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    Arlington, VA
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    Oral, sucking, 69'ing, mutual rimming, fucking, toys/holework/ffisting, verbal, anonymous, poppers, porn, spit, pits, groups, watching, being watched, felching, some w/s, phone sex, swallowing, taboos, kink, pumping at times
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    Poz, On Meds
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    Versatile Bottom
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    5-10, 165, short black hair, brown eyes, sometimes beard, masculine, pig, poz proud....most often a cum and cock loving pig bottom, on occasion a nasty top, verbal in all situations, grounded, sane, but own up to being a pig
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    Always on the prowl for cock and cum. Tops to use me and other bottoms to bond with. I play well with a range of guys. Open to talking to all. Love hot nasty verbal phone. Friendship/brotherhood/bonds with like-minded men. Have a thing for otters...go figure. Wickr SN = bber2

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  1. Thanks for the follow, pig!

  2. hey piglooking4pigs: very cool profile indeed - and you are so sexy



  3. Thanks for the follow, PIG!

    1. Pozfagsub


      Hot profile stud 😈🐷

    2. piglooking4pigs


      You too, faggot!  Fucking hot that you're not on meds.

  4. Thanks for the follow, pig!!

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    2. piglooking4pigs


      You getting that hot pussy knocked up enough?

    3. POZVersBttm
    4. piglooking4pigs


      Good man, we can welcum you at that point.

  5. Thanks for the follow, pig!

  6. Hot pussy!  Thanks for the follow, pig!!

  7. Thanks for the follow, pig!

  8. Thanks for the follow, PIG!

  9. Hey pig, thanks for the follow!

  10. thanks for the follow, perv!

  11. Add this notch to my belt as of yesterday. Got fucked by a spine surgeon with an 8.5" thick dick, stretched me open, knocking repeatedly onto my second ring. No questions re status at all, and he was emphatic about barebacking from the start of our hookup conversation.
  12. Thanks for the follow, pig!

    1. wm4bm


      Welcome! Would love to bond sometime

  13. Thanks for the follow, pig!

  14. OINK....love sounds



    1. ronnie4u


      WOOF !  Extremely HOT and Delicious !   :)

    2. mjkuhl


      mmm, sounding always makes me cum.  Love it.

  15. Skin and ring....


    1. ronnie4u


      WOOF !  Yummy HOT and Hot memories !   :)

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