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    Auckland NZ
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    Bottom versatile chem pig for raw fucks - bottom for fisting
    Loves groups, chemsex, testing limits & assumptions
    Now I'm poz & not on meds, there is nothing I wouldn't consider
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    Versatile Bottom
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    Tall, average look with above average uncut cock
    I'm a pig looking for raw fucks and fist sessions
    I'm addicted to fists in my arse, enhanced by blowing clouds or slamming
    I became devoted to chems & raw sex in my 40s and I;m trying to make up for lost time - I love to slam
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    Watching shitloads of video filth
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    I love guys who are relaxed about sex & enjoy it as much as I do. Preference is for non-white guys, especially top/vers Asian guys. Ideally sharing loads, anybody's, is a good start. Filthy piggy guys - I have few limits neither should you. Public play with other guys watching is my favourite scene.

    My exhib streak means I like to get naked & lie back so randoms and strangers can see my cunt

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  1. Slammed a couple of points and now desperate to get bred ... under lockdown what's a twisted slut to do!

  2. Haha! That's a twist I never saw coming. Being a filthy bitch runs in the family. Will Timmy's mum spread & hold his ass cheeks wide apart so Grandad can fuck him some more and felch out the load. Or will she offer to make sandwiches & canapes, so Grandad can invite some friends over for a nice brunch/orgy? Thanks for the great fiction, @Slipitupme
  3. Fucking hot story! Thank you, wtvrfzzz! It would be super hot if Alex & Brandon stayed neg but got consumed by the desire to join the Brotherhood, and they beg Michael to give them his gift ?
  4. it's great to see you back, @PartyandBreed, picking up the story of this naive neg guy's corruption into a cum-hungry poz pig cunt. Watching him start his journey to meth addiction and insatiable lust for poz sex is so hot, makes my own cunt want cocks, loads & fists so bad.
  5. https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/fisting-with-cum-after-slut-s-breeding-bbc-amp-slim-twink-40909431 Fisting & breeding. Top finishes by fisting his load deep into those sloppy guts
  6. Great start, thanks! Rape conversion is a fantasy for so many chasers & gifters ?
  7. Thanks for the follow, sexy!

  8. Previously clean-cut and condoms only, he's now a bb fucker for Treasure Island's nasty raw cum pigs and other bareback studios.... it makes me hard to guess how he got corrupted ?
  9. 301 ... I'm surprised it's that high And several of the 10-point activities are still on my to-do list ?
  10. Thursday last week I learnt I am poz

    After 4 years of risky raw sex an anonymous guy has charged me up with toxic cum. Who was it or even when was it? Ni ides.

    And I didn't get to throw a conversion party.

  11. The idea of his brutal black master punching all those loads deeper into that crazy wired destroyed cunt is so hot, I can't stop thinking about it
  12. Thanks for following...

  13. i'd love to dump a load up you I'm in AKL too
  14. The Wingate sauna in Avondale also sees a lot of raw action, especially good if you are looking for a daddy to breed or get bred by.
  15. Hey ... thanks for the follow! xx

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