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  1. Wow! You had to search as far back as three and a half years to look for posts where you can just tell someone to grow a pair of balls. Can't imagine all the other comments you're throwing out there on other posts. You might just be the worst troll on here. Keep it up buddy you're doing a great job. Awesome service to this site.
  2. If you tested poz twice on an OraQuick, I would say it's pretty official that you are poz, even without confirmatory testing. Those things have like a 1 in 3000 chance of showing a false positive, so if you happened to get two false positives, you need to give me some numbers to play for lotto ?
  3. I agree with what the guys above had said. When I had my fuck flu, I took an OraQuick home test and it came back negative. Tested two weeks later and still negative. Waited another two weeks and BOOM, there it was, poz result. I'd say wait at least four weeks from when you had the onset of your fuck flu symptoms before testing again.
  4. Fuckrogerbb, I definitely do FUNCTION much better in a one on one situation but I find the group scene to be so fucking hot that I can't resist going to these events and trying my luck. Seeing these big top studs passing around and breeding hot bottoms that are there living to take loads just is so hot to me, but unfortunately it also seems to be the catalyst of this anxiety I get when there are so many guys around.
  5. Topstud127, I totally agree with you. In fact, there was one time at Cumunion I met a cute little smooth Filipino bottom (just my type) and we started getting really into each other. I took him in the corner and we made out for a bit, he sucked me, I rimmed him and then I started fucking him. All the while I was hard as a rock. As soon as I felt the presence of other guys coming over, watching us, feeling both of us up, distraction started setting in and I started to lose my hard on. I didn't want to be a dick and tell everyone to leave us alone (after all it IS a group event), so instead we took a breather and then we ventured off to another part of the venue that was a bit quieter. I started fucking him again but once again, the crowd started to build around us. The bottom started to sense that the distraction was throwing me off so he looked directly at me (he was riding me) and said things like "it's just you and me" and started engaging me in hot dirty talk to keep my attention only on him and it actually worked. I fucked him for a good long time and blasted a load deep in him, even with the crowd watching and cheering me on to breed him. So I guess you are right, it's all about being engaged with the other person. I just feel like at a lot of those group events, guys that want that deep connected 1-on-1 with another guy is rare and instead, you find a lot of guys that just want to get bent over and loaded ASAP and that seems to be the type of scene where the distraction/anxiety sets in.
  6. Topstud, that's what I want to do- just get out of my head and let it all go. Here are the factors that I THINK prevent me from being able to do that... - As soon as I walk in, I start putting pressure on myself to get hard and fuck. That's all that goes through my mind- get hard and fuck, get hard and fuck. - The sheer number of guys is overwhelming and I have trouble focusing on what's going on where. - I have ADHD (not on meds) so my attention gets diverted everywhere and prohibits me from focusing on one or two things. Thats all I can really think of but that seems to do it for me. I don't know how to overcome those things.
  7. I have tried the blue pill, I still have a bitch of a time staying hard believe it or not.
  8. hungryhole, I am vers but more of a top. If I had it my way I'd be 50/50 because I love both roles, but I'm the kind of guy that when guys see me, they generally see me more as a top. I'm 6'2" 230 lb, a big guy with a meaty thick dick. I get much more action as a top than as a bottom so that is what I go for. Believe me, I wouldn't mind just going and being a slutty bottom, but there are already so many of those guys there, which is one of the things I love about those parties. So many bottoms, so many choices.
  9. You are correct, it does test for antibodies, not the virus itself. Antibodies usually take about 6-8 weeks to become detectable on one of those tests. I think in your case, they would probably be detectable sooner because your immune system is reacting faster and harder to the conversion, hence producing more antibodies. I was fucking other guys up to my testing point. To give you the background of my conversion, the date I suspect I was infected was December 13, 2013. I started feeling the fuck flu symptoms on Christmas Day, so 12 days later. Unlike you, I wasn't chasing and the thought of being infected terrified me. I foolishly went and got one of those OraQuick tests that night, thinking that would give me the answer, and the result was negative. I tested again on January 4 and the test was again negative. I thought I was in the clear by that point. Just to close the book on the whole thing (or so I thought), I tested again on January 16 and that was the test that showed the positive result. So it was actually about 5 weeks where my antibodies were detectable. I think yours will be also.
  10. You don't need to wait 90 days. If you are poz, which I am heavily leaning toward that you are at this point, a test will likely show at 6 weeks. Mine showed right around that time. Doctors say 90 days just to be safe but especially in your case of introducing the virus hard and fast, you will more than likely show at 6 weeks, maybe even 4. If you are really anxious, go to your local CVS and buy the OraQuick home test where you swab your gums and wait 20 minutes for results. Try at 4 weeks and if nothing shows, try again at 6.
  11. I'm gonna second Homo60 on this one and say it more than likely is fuck flu and is occurring so quickly because of the abrupt way you entered his blood into your system through slamming. His VL is 600K, that's no joke, that is toxic blood and you couldn't have exposed yourself to it anymore effectively. Keep in mind, the guideline of 2-4 weeks is generally for people who contract HIV the traditional and more "subtle" way- through sex. A little bit of the virus makes its way into their system from semen most likely into a slight tear in the anus or absorbed through the mucous membranes. Then the virus replicates and replicates and it takes usually at least a couple of weeks before the body realizes what's happening and goes "oh shit, we've got invaders, we gotta fight back," and that's when the fuck flu starts. In your case, slamming directly into a vein, you introduced the virus hard and fast and that likely sped up the process of your symptoms starting. Since you are chasing, I will say congratulations and welcome to the club.
  12. A few months ago, a fuck buddy of mine convinced me to go to Cumunion here in NYC with him for my first time. At first, I was hesitant because I always felt I would be too shy in a large group setting but I said fuck it, what's the worst that could happen, and went with him. That first experience was fucking awesome. I am more of a top, but I'll get on my knees for a dude or bend over and let him ram me if that's where he's headed. When my buddy and I got there, I got instantly hard seeing all these hot naked dudes around sucking and fucking each other and I joined in the action pretty quickly. That night I had bottoms bending over for my dick in almost every direction I turned (not bragging, just reporting lol). By the end of the night, I fucked probably at least 12 guys, gave 3 loads and took 4. It was one of the hottest nights of sex I ever had. And one I never thought I would have. Naturally I have been driven back there several times in the past few months but have since gotten mixed results in my, erm, performance. For whatever reason, my dick getting hard is a struggle now at those parties. I eventually, after a lot of jerking, will get hard but I also tend to go soft very easily, making fucking difficult and stressful when it should be hot and fun. This is not the case when I'm 1 on 1 with a guy, in which case I get hard as a rock. So it baffles me... Why is it that when I go to these parties now, where I'm so mentally aroused by the whole scene, where hot guys will approach me and start feeling me up, even get on their knees or bend over for me... Why is it that I'm struggling to get hard? I feel like even though I'm so aroused, my mind is all over the place and it becomes some weird type of performance anxiety for me. Anyone else have this issue in large group settings? Obviously if you're like me and you can get rock hard when you're alone with one guy, it's not an ED issue. This is some sort of mental block that I'm trying to overcome. I want to just go to these parties, let my mind go, and just fuck my brains out. If anyone else has had this similar issue and can share how they may have overcome it, I'd greatly appreciate your advice. All comments welcome. Thanks.
  13. Me personally, I've given up on craigslist. Yes I have had some good experiences in the past on CL, but the ratio of guys who are full of shit to guys that are real and wanna hook up is too great. I use BBRT as my go-to now for hook ups and I seem to get the best luck on there. Even Grindr lately has been better than Craigslist, though I know Grindr usually gets a bad rap for being full of flakes and bullshitters. I have a Scruff profile but I haven't really set it up or been on there but that might be my next frontier. I would say that if CL is just feeding you bullshit guys, maybe use one of the resources I mentioned above. You might have better luck.
  14. I know it's been said in almost every reply on here, but I'm gonna go with scat. I can't deal with the smell of shit, it's fucking gross. I can manage if a guy is a LITTLE bit dirty, but I once played with this bottom that was partied out of his mind and when I started fucking him, I realized after just a few thrusts that he was extremely dirty. The smell made me gag and I had to end it there. He didn't get a second chance to clean out. It really makes me wonder HOW twisted a guy has to be to be into that.
  15. As a versatile top that tends to top way more than I bottom, I have the opposite issue- I like to get bottoms' attention. Usually in a group setting, like Cumunion, I'll start fucking a bottom and I will fuck him really good deep and hard so he starts moaning loudly. That usually captures the attention from the other bottoms. I have had instances where I do this and when I pull out from the bottom (not having cum yet), I'll notice another bottom will step right up to me and bend over. I'll fuck him for a few and then when I come out of him, another bottom will step up. It's so hot (and a little bit of an ego trip) to have bottoms lining up to take my cock. Usually at these parties, I get in 10+ bottoms and 2 or 3 of them will get my load.

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