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  1. Deleting all my pics but I can't seem to delete the three attachments I have. There's no option I can see to do so, am I missing something obvious?
  2. I got an email notification for the replies, just like this one. I still like the site I just wish it wasn't so restrictive.
  3. None of the staff ever got back to me about this. I spent weeks trying to power my way through all the restrictions here and rank up but pretty much gave up now. Lost interest.
  4. My proper test results came back negative, but I'm on day 13 of this flu now. It is finally fading though.
  5. I've used image size reducers they don't get even close to the limits here.
  6. Deep inside please! But if he wants to cum over my hole well that's hot too. I like to push some out anyway.
  7. Think I'm in a minority here but I still take the cock, although it's nowhere near as good. I will say though that even recently I've had guys tell me they're gonna use a rubber then never actually produce one and load me.
  8. I tested negative at a drop-in clinic on December 13th. I then had a proper blood test taken on December 15th and am awaiting the results. I've also been absolutely floored with the flu since December 17th.
  9. This couple sent me a wink on fab earlier, I thought great, both in my age range, both vers, maybe I'll get a cheeky spit roast out of this. I sent them a message and they'be been online several times since and no reply. I don't get it, why wink me then?!
  10. After years of safe only bottoming, I took a random unplanned load from a local bi guy and my world was upended. It felt leagues better than sex with a condom and that feeling of my cummy hole leaking as I walked back to my car was burned into my brain. It felt so wrong it felt great. I rarely get hard bottoming but in the moment a guy is unloading in my hole I get rock hard. I still take safe cock but I actively seek out raw cock now, and never bring up condoms myself.
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