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  1. Bareswapper

    Kissing; Yes or No No??

    Heavy make-out sessions get me extra hornym I definitely like to probe deep. If there's some snowballing of cum involved, it's even hotter.
  2. Hot profile! Thanks for the follow 

  3. Bareswapper

    Storage Unit for Hookups?

    The first time I ever got fucked was in a storage unit. He was an older, married guy with a nice-sized unit between his legs. He had a rollaway bed in there for hookups. He remains one of the best fucks I ever had.
  4. Bareswapper

    Why do you like bareback?

    When I'm the top, blasting into an ass and feeling the cum spread out away from is so intensely better than feeling it coat my cock inside a rubber. When I'm on the bottom, the feeling of the top sharing everything with me is extremely satisfying. Playing with or expelling the cum in my ass serves to relive the pleasure I had while I was being fucked.
  5. Thanks for following me. I hope to get to ATL some time.

  6. Wow. What a life you've had!
  7. Bareswapper

    I Do Not Want To Pull Out!

    The sensation I feel when I know a cock is shooting deep inside me is the greatest rush. Similarly when I blast off inside someone's ass, it is a feeling of total satisfaction.
  8. Bareswapper

    Strangest place you were fucked?

    Strangest place for me was a jail cell. I had a summer job working as a clerk at the jail. One of the guards gave me a "special" one-on-one tour of an unused cellblock. We stayed fuck buddies for about a year after that.
  9. ☣ Fuckin' Oink~! Pervs like you make visiting BZ Hot. Please keep sharing your pix & adventures with us. Wood love to swap cumholez with you. Wish we are closer. Thanks for the Reps, & following me too. xox

  10. Thanks for following me!

  11. Thanks for following me!

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      Don't forget to snowball some of that cum with me.

    4. evilqueerpig
  12. Thanks for following me. Your bio is very hot!

  13. Thanks for the follow there.

  14. Bareswapper


    I'm greedy. I love felching out of someone else's hole, but feel a little sad when someone takes a load out of my ass.
  15. Bareswapper

    Being called a whore

    Whore, slut, pig, or whatever else you care to call me is great. Give me your cock and give me your load.

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