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    Gay, used to be married, so I know from experience that I prefer men. I like it all, but if I had to choose, I prefer bottom anally. My BF and I both have a strong latex fetish and love to be dressed head to toe in rubber, especially when having sex. We are in a relationship and, although we sometimes like include others when we play, only have bareback sex with each other.
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    I'm pretty open minded but I do want guys that I am going to have sex with to be healthy, clean dress, (bodly and dressing), and some stamina in bed. I'm not as much into a thick cock as I am a long one. I just love love taking it deep, but I would never turn down a guy that I wanted to have sex with because he didn't have a long one. Naturally, the bigger his the better. A little kink and fetish is great too.

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  1. I know what you mean about getting fucked in a public place being exciting. I don't want to actually get caught, but something about the possibility of it makes me excited. I have sucked and been fucked in the car a number of times, but the most public I have ever done it was at the beach. A partner and I took my motorhome to a campground on the coast where there are lots of forest. We both have a huge rubber fetish. In the middle of the night, when the campground was dark and the beach deserted, we took a walk along the edge of the surf. We were wearing full footed, gloved and hoode
  2. There are so many factors that are so hot and horny with different guys, and different scenarios, that the best sex that I ever had is something that is hard to decide. If I had to choose one, it's the one and only time that I got gangbanged, if three guys counts as a gang bang, It was bareback and the thought of all that cum inside me from different guys, and the feeling of a fresh cock sliding up my gaped and sloppy wet hole, was a horny turn on that is hard to put into words! Also, being a Bottom, I'm always ready fo
  3. The first time you take a load up your ass raw is something that you will never forget! It made me feel like such a fag and, for the first time, really and truly totally gay!
  4. I only go bareback with my boyfriend and we have only been having sex with each other since we started doing it raw. I know what you mean about needing a real pounding but, sometime I like those long, slow, full length strokes where I can really feel the length of his shaft as it glides in and out through my tight ring!
  5. @Chez222, What you said about a raw cock feeling so good in you is interesting. I can feel the difference after my boyfriend cums in me, but I don't actually feel his cum as it squirts inside me. Also, I really don't feel anything that different between a raw cock or one with a condom on as I'm being fucked. What is an incredibly horny turn on and fulfilling for me is the psychological part; knowing that there is nothing between his naked cock an
  6. @flexbtm, I think that the guys that fuck and go are in denial or having an identity crisis. They want gay sex but, after they cum, they get embarrassed because they are still trying to hang on to the "Straight" image or what others might think of them. Intellectually, I can understand what they are going through, but I don't feel that way myself. While I don't go around "in your face" flaunting it, I don't go to any great lengths to hide it either. I love being who I am, gay and a Bottom. I wouldn't want to offend anyone that it would bother but, I feel proud that my boyfrien
  7. I have been totally gay for most of my life, but I have had sex with girls as a teen and was married young for a short while. What I have noticed too often is that, in a hetero relationship, guys always want to fuck, but the girl's sex drive seems to magically start to taper off after marriage. When you are gay and have a boyfriend, or steady fuckbuddy, both of you want to fuck all the time. There is no need to wine and dine her, gifts, trying to get her into a romantic mood in hopes she will give you some and no "holding it over your head" to get her way about something. The
  8. I don't know if I have any advice but, if I had your problem, getting used to it and sex not being as good if you got it all the time, would be the least of my worries. I have never had an endless stream of guys waiting to continually fuck me but, I am in my third long term fuckbuddy relationship and I get fucked a lot and often. There is nothing like the first time, especially the first time taking a load bareback, but I'm always just as horny and every time is as good as ever!
  9. newboy1689 , I don't want to catch anything and don't take loads bareback from guys that I don't trust enough to not give me some disease. Luckily, I have a steady fuckbuddy who breeds me all the time. For me, it's not really the real thing if I don't get to take the guy's load up my ass when getting fucked. That being said, I do have fantasies about a forced gang bang. I'm not into bondage, but I don't mind being tied up and fucked if it's something that turns a partner on. I imagine going home with a guy that wanted to fuck me, he puts on a condom and asks me if he can tie m
  10. newboy1689 , I don't want to catch anything and don't take loads bareback from guys that I don't trust enough to not give me some disease. Luckily, I have a steady fuckbuddy who breeds me all the time. For me, it's not really the real thing if I don't get to take the guy's load up my ass when getting fucked. That being said, I do have fantasies about a forced gang bang. I'm not into bondage, but I
  11. @pimpinpreppy, I sure do wish my buddy could stay hard for four hours straight. My cock starts to ache after a couple of hours of a continual erection, but I can take it in the ass for hours if they aren't to thick or too rough. Being almost a total Bottom, staying hard too long isn't usually a problem for me. I can cum and have a "soft break for a while. Unlike some guys I know, I don't lose any desire for a cock in my ass even if I cum and go soft for a while. My problem is the opposite of "too long". I almost always have sex with just my regular fuckbuddy and there is no w
  12. I got a load a couple of hours ago, plugged myself with a butt plug and it's still in me. My boyfriend fucks me a lot and often spends the night on weekends and breeds me as many times as he can get hard enough to stick it in me. This is Saturday night and he has something he has to do in the morning so he is gone and that may be it for a couple of days. As to if I like a long fuck, it depends on the circumstances. To be safe, we are only having sex with each other. if we don't spend the night and I'm not going to be getting some later, then the longer the better. I could practicall
  13. I have had sex with guys that were good in bed but, once they cum, lose interest in sex or maybe want to just get up and leave. I hate it when that happens! Being mostly a Bottom, I can understand it to some degree. I love a cock in my ass even after I cum and can't get hard for a while again. I know it's different for a Top, as far as always being able to keep fucking after he cums. What I can't understand is laying next to a naked guy who turns him on enough that he wanted to fuck him and doesn't want to fool around until his is able to get it up again. My buddy and I
  14. "Cum in me please, don't pull out, breed me deep ." I know that need so well. Physically, I don't know why it matters so much how deep it is as long as it's inside me. My buddy and I fuck all the time. He knows what I want but, I still always tell him to shoot it in me as deep as he can get it. There is something about knowing that his cum is so deep in my body that really turns me on. Also, it all stays in me when he pulls his cock out of my gaped hole so I can slip a butt plug in and keep it all in me.
  15. Oh yes, once you have taken a load up your ass bareback, you almost certainly will be doing it again. The thrill and satisfaction of knowing that you actually have his cum inside your ass makes getting it with a condom never the same again. I don't top very often, but it's the same when I do. Planting my seed in a guy's ass is part of the sex act and what makes it the real thing!
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