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    Not Sure, Probably Poz
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    Neg (but not sure) guy looking for bareback fucking. I can dump my cum into you real deep
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    Looking for total pig sex. Love shit fisting and shit barebacking. Love it when the shit is fucked out of a guy

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  1. Fuk'd Party Jan 28

    I will be at the Fuk'd party at Club 120 on Sunday Jan 28. Need to breed a bearded man's hairy hole.
  2. Know chances are slim but if ever in Oklahoma City you can literally fuck the shit out of me repeatedly. Shit fist too. Keep me poppered up and make me Ass 2 Mouth after each round. Repeat as needed. Want as many loads in me no matter if Neg. Poz. Toxic Poz. 

  3. I will be in a Toronto for week from Friday June 23 to Monday June 26. Looking get real piggy at my hotel on Yonge and Wood. Looking for guys into popper fueled shit fucking bareback. I want an ass full of shit so I can fuck it
  4. Shit fucking in Toronto

    I will be in a Toronto for week from Sunday Feb 12 to Saturday Feb 18. Looking get real piggy at my hotel. Looking for guys into shit fucking bareback. I want an ass full of shit so I can fuck it.
  5. Mal 2017

    I will be staying across the street at the Liaison from Friday to Monday. Hope to fuck as many guys as I did last time. I fucked one hot dude from Texas 3 times and he took my loads real deep.
  6. Looking a breed a nice hairy hole. I haven't be tested in over 5 years so probably got the bug. Looking to gift a neg hole. Will be in Philly till Sunday morning staying at the hotel at broad and locust.
  7. Pride

    Will be at Pride - looking to give my load to a willing neg ass. Staying a downtown hotel and can entertain
  8. Hotels For Fucking

    I always like to get a hotel that has windows you can open. Nothing worse than the smells of poppers or in my case, scat lingering in your room for the maid to smell. And try to stay at a hotel that has laundry like a Residence Inn or Homewood Suites. Usually I have to wash the sheets or the towels after the sex that I like.
  9. Crew Club - Parking

    You car park on the street and on the side streets off 14th ave. Not sure if there is a garage around there. BTW it is a pretty active area so your car should be fine.
  10. Best Dc Bathhouse Or Abs

    I have never been to GHC but I did walk there from the No Ma metro station. It is about a 20 min walk. I had planned on going in but the place looked really sketchy. Now that was about 4 years ago so the place might have gotten better. The crew club is pretty good. There is a lot of bb sex going on. But you have to go at the right time. Going late on Friday and Saturday after 11 is good. But you want to get a bigger room and then seem to be gone around 11 at night. The smaller rooms are really small. The last time I was there was in March. I had about 6 guys in my room over the course of the night, but only fucked one of them. BTW don't go early in the evening in the summer, it was really dead from 5 to 9 in the evening once on a Saturday.
  11. Mal 2016

    I will be there giving loads. I fucked 4 guys last year and came deep in their holes. Just booked my room.
  12. Mal 2015 - Who's Going?

    Thanks AlwaysOpen for the preview of the weekend. I really like the idea of the back corner chill room and being able to watch other guys. Plan to bring lots of Viagra. Even at my age I can still cum 2 twice in a row on that stuff especially if it is bareback
  13. Mal 2015 - Who's Going?

    I will be staying at host hotel from Thursday to Monday. Looking for other bears to have nasty sex with.
  14. Bears @ MAL

    I will definitely be there. Got a room for Friday to Tuesday. Looking for some sweaty sex with other hairy guys. Really into kissing especially after eating out a guys hairy hole.
  15. Mal 2014

    I will definitely be there. I getting a room at the Hyatt with a king sized bed. In plan to drop a few loads into guys asses. I am neg so if you want a neg load in your guts just let me know. Really want to try sounding so if anyone is wants to show me how it is done let me know. And if anyone is into scat, really let me know.

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