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I felt his cock pulse four or five times, signaling that he was dumping a load of hot cum in my ass.  I couldn't really "feel" the cum shots, but there was an unmistakable warmth that spread in my butt as the jizz pooled inside me.  He slowly pulled his softening cock out, grabbed a nearby towel and wiped his cumslick meat before standing up and wrapping his own clean towel around his waist and walking out the door.  I would have preferred cleaning his cock with my mouth, but that evidently was not his deal.  In fact, I don't think he ever uttered a word.  Just walked into my room, pushed my legs back, and fucked until he came.   No complaints here.  He had a thick cock and left me with another load.  That's why I cum to the baths.

I reached over to the plywood table and grabbed a pack of Camels and a lighter.  Lit the cigarette and then fished my phone out of my duffel and texted "Hungry?" to my bathhouse buddy Roger.  In less than a minute, my phone pinged with a response - "On my way!"   Roger's a cumwhore, too - but he likes eating his from freshly fucked ass.  The door creaked open, and Roger's face peered in.  I motioned him in.    Roger's around 60, in good shape, a little on the thin side, shaved head, always tan - and always hungry.  He immediately climbed between my legs, pushed them back and started licking my oozing hole.   "White guy - around 40 - fat dick," I spoke, filling in the few details about whose cum he was tasting.  "Mmmmmmphh!" ."Roger grunted in approval.  

"Pump and dump - about four minutes."   

"Mmmmm - fuck!" 

"Marine Corps tat."



"Fuck yes! Mmmmmph!"

"Never said a word."

"Oh fuck!" Roger said.  "I think I saw him headed down the stairs to the showers.   - - - Damn, that tasted good! Nuthin' like jarhead cum!"

Roger let my legs down on the bed, and took a seat off to the side of the double bed.  "Smoke?" I offered him a cigarette.  He took one and I lit it for him, and a fresh one for me.   I stood up and stretched, and also shut the door on the small cubicle.  Turned the light up - just a little. 

"So, what's the crowd like?" I asked.  

"Not bad - for 5 am on a Sunday," he answered. "   "Coupla guys workin' the gloryholes in the maze, and a tweaked out guy sounding his cock in the far corner room up here.   There were a couple of hot leather guys earlier, but I don't know whether they hooked up - or just got tired and left."

"Were they together?" I asked, playing with my limp dick in my slimy jock.

"Hard to tell." Roger said.  "They definitely knew each other, but looked like they were cruising separate. One in leather chaps and harness - the other in a leather jock and harness.  Hot guys."

"Guess I need to get out and let 'em see this hungry hole," I grinned, sliding two fingers in my slick pucker. "Wanna smoke before we go?" I asked, holding the glass pipe up in front of Roger's face. 

"Mmmmm - twist my arm, fucker!" he grinned back.

I fired up the torch under the glass bowl, waving it slowly back and forth to heat the crystal.  Love watching it vaporize and that thick, white cloud start to work its way up the pipe.  I took a deep hit, and then handed the pipe and torch to Roger.  He repeated the process, and we both sat back to enjoy the cloud.

"I'll head out first, so they wont think we're together," Roger said, adjusting his junk in his standard issue white jock.  "As if there's anybody out there...." he smirked.

As soon as he was out the door, I located by pill bottle and shook a tab of X out and downed it with some Gatorade.  I checked the J-Lube bottle - it was about half full - I'd need to mix some more up if things went well!  (I bring the powdered version, a large plastic container and a plastic whisk.  Then I fill the container with water and heat it in the downstairs "cantina" before adding the powder.  Nothin' like fresh, warm, J-lube being pumped in your greedy hole!) Then, slid on my black leather jock (with the codpiece pouch) and my leather harness, grabbed my key and headed out in search of more cock.

Roger was right.  The place was pretty dead.  I heard loud snores coming from a few of the rooms.  Several doors were open - but the rooms were vacant - waiting for the cleaning crew to get them ready for the next horny guy.


The maze was closed (had one of those yellow "Wet Floor" signs blocking the entrance, and I could hear the slosh of water, as some hapless staffperson mopped the cummy floor.  It would be out of commission for at least an hour, until the floor had dried and the fumes from the strong cleaning solution had dissipated.

Slowly made my way down one of the side hallways, walking slow enough to check for any action, without looking too interested...   On the right, a door open - tall, black guy standing against the wall - white muscleboy on his knees, slobbering on a thick piece of dickmeat. I stared for awhile, rubbing my crotch, and pinching my nips (the X was starting to kick in!).  They didn't invite me in, but didn't seem to mind me watching their hot scene.  

I continued down the hallway and turned the corner.  First room on the left there was a guy - doggy position - ass in the air - in black jock. As asses go, it was gorgeous - muscled, slightly hairy, shaved hole. a slight film of lube around the ring.  (If I weren't so partied up, I would've fucked it.)  I stepped into the room and ran my finger around the hole - - - he moaned.  Let my middle finger penetrate his pucker - - - he gasped briefly - then relaxed and opened his assmuscle.   I played with his hole for awhile,  massaging his insides (just the way I like it!), while rubbing my x'ed out tits, and watching the porn on the small, cheap tv monitor.  "Nice hole, pig," I whispered.  He whimpered, as I added a second finger, then a third.   "Mmmmm! Hungry pig!" I added.    In the mirror, I could see we had attracted some interest from the hallway.  Having no hard dick to fuck this hot butt, I bent over next to his ear and whispered, "If you wanna play with another tweaked, hardcore pig, i'm in room 312.  Have fun!"   I walked out the door and let the others work their way in.


Amazingly, playing with that pig's hole had stirred a few twitches in my pitiful Tina cock.   I checked the rest of the halls on that floor, and then went back to my room on the third floor.  When I got back, I shut the door, found my pill bottle and located a 1/2 of one of those "little blue pills."  Washed it down with some Gatorade, and resisted the temptation to smoke some more T.


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On 1/3/2019 at 1:09 AM, versmetropig said:

So glad to see you posTing again! Love reading about your experiences, feels like I have a kindred spiriT!

We both know where you need to take me ...

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