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  1. Making out is my #1 favorite thing to do. Just gets me horny to do everything else.
  2. I like to keep it smooth. Being smooth makes getting rimmed, fucked, fisted so much more enjoyable.
  3. These words ring so true for me. I wish I had said them. Not into hyper masculinity; prefer a quiet confidence and nice personality so much!
  4. I recently made a mix using xantham gum and it was excellent. Tried it out on one my regular fisting bottoms and it worked well, he loved it. There was no stringiness like with J-lube, very easy to clean up! It was as slick as j-lube. Wish I had learned about it and done it a long time ago. J-lube on its own is too messy. The mix I created uses a small amount of J-lube, but doesn't create any of the usual issues. I would like to add some clove oil to it but need the emulsifier. Added benefit was that this mix can create such a slick hole that you more easily get noises out of your
  5. This is a great thread guys. I read through all the emails. I've never been to GC, but have always wanted to go and hope when things open back up, I'll finally have a chance. Huge poppers fan here, especially for ffisting play, so that seems like it might be a slight complicating issue. I do have one question that I've always wondered about. When traveling to gay resort locations, what is the situation with douching? How does everyone handle that? bring your own hose/bulb? Thanks!
  6. I enjoy toy play as well as fisting and often times in the same session. When solo, I use toys to stretch and train my hole so that I can take larger fists and take them deeper. That requires training your hole with large toys and plugs on a regular basis. Nothing is a substitute for a fist or dick, of course, but toy play can enhance all your other play sessions as well.
  7. Increasingly, I think of any use of my cunt (either by dick, fist, dildo, getting pegged) as genuinely being fucked. It's not a breeding, of course, unless by a dick, but it is a use of my cunt for the pleasure of a top. So, yes, definitely, a fucking.
  8. I have a very strong foot fetish so much so that I can’t pass a guy in flip flops in the warmer months without staring down to check out his feet. It’s practically debilitating. Here are mine.
  9. The one thing I would add to all the good advice that's already been shared is to act mature and communicate well and respectfully. Remember that you're not talking to a number/age but another person of a certain age that's different than yours. Good communication is very important to me and helps me filter out young guys that I want to play with and young guys that I will pass on. More recently, I've been playing with more younger guys than I thought I would be, guys in their 20's and 30's. For the most part, they've been guys genuinely interested in playing with older guys, and they
  10. [Author's note: I wrote this true account of my first bareback fuck many years ago. At this point, it's been 20 years rather than the 8-9 mentioned in the account. Brian and I continued to play regularly for years after this took place, getting piggier and piggier with each play session. While we are still connected, work, busy schedules, the hunt for new meat has left long gaps in getting together. I always look back at this encounter with the biggest smile on my face. I felt a strong attraction for Brian, and he for me, but it never materialized into more than simply acknowledging it
  11. I think bareback is very addictive, for all good reasons. The first time I was barebacked was so addictive, that I haven't used or been fucked with a condom since. Here's an account of how it happened. [Author's note: I wrote this true account of my first bareback fuck many years ago. At this point, it's been 20 years rather than the 8-9 mentioned in the account. Brian and I continued to play regularly for years after this took place, getting piggier and piggier with each play session. While we are still connected, work, busy schedules, the hunt for new meat has left long gaps in g
  12. [Author's note:  I wrote this true account of my first bareback fuck many years ago.  At this point, it's been 20 years rather than the 8-9 mentioned in the account.  Brian and I continued to play regularly for years after this took place,  getting piggier and piggier with each play session.  While we are still connected, work, busy schedules, the hunt for new meat has left long gaps in getting together.  I always look back at this encounter with the biggest smile on my face.  I felt a strong attraction for Brian, and he for me, but it never materialized into more than simply acknowledging it with each other.  I first posted this to a previous site that @rawTOP was operating and had lost it, to my great regret, but someone this morning, contacted me saying they had read it and provided the link to it, which is here, but you can read the account below.]

    I am sometimes asked how long I've been barebacking and how I first got into it. As a guy who loves sharing stories and hearing other people's stories about their sexual activities and kinks, I am generally very happy to answer the question.

    I've been barebacking for about 8 - 9 years now, since about 2000. My buddy Brian broke my bareback cherry. He wasn't a buddy at the time, just fresh meat, but he has since become a buddy. I was playing online, I think it might have been m4m4sex at the time, and had been just lusting after Brian's profile pic which was a shot of his cock. Brian's cock is about 8" x 6". I actually think that he is thicker than 6". His dick is full round, meaty and veiny. He's got a big set of balls and all of this is attached to a hairy trim, not gym-bound, but trim body. I'm a sucker for big dicks and a sucker for hairy guys. What made it even more appealing was that Brian is actually a very down to earth, smart, nice guy.

    After just ogling his profile pic for months, I worked up the nerve to contact him. I sent him an email through the online system and we started a brief chat. Very early into the chat, Brian let me know that he only barebacked. I told him that I did not and this ended the conversation, politely but it ended. It didn't end my desire for Brian's dick though. Whenever I'd log on to m4m, I would look at his profile pic and frustrate the hell out of myself.

    About 3 weeks later, he and I were online at the same time, and I contacted him once again, thinking that he might have forgotten our previous conversation and I might get a different answer. I was so hopeful he would say he'd fuck me safe. But he didn't, after a few email exchanges, he told me once again that he only fucks bare, and he politely turned me down. I was frustrated even more because in addition to not being able to get his dick, I had been online for hours trying to round something up and not having any luck at all. So, I was massively horny with no possibility of getting fucked in sight. I was bruised a bit by his turning me down again, but there was no way I could possibly blame him because he was so good about it. He told me where he stood and let me make the decision. I couldn't justify getting mad at him.

    Well I let some time pass as I struggled with the question of did I want Brian's dick enough to let him fuck me bareback. I can only describe this as agonizing. I was literally punishing myself, it seemed.

    Some time later, I was back online, as was Brian. I wanted to give it just one more try, which I did, and this time Brian's answer was much sterner. He said, "You've contacted me a few times and I've let you know that I only fuck bareback. When you're ready to get fucked bareback, let me know." He signed off shortly after this message. He was right. He had squarely put the question where it belonged: with me. I had been attempting to make my issue his and he was not going to let me do that.

    The next week, I was home for the day and feeling horny as shit. I had been online for a while and had been doing poppers as well, which I love doing, but the combination had me super horny. When I'm super horny, it's like every nerve ending in my body is screaming for cock, it's all I can think about and it consumes all my time. After having been online for much of the day and had been edging and feeling horny beyond belief, Brian came online and I was obsessed with getting some dick. I kept asking myself do I hit him up again and if I do, it can't be to try to get him to fuck me wrapped, not after his last response to me. Do I deal with my horniness by letting him fuck me bare.

    I sent him an email and said "I'm ready to get fucked bare." That's all the email said.

    Brian sent a quick response, which said nothing more than "What's your address? I can be there in about 20 minutes." I sent him my address, while my hands were trembling on the keyboard. I shut the computer down and got up from my chair. I started to tremble all over and could sense that most of the color was draining from my face. My hands also started to get cold and clammy. I could tell I was incredibly nervous, more so than possibly any other time in my life. BUT I also knew that I wanted to see this through. I paced my apartment waiting for Brian to show up. There was a knock at the door. I opened the door and found a good looking dark-haired and dark-featured man. I let him in and I could immediately tell he knew I was nervous.

    So, he spoke up, realizing perhaps that I was too "stuck" to say much of anything. He said, so where do you want to play? I didn't answer but just led him to the bedroom. Once there, he pretty much took control, I think realizing that he needed to take control if anything was going to happen, but I also realized that he didn't mind stepping up to take control. He unbuckled my jeans, slid me out of my clothes until I was standing naked in front of him, still feeling cold. He started working out of his dress clothes and before long, stepped out of his boxers to reveal his beautiful cock, the thing that led to this entire episode. It was already rock hard, standing at full thick attention, commanding all the attention in the room. Brian gave me a bottle of poppers to hold and told me to get on the bed on all 4's with my shoulders down on the bed, which I did, without realizing that I even did it. I was out of it still, just going through the motions. Brian told me to take a hit of poppers, which were good poppers, fresh. And a wave went over me, easing me up a bit. He got behind me and started eating me out, which he did with a lot of gusto. He had a talented tongue. Periodically, he would tell me to take a hit which I would. He would tell me, after my taking the hit, to push my hole out and then he'd dive back in to eat it some more. In all, he probably ate me out for 20 minutes.

    At this point, he got on his knees behind me, with his dick in his hand and told me to take a deep hit of poppers, so I did. He put his cockhead against my ring and started pushing in gently, all the while telling me to push out. He kept pushing and popped his head in and just kept it there for a short bit. I was scared that he was in but excited as well because I was starting to feel less nervous and recognizing how much I wanted this to be happening. Again, he told me to take a hit and started pushing his dick in. Brian's so thick, he's not easy to take, but I was wet with all his spit and also incredibly loosened up and horny from the poppers. At this point, I knew without his telling me to push my hole out so that his dick could slide in more easily. Finally, he was all the way in, buried to his thick bush. He kept his dick buried in me without moving for about a minute. He told me to take another deep huff and he started to pull out to just to the point of still having his dickhead inside me. He gave me a long stroke all the way down and back up and with the next stroke down he started fucking me mad. It was his ass to fuck, he deserved it. I gave myself over to his mad fucking. He didn't say much more during this time, he could hear me doing poppers on my own without his having to tell me, so he was just going to enjoy my pussy.

    After about 10 minutes of fucking me like this, Brian squirted a load of juice up my ass in about 6 awesome squirts. I remember thinking he didn't even say he was going to cum or even grunt heavily. I realized it's because he didn't want to run the risk of telling me and giving me the chance to somehow pull off of him. He wanted to be sure he could plant his seed deep in my ass. He finally pulled out, started getting dressed, without saying anything to me. I was exhausted. Finally he said, I can see myself out.

    That was my first bareback fuck and I haven't used a rubber since.

  13. I had a top buddy with 10" who would fuck me balls deep. The first few minutes of each session were about finding and getting his dick through that second sphincter/ring/curve. Until we accomplished that, it would be painful because he would be hitting different parts of my rectum until he found that opening. Once he did, I'd relax and he would push through and drive his 10" to his balls. At that point, it was one of the best, best feelings, sheer joy. He would fuck me that way for close to an hour, cumming multiple times. I was soft throughout the fuck because I was so focused on the pl
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