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The server changes are complete, but I need assistance from (semi-technical) members outside the North America / Europe to figure out if things are working as hoped. If you can help, please follow the steps I've laid out in the Tips & Tricks forum thread. Thanks for your help!


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  1. NiceHard1

    Naked at the Gym

    where are you?
  2. NiceHard1

    AirBnB for Traveling Gays

    I would love to see us post more travel listings on the regional pages here (If that is cool with RT.) Guys often will post when traveling places looking for sex venue advice, but also maybe we could have guest hosting wanted or offered postings there too - with or without sex as part of the offer.
  3. NiceHard1

    how much is too piggy

    Everyone draws his line in the sand at a different place. My ex would never even have casual/anonymous sex - he thinks that alone is risky. My line is certainly much farther out than his, but not as far as yours. Doesn't mean my ex is wrong, or I am wrong or you are wrong. I think how we set the line should be based on the potential for serious harm to ourselves or others. Of course even that may be grey - some would think that barebacking with a poz guy can cause harm. I get concerned about guys who chem and then have difficulty finding the line that they would otherwise have set for themselves if they were not chemed. Try to have a "designated driver" around who can help make sure everyone stays safe - or at least as safe as they are trying to be.
  4. NiceHard1

    Best Sauna in Melbourne

    Wet is pretty nice, and also close to the gay leather bar/hotel - the Laird, which is a fun place to stay and hang out. http://www.wetonwellington.com.au/ http://www.lairdhotel.com/
  5. NiceHard1

    advice for first group fuck

    You've got the physical stuff down, but also a few suggestions for the overall experience: Parties can sometimes be hit or miss. In a place where lots of guys know each other already, some may just flock to who they already know, while others may be interested in the new meat. Get excited about going, relax, and be yourself, and you'll do great. If you go expecting to get 8 loads and don't, you'll leave disappointed; but if you go to be able to get naked and sexy with a bunch of guys and then get even one or two loads, its a great night.
  6. NiceHard1

    Best place to get fucked

    sorry, I couldn't resist!
  7. NiceHard1

    AirBnB for Traveling Gays

    Has anyone checked out: http://www.gay-ville.com/ It looks like a carbon copy of airbnb, only gay. I've looked through it before but not yet tried it out.
  8. I personally like the BBRT feature of entering your zip code as an identifier. Even in a big city like NY, a zip code is a small enough geographic area to "ball park" when looking for someone near you, but not so specific to be an invasion of privacy. The only thing that I don't like about BBRT is that you need to figure out what your zip code is if you are traveling and don't know it. So it might be nice to have a look up feature where someone could type their address, which would not be entered or displayed, but only used to obtain the zip code. Didn't you at one time display member locations on a map on this site? I liked that feature here!
  9. You never really know how you feel about it until it becomes a reality. Yes, it will take some time to adjust, but you will. I recommend learning as much as you can about HIV, if you don't already have a thorough knowledge of it, as its important to come to terms with it and you, as the two of you now will need to live together for a very long time. I recommend reading the three guides from project inform for newly diagnosed people. You can read them online in PDF format, or can order a print version: http://www.projectinform.org/hivhealth/ I think that is really great that you have told regular partners who you know. This is certainly important if you have topped some of them, though even those who top you may be interested in knowing, even though a lower risk to them. As you can see, there is always a wealth of advise and people to talk with here. again, to reiterate, you'll be fine.
  10. Well-said, and great discussion. MSM is the preferred term used by public health and medical fields to identify exactly that - men having sex with men - specifically since many msm do not identify as gay, bi, queer, or any other collective community term. All-male is similarly a good term for an establishment that wants to welcome all men, without regard to how people identify themselves. I find it interesting that all-male can sometimes imply a gay following, or could also be used to imply male but not gay. But regarding the book - I do think that it is really gay men who identify with the term barebacking, as an intentional choice for having sex. Some stigmatize it as wrong, or taboo, while others of us glamorize it; Either way, it is only the gay world that has created the hype around it. I don't think that straight men, even those having sex with other men (without condoms), think about the terminology for what they are doing, as they just consider it the normal way of having sex. I think it highlights the double standard. Look at porn - straight porn does not identify itself as "bareback" or "safer sex" - it just is what it is - and that is usually sans latex. Language is a powerful tool. And it is great to think about how we use it.
  11. I've shared rooms before, and it can become a fun weekend. I'd be open to ideas with one or more
  12. NiceHard1

    Michigan Men and Boys

    Topper - sorry that I had not seen your message to reply then, but if I may offer a comment: I respect and agree with talking about STD screening habits with guys, and having a harm reduction strategy, though I challenge you to consider using different terminology. If you are trying to sero-sort, and prefer only HIV neg guys, please say exactly that. "Clean" and "disease free" can sound offensive to the many HIV poz guys who are on this site. I'm sure that is not your intention to offend, and hope you will consider alternative words to get the same point across.
  13. greetings - found you on here - how's it going?

    Come visit

  14. greetings - how are ya...not too far from you

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