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  1. My mouth and add are open for ANYTHING! I don't wipe, never wear underweAr or socks, and rarely shower

  2. I'm right here in Ruskin 8139907649

  3. No to the shaving ever. There is nothing hotter than a hairy man unshaved as he was made.
  4. I too am older and I have no real preference for age when seeking a playmate. I find that older men usually have more experience and tend to take things slower to make it last. Younger boys tend to bang and go. And for those of you who are older and do not have the drive you once had talk to your doctor it could be low T. I take testerone as well and it has helped tremendously not only in the br but with life in general. You would be suprized on how much it helps
  5. I prefer both men or all men if a group to be completey naked when playing. I like everyone to experience every inch of each others bodies. And everyone has different parts of the body that they like so this gives everyone a chance to go for what they want. Besides when playing it can get messy if you are into ws and cum play like I am so you don't want to get your clothes messed up.
  6. I would absolutely do it regardless of age. There is a market for this and I would love to be part of it. I would also love to direct a hot porn film that is filled with lots of hot men and boys who are willing to do it all and have fun doing it
  7. Love it fresh from the tap and into my ass!

  8. Sex should last all night long fall asleep in each others arms wake up the next morning start all over again
  9. You are absolutely right. I had noticed a lack of energy and asked my doctor if it might be low T. She did the testing and sure enough it was. So I started out with the patch which is very expensive but my insurance covered it. Now once a year I get a vial of Testerone and some needles. Once a month I give myself an injection and it has made a huge difference in how I feel. I have been on this for 3 years now and would not change a thing. BTW the vial of testerone only costs around 50 so even if you don't have insurance most can easily afford it. If you have any of the issues listed don't be afraid to try it. You will be amazed in how much better your life will be.
  10. Golden showers fresh from the tap are the best. Drink it down without spilling a drop then return the favor and piss down his throat. Nothing better than a mans piss right from his hard cock nice and fresh and warm.
  11. I also love to tongue the pee slit on a hot cock especially uncut ones. They are always super sensitive and love that type of action. And if they decide to drop a load in my mouth while I am working that slit so much the better
  12. I have been a fister for a very long time. And I have trained many holes to take a fist. I agree with all those who say trust is key because it is. A bottom has to have complete trust in the guy doing the fisting. You also have to be completely relaxed without chems in order to open up to take a fist. A good experienced fister should be able to safely take you through the process. It may not happen for a couple of times but it will happen and you will enjoy it. Many boys that I have trained that's pretty much all they do now and they have gone on to teach others. You will also want to use a good lube and plenty of it. Make sure the top has no open cuts trimmed nails and no rings on. If you prefer he can always wear a rubber glove. Relax and enjoy
  13. Just relax and enjoy the golden flow. Let him spray you all over your body if possible doing it outside is great you can let it rip. If you don't want to drink it just say so Im sure that will not be a problem.
  14. Why do you think its wrong to tell a guy you want his cum inside of you? Most men are only too willing to dump a load in a hot ass anytime I know I am always ready to do so.

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