body wrapped around his cock, he admired the contrast of his dark black skin against the blonde boy's fair ass and pink, stretched asshole. Caressing the white boy's smooth ass cheeks that still glowed from the lashes of the belt, Alton sank another two inches of cock up the boy's anus. While Alton's cock moved deeper, the boy sobbed in horrific pain, and tears rolled down his face as six inches of black cock was shoved up his asshole.

Moving his hands up Jeff's back, Alton stretched his body over Jeff's body, and covered the white boy under his massive black frame. Licking the boy's ears and running his tongue across the side of Jeff's face, Alton softly whispered into the white boys ear "You have all my cock up your ass, would you like me to pull my cock out of your ass now?" Crushed under the big man laying on top of him, Jeff quivered in pain. His lower body felt as if it was being ripped in half by a hot metal pole, and he could hardly breath under the big man's weight. Jeff begged his rapist to pull out. "Oh, take it out. Please take out!" he panted.

With only six inches of his nine-inch cock up the boy's rump, Alton continued to tease the boy "Would you promise to suck my cock and lick your shit that got on my cock off if I pull out? Would you then suck my dick and swallow all my sperm if I pull out?"

Racked by cramps in his lower stomach as the hot cock continued to move from side to side in his ass, Jeff begged for mercy. "Yes sir, I'll do anything, anything, please just take it out!"

"I want to help you boy, but you have to tell me what you want. Tell me what you'll do for me if I take my cock out of your ass" Alton asked.

"I'll suck your dick. I'll take you in my mouth and swallow your sperm. Please just take it out!" Jeff begged.

"Well" Alton said, "Your asshole sure is dirty. Will you lick your shit off my cock before you swallow my sperm?" Then rotating his hips, he moved his massive cock around inside Jeff's tight ass causing the boy excruciating pain "Let me hear what you'll do for me white boy. Tell me how my dick is too big for your virgin ass and it hurts you so much that you want to suck my big nigger cock and lick your shit off my big beautiful cock. Tell me, how you love the feel of big nigger cock in your mouth. Yeah, you tell me how you want my big dick to rub across your tongue and how you want to eat my sperm. Tell me what a faggots you are, and how you dream of nigger dick filling your mouth with hot cum. Do it now boy or else!" Alton then cruelly moved his hips back and forth, stretching the boy's anus even more.

"Aggh!!!" Jeff screamed. "Please I'll do anything, anything. Your big dick is too big for my virgin butt. Please take it out! I want to suck your big nigger cock and I want to lick the shit off your cock. I want to tongue your big nigger cock and taste your sperm! I love big nigger cock down my throat. I am a faggot, so please sir, let me suck your dick!"

Placing his hands between Jeff's shoulder blades, Alton used his strong black arms to push his upper body off of Jeff's back. "Well white boy, since you said please, I'll take my cock out of your ass." Pulling his hips back, he removed all but the head of his cock out of the boy's tightly stretched ass.

Jeff whimpered with pain as the big cock tore back out of his asshole. The cock moving back caused friction and more pain to his already skewered butt. Longing for the relief of the hot cock to leave his sore bottom, he begged Alton to finish taking the head of his cock out of his stretched asshole. "Please don't stop! Please take it out all the way out. Please take your cock out of my ass and let me suck your cock. Please!"

Smiling sadistically at Bruce and Leroy who were quietly watching Alton tease and play with their unlucky victim, Alton lowered his hands to the boy's hips. "Ya' know what white boy. It isn't nice to call black people niggers! Why, you is some type of white boy. Here I was, going to do you some sort of favor and let you suck my cock instead of me tearing your asshole up with my big cock, and you go and call me nigger! Well white boy it ain't nice to call colored folks niggers and I am going to have to teach you some manners!"

Jeff, realizing how he had been tricked, started crying "But you wanted me to say nigger! Please sir, I won't say it again! Please, I'll do anything, anything, please just let me suck your dick. Please don't fuck me! I will make you feel good, please just me..."

"Whack!" Alton slapped Jeff in the back of the head, and told him "Shut up white boy. I know you'll do anything I want! And I told you it ain't nice to be saying nigger. Now I am going to nigger your ass. Yes sir, I am going to show you why so many white women likes us black men. Yep, we got big dicks and we can fuck for forever. Get ready for it white boy, here comes the fuck of your life!"

Without any other warning, Alton grabbed Jeff's hips and rammed his cock forward. All nine inches of thick black cock slid into his ass. Jeff screamed and his body bucked and withered in pain as the powerfully built man brutally shoved all of the big cock deep into his virgin ass.

"NOOO!" the ravished boy screamed. "It's killing me! Please God, it hurts, please stop!"

"It hurts so bad! Please, Take it out!"

"Please. No more!"

Pulling back, Alton admired the heat of the boy's ass, and smiled at the thought of the virgin boy's blood on his cock. The boy's cries for mercy were music to his ears. Free from prison, he knew there were no guards around to spoil his fun, and the boy could make as much noise as wanted. This was going to be one of the best fucks he had in a long time, and just like old times, he was going to enjoy terrorizing his hapless victim. Pulling seven inches of his cock out of the boy's ass, he stopped and waited for the boy's cries of mercy to diminish. When the boy stopped begging for mercy, and when his sobs had quieted, Alton without warning, violently jammed all of his cock back into the boy's ass. The boy's bound body tightened as the cock invaded deep up into his body and his whimpering and screams for mercy again filled the room. As Alton rode on top of the boy, he enjoyed the pleasure of his balls slapping up against the boy's ass cheeks. Alton could feel the boy's ass muscles constricting, trying to adjust to the massive cock buried in his rear. As he fucked the boy's ass, Alton marveled in the heat squeezing and pleasuring his cock. Running his hands up over Jeff's back, Alton enjoyed the feel of the boy's thrashing young body as it tried to escape his cock. Ain't nothing like virgin boy butt to make a cock happy Alton thought.

For Jeff, the experience was anything but pleasurable. "Please sir" Jeff begged. "Stop! Please don't hurt me anymore! I beg you to please stop. My ass is tore. Please, I beg of you, take it out! The pain is so bad!"

"Shut up white boy! You'll take my cock, and before long you'll even like it. Hearing the boy sobbing for mercy, and hearing the boy's voice wracked with pain as he pleaded for mercy, Alton's enjoyed his rape of the boy's tight, hot ass.

Placing his hands back on the boy's shoulders, Alton then began a brutal assault on the boy's anus. Holding his body tightly against the boy's back, he hammered his cock in and out of the boy's tight ass. Without let up, he power rammed his cock back and forth in the boy's ass with all his strength. Remembering the white whore who had testified against him in court to get him convicted of killing that fourteen year-old white female hooker who he had fucked to death with an ax handle, Alton plowed into the white boy with deep painful strokes of revenge.

Unable to escape, and with his pleas for mercy falling on deaf ears, Jeff could only lay there as the black man frantically moved his big cock in and out of Jeff's torn and bleeding ass. Buffeted by wave after wave of excruciating pain, Jeff was reduced to moaning as the big cock moved in and out of his ass. Every time, the black man raped his cock into Jeff's ass, Jeff would moan. As the cock moved back out of his abraded and torn ass chute, the white boy would grunt with pain. In and out Alton worked his cock, never once caring for the white boy that he had pinned to the bed. As the giant tool moved up the white boy's ass, the boy's pain increased, and his screams and moaning grew louder. The increased screams from the boy caused, Alton to laugh and he redoubled his assault on the tortured boy's ass. Alton could careless about the misery of the white boy he had pinned to the bed. White kids were for fucking, and this boy was going to get fucked good!

As the giant tool moved back and forth, deep in his ass, the white boy's pain increased, and his moaning grew louder. The increased sounds of torment from the boy caused Alton to snicker as he redoubled his assault on the tortured boy's ass. As the boy withered in agony, lost in a sea of torment and humiliation, Alton began to pant with excitement. The boy as he withered in pain and tried to escape his rapist, was unintentionally tightened his ass muscles. The muscles caressing his cock felt so good to Alton, and the boy's struggles only added to the black man's pleasure as he drilled his cock in and out of the white boy's ass. Drenched in sweat, Alton felt his climax approaching. Alton, dug his hands into the boy's shoulders, and he hammered his cock forward, leaving it deep within the boy's ass. He suddenly raised his upper body off the boy, and gave out a mighty shout as his cock quivered and shot its seed deep into the teenager's tight ass. Alton's body shuddered in pleasure as his wad shot deep into Jeff's white ass.

Alton collapsed on top of the moaning boy he had just fucked. Keeping his cock buried in the white boy's ravished hole, he felt his cock draining all of his sperm into the boy's rectum. Resting atop the spread-eagled boy, Alton regained his breath. Then slowly, he pushed his sweaty body off the boy, and pulled his softening cock out of the boy's ass. Removing his cock with a loud pop from the boy's ass, Alton smiled at the boy's ass hole. Alton had fucked the boy so hard and stretched his ass so wide, that the boy's sphincter muscle was unable to close all the way. His asshole was stretched wide open and Alton could see his sperm deep inside the boy's torn and bloody asshole.

Not that his ass would be empty for very long. As soon as Alton stood out of the way, Bruce stepped up behind Jeff's spread ass. Slapping the boy's red ass cheeks, Bruce placed his cock against Jeff's already torn and battered hole, and placed his hands on the boy's hips. In one monstrous thrust, he buried his eight-inch dick deep into the crying boy ass. Not even giving the boy a chance to adjust to the wider cock now ravaging his hole, Bruce buried his cock to the balls.

"Shit, that's fine pussy you got there boy!" he muttered as he moved his hips back, and totally removed his cock from the boy's tight ass. Then again he rammed his cock back into the boy's torn hole, moving his cock in out of the boy's ass.

Jeff screamed with agony at the new assault viciously spearing his once virgin asshole. Climbing up onto the bed, with his cock still buried deep up the boy's ass, Bruce immediately clapped a hand over the youth's mouth. Then he began to jack hammer his penis into the boy's tight, near virginal buns.

His body twisting from side to side with the pain of the wicked penetration, Jeff yelped into the hand covering his mouth. As the last few minutes filled his mind with pain, he continued to cry. He'd never been prepared for anything like this. He'd never dreamt he'd be used this way. The tears poured down his face as the cock slammed into his rectum, tearing the already battered delicate tissues of his bum hole.

Bruce pumped excitedly into the tight ass of the boy. He'd had many men in prison, but very few who had just lost their virginity, and certainly none like this boy. His testicles slapped against the lower cheeks of Jeff's ass, as he thrusted faster and harder. Bruce pushed his left hand under Jeff, and caressed the boy's penis. Feeling the boy's balls and penis in his hand, spurred Bruce on to deeper, harder thrusts. He clutched the boy's balls in his left hand as his right hand clamped onto Jeff's shoulder, giving him leverage. He forced the entire length of his shaft up inside the boy as he squeezed the boy's balls, trying to crush the boy's testicles between his fingers. Jeff was crying out as his body shook in pain. It felt as if the black man was trying to rip his balls off his body. Bruce gave a triumphant shout, feeling the boy shaking in pain. He thrust again and again into Jeff, his cock now close to bursting with the cum boiling in his balls. He let go of Jeff's balls and, placing both hands back on the boy's shoulders, rammed fiercely, driving his dick in and out of Jeff' asshole. Within minutes both Bruce and Jeff were covered in sweat, as Bruce drove his cock in and out of the tight ass. Bruce's heavy breathing, and the repeated sounds of Bruce's balls and hips smacking against the boy's ass as the boy's hushed cries of torment and pain filling the room gave testimony to the hot sex occurring on the small bed. Quickening his pace, Bruce moaned as his felt his cum boiling in the depths of his scrotum. Grasping onto the boy's shoulders, his cock exploded deep within Jeff's ass.

The cum filled the boy's anus and overflowed. Bruce strained against Jeff as the jolts of pleasure filled his body as his cum left his cock in spurts and gushes. Biting the back of the boy's neck, Bruce's body tightened in ecstasy as he enjoyed his climax. Jeff screamed as his neck was gnawed on, and the cum splattered deep into his already ravaged hole.

Only when his cock was completely drained did Bruce pull out and step away from the boy.

Leroy, hearing the fucking noises slacking off, walked back into the bedroom. Seeing the white boy's red ass sticking up, and cum running from his ravaged asshole, made Leroy's cock harden. Walking up behind the boy, he started stroking his hardening cock. "Bruce, while you was having your way with our little white friend here, Alton and I called my uncle at that pay phone by the bar on Nelson Street. My uncle says that since it is Sunday, it will take a while to get a truck, but he can still be here in three hours. He'll bring a delivery truck, and we can clean out this house, and then hides behind all the furniture. Ain't no police checkpoint gonna want to unload a packed moving truck. Once we get back to town, we'll all scatter and disappear while my uncle will hock the furniture and that will be his payoff for helping us out. Until then, why don't you and Alton continue to look around this place? I am sure you can find some good treasures. I already done found some guns and jewelry in the master bedroom. Check out the medicine cabinet too. I found a bottle of Viagra. I took some as soon as I finished fucking our new friend here. I figure that in about forty five minutes, when this Viagra kicks in, I'll be fucking his tight little ass for the next nine or ten hours." Then smiling from ear to ear, he laughed and said, "I found these too" as he held out his hand and showed off a large black ten inch dildo. Snickering he said "I guess this and the Viagra means this boy's momma likes a big hard dick."

Turning his attention back to the Jeff, he poked Jeff's right ass cheek with the dildo. "Do you like big dick too, huh, boy? You like your momma? You like a big hard one shoved up your hole?"

Jeff, dazed by the pain of his body, heard the man's question, but it seemed as if the man's voice was far away. His whipped ass, back and legs, combined with his bitten neck and ravaged asshole completely filled his mind with pain, almost making him senseless to his surroundings. But the boy knew better then to ignore his tormentors. Whimpering as he felt the hard plastic dick pressed into his ass checks he looked over his shoulder to look at the thick dildo. It was huge and he knew it would hurt being shoved up his abused ass. "I don't like being fucked. Please don't use that on me" he fearfully said.

"Well white boy," Leroy laughed, "I guess if you don't like cock, you just ain't had enough. Let me see if I can change your mind."

Jeff felt Leroy's hands drop down onto his ass cheeks and rest on his whipped ass flesh. Leroy's fingers opened and caressed Jeff's bruised, but soft skin. He smiled at how the boy's body shivered in fear at the mere touch of his hand on the boy's beaten flesh. The black man's hands slid back and forth, up the length of the young boy's ass crack and the small of his back. Leroy admired the contrast of his black hands against Jeff's white skin, as he lightly squeezed Jeff's warm flesh. Even the red belt marks on Jeff's skin paled compared to Leroy's big black hands kneading and caressing Jeff's white butt.

His right hand, fingers together, slid up and down Jeff's ass crack, directly across the boy's battered asshole. The hole was stretched open, and Leroy could see cum deep in the boy's bowels, although some of the other men's seed was leaking from between his ass cheeks, and dripping down onto his shriveled balls. Sliding his hand down between Jeff's splayed thighs, Leroy pushed his hand under the boy to cup the boy's balls and cock. Feeling the boy's shriveled cock and balls, Leroy thought of how easy it would be to crush the boy's sex organs in his hands. He'd always wanted to castrate a man before, and this would be a great time to do it. But his throbbing cock, enlarged by Viagra, needed attention immediately. There would be plenty of time for torture later on. Removing his hands, he bent forward, dropping his body over Jeff, and then laid his full weight down onto the boy.

Leroy pressed Jeff into the mattress, his heavy body squashing the boy's slender frame. Jeff felt the muscled chest pressing into his back and the man's hardening cock against his ass. He could feel the man's sweat dripping down onto his skin, and Jeff's nostrils were filled with the unpleasant smell of Leroy's bad breath and body odor.

Leroy reached down and slid the length of his shaft downwards so it lay along the boy's ass crack. Then he softly rubbed himself against Jeff, his cock-knob sliding between the boy's butt checks. Leroy dry fucked his trapped victim for long moments, moving his shaft between the spread ass cheeks. Then he slid off the boy, and as he pushed away, Jeff wondered why the man wasn't fucking him, and he wondered why the man had pushed off his body.

Then he felt the man's fingers at his butt-hole. A long, straight finger pushed against his sore hole, then dipped inside. Jeff felt wetness, slickness, and knew the oily substance was the same that they had used to lube his ass up earlier. Jeff felt the finger as it pushed into him, forcing it's way past his torn sphincter. The finger pulled out, and there was a pause, then it pushed against him again. Jeff whined softly, his fingers squeezing into his palms.

Then Jeff felt Leroy move atop him again. The mattress was pushed down, and the bed moved, as Jeff felt the man positioning his body over his. Jeff again smelled the man's breath, and felt the man's sweaty, wet chest press into his back. This time though the man's cock moved past his ass checks, and Jeff felt the man's prick-head push against his rectal opening. Having overcome some of the shock of being raped, Jeff laid quietly as his mind cleared and his nerves became super sensitive, expecting another rape. Jeff felt the cock pushed against his ass. The cock was soft, and at the same time hard. It mashed against his small round opening, seeking entry. The hardness of the man's shaft was behind it and the weight of his body atop.

The hard shaft slid into his body, slowly, very slowly, then as the knob passed his opening, the man suddenly thrust down hard. Jeff gasped and ground her teeth together as the prong stabbed into his anus, slicing down the length of his shit-tube as the strong black man sought to bury his organ deep within the tight sucking depths of Jeff's rectum. The big cock rammed deep into his ass. Jeff's muscles tightened and as the big cock pushed painfully against something deep within his body. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!" Jeff cried. "Ohhhh Goddddddd! It hurts. Go slow, Aggh god! Go SLOWWWW!"

The cock was huge and Jeff felt split apart down there, again he felt torn and ripped as the fat cock forced it's way deeper into his anus. As before, his mind was assaulted by wave after wave of pain. Jeff again pulled helplessly at his bonds, but his legs remained wide open as another cock slid remorselessly into his body.

Inch after inch of black cock slid into Jeff's asshole until the black man's fat balls pushed up between Jeff's buttocks. Jeff could hardly breath from the weight of the big man's body atop his. His uncontrollable screams and gasps of pain only made his struggles to fill his lungs with oxygen more difficult.

Jeff closed his eyes and drew a shaky breath, trying to ride past the pain as the big man began to nuzzle his mouth against the nape of Jeff's neck. He chewed and sucked and nibbled at the side of his throat, biting with sharp little nips that made Jeff yelp with pain as he closed his eyelids and prayed for escape from the parade of cocks that had been shoved into his body.

Leroy began to fuck Jeff's asshole with deep powerful strokes, sliding his cock forcefully up and down the boy's asshole as he reamed out his victim's anus. His fat cock slid back and forth in the tight warm opening, with no regard for the boy's pain. Leroy ground himself against Jeff, sliding his body from side to side, then upward along the boy's body, digging and twisting his prick within the white boy's anus. Jeff felt it high up inside him, felt it moving within his body, twisting within the tight tube encasing it. Leroy began a slow, grinding fuck, his belly rubbing against the boy as he humped his cock inside his victims' rectum. He began drawing the length of his prick-meat up out of the anus then, sliding it up out of the tight hole until only the head lay buried within. Then he threw his hips forward, dropping his weight back so his cock drove down into the boy once more. Air woofed out of Jeff's lungs as he felt the cock spear into him. He clenched his teeth tightly against the pain, and tears forced their way through his closed eyelids. Then Leroy began to fuck the boy's asshole with deep powerful strokes, sliding his cock forcefully up and down the asshole as he reamed out the boy's anus. His fat cock slid up and down, moving back and forth inside the elastic tube, pumping, pumping and pumping.

Jeff trembled, pulling nervelessly against her bonds again and again, feeling only that fat cock inside his rectum, churning faster and faster. As the black man's excitement mounted, the cock pounded down into Jeff's asshole, riding a slippery, gooey lining of blood, and the cum and lotion that had been forced up Jeff's ass.

Leroy's cock moved faster and faster, pounding back and forth inside Jeff until the man finally gasped with pleasure and collapsed, his cum gurgling down into Jeff ass tube as he spent himself inside the boy's body. He lay atop Jeff for a short time, then rose and left.

Thirty minutes later, Alton came into the room drinking a bottle of beer he had found in the refrigerator. Walking in front of Jeff, he pulled his head up. "Boy every one of us agrees that you is a good fuck."

"Yes sir boy, you got a tight little ass, and from what Leroy is telling me, a talented tongue. Now boy if you behave, I'll untie you and take you into the bathroom, so you can relieve yourself, and take care of your personal business. We all took some of that Viagra your old man had in the medicine cabinet. So our little party is just getting started and I don't want you pissing all over yourself, or shitting on the end of my dick. But listen up boy, you try to fight me after I untie you, and I'll make that spanking you got earlier seem like child's play. And you try to escape boy, I'll make you wish your momma never would have spread her lily-white legs to give you birth. Yeah boy, it would be a bad thing if you force me to take that belt to your balls, or get one of your momma's kitchen knives and cut up that little prick of yours. You know boy, it'd be a real shame if you forced me to carve my initials on your ball sack. You understand me white boy."

Jeff heard the evil black man's words and shivered in fear. He didn't want his dick or balls to be cut, and he didn't want to be whipped again. His ass, legs and back still stung from the bite of the belt earlier. Jeff would do what ever he had to do to avoid another whipping. Also, his bladder was full, feeling as if it was ready to explode, and he desperately wanted to get off the bed. Just as bad, his arms and legs ached from being stretched and pulled across the bed. But far more important, his asshole throbbed in pain, and he wanted to see if his butt hole had been torn. His ass felt as if he had been ripped wide-open back there. Even his throat throbbed in pain from Leroy's long cock strokes that had reached deep down into his neck. A piss and a glass of water would make Jeff feel better, and maybe his release from the bed would mean his rapes would end, or at least be delayed for a while.

Jeff, clearing his throat, crocked "Yes sir, I understand. I won't give you any trouble. Please you don't have to hurt me no more."

"Good boy" Alton said. "You is a quick learner."

Untying the boy's legs, and then arms, he pulled the teenager off the bed and made him stand in front of him. The big black man standing before him dwarfed Jeff, and he shivered at the man's touch. Told to put his hands together, in front of his body, Jeff offered no resistance as Alton carefully tied his wrists together. Watching Alton tie the rope, Jeff recognized the piece of rope as the rope his father had stored in the garage. It was the same rope his father had used to build his tree swing on the big tree in the field next to his house. Jeff recalled all the happy times he and spent on that swing, never imagining that some of that rope would be used to bound his hands together so that he could be fucked and abused by other men.

Tears rolled down Jeff's checks as Alton led him into the bathroom. Allowed to pee, Jeff sat down on the toilet and relieved himself. He then moved his fingers under his balls, running his fingers past his pubic hairs which were wet and sticky from the black men's spent cum. As Jeff carefully pressed a finger into his swollen sore anus, he found his ass battered, and slightly bleeding. His fingers became covered in cum, as he continued to examine his rectum. He could tell his ass was not badly damaged though, and he was relieved that he was not bleeding badly, or completely ripped and torn open.

Alton stayed in the bathroom with Jeff, but gave him privacy. Alton was about to practice some of the things he had learned while he had been pimping in the city. Although he had spent years behind bars, the memories of how to break in a young boy into gay sex was still strong in his memory. Alton knew that it was easy to rape a boy. But it was another thing to rape a boy, and then make the boy cum so hard that he begs to be fucked. Alton knew that he had the skill to turn Jeff into a dick-sucking faggot who would crave having his ass pounded by a big cock. Alton was going to teach Jeff how to take cock, and learn to love it.

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That's my dream, to be raped like that by HUGE BLACK COCKS.

You should try to make it happen...

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sick; just sick

He says as he blows the biggest load in his life... [Why else would he be reading it?]

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That's my dream, to be raped like that by HUGE BLACK COCKS.

I'm there with you man! I have been trying to make this happen for a long time! Well, minus the brutal violence, just being used by a few giant black cocks... :D

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Great story but ended right in the middle makes you wonder what happened and yes would love to have those big black dicks showed up my white ass and deposit their dirty seed in there

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I want all three and who ever else they call up. I'll take all that brutal beating too. Man nothing gets me off like that.

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