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    5-10, 165, short black hair, brown eyes, sometimes beard, masculine, pig, poz proud....most often a cum and cock loving pig bottom, on occasion a nasty top, verbal in all situations, grounded, sane, but own up to being a pig
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    Always on the prowl for cock and cum. Tops to use me and other bottoms to bond with. I play well with a range of guys. Open to talking to all. Love hot nasty verbal phone. Friendship/brotherhood/bonds with like-minded men. Have a thing for otters...go figure. Wickr SN = bber2

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  1. Really happy that you've found a place where you feel comfortable, fit in, and can participate. Getting to that point, finding a place where you can be yourself, and get some sense of affirmation is priceless. Cheers to you and @rawTOP. Plus you've mentioned one of my personal favorites -- Drew Sebastian. Woof!
  2. I'm with @Justaholeff and @DarkroomTaker, very mindful of COVID.....what I bring on myself is one thing; what I bring onto others is a different ballgame altogether. Not risking it. I'll be a whore and slut again when all is over.
  3. Totally with @Brianbttm on this one...best loads from which all you've seen is a cock pic...total opens you up to being a cum dump that takes all loads
  4. Sounds hot! Be hot to make that kind of porn vid.
  5. 100% bareback since my first bareback fuck 20 years ago, no exceptions. I had been condom only up until then, swearing never to give in to barebacking. Adamant about it, in fact. Came across a hot guy online with 8x6" dick that I had to have. On several occasions, I tried getting him to fuck me safe and each time he told me he only fucks bare. I wasn't willing to go there, until one afternoon when I was so crazy horny and no one else was around that I agreed. He broke my bareback cherry, bred me, and I've never used a condom since. All it took was one time and I was hooked.
  6. As a bottom, my most common interaction with a hole is eating it, which I love to do, like for hours. I love them all but recently have noticed I am more aroused by certain types, certain features. I am getting really turned on by a hole with some gape to it and even more so if it has some hot swollen pussy lips to munch on.
  7. Haven't been fucked with a condom in over 20 years. I turn down guys if they want to use a condom!
  8. Hey stud, between sucking dick and getting fucked, my preference is to get fucked. But sucking is something that you really need to be able to do well, so it's important to up your blowjob skills, especially if you plan on doing groups with multiple tops, and even more so if you're the only bottom in the group. A good top is going to claim your available hole, not wait for the traffic cop to tell him when he can go and in which hole. Your holes are there to be used, so that is something to get used to. Find a small dildo to suck on and work down your throat to work on your gag reflex. I'm
  9. Definitely prefer low hangers, and the lower, the better. Love being on all 4's with my balls hanging there; looks so fucking primal, animal. And love the feeling of a top with low hangers slapping his sack against my hole as he tears into me. Fuck yes! 😈😈
  10. Berlin for sure as you can find guys into just about anything and plenty of them. Had a trip to Amsterdam in May had to be postponed but I plan to reschedule for some hot nonstop fucking. Also Barcelona, guys are hot and piggy!
  11. Way too much to choose from! Love the feeling of being a slut, providing service that guys need. Love being on all 4s with my ass in the air and being mounted from behind as if I'm nothing more than a hole to use. Love the pop of the head going in and the spread of my pussy as the cock goes balls deep. Love the cum. Love providing ATM. OINK..there's a lot to like about getting fucked.
  12. This seems to be happening a bit more than in the past as more people come to view sex work as a way of earning a living, which may be legitimate. At the same time as asking to pay for the cab ride, I think it's totally legitimate to ask to be reimbursed for use of your space, utilities, and other expenses related to making your space available to play in. After all, it's overhead and a legitimate factor in the exchange. I wonder what the reaction to that would be and how that might impact the conversation over payment.
  13. Over the last couple of years, one of the changes that I am most happy with is that I have totally stopped caring about who fucks me. This was one of the last hurdles for becoming a total cumwhore. I used to turn down guys that were much older or out of shape, until I realized how much enthusiasm, gratitude and cum they would bring to the fuck session. And almost all of them tops. Have done several guys in their 70s who have been so grateful for the session that I often get several loads out of each of them. Score! Same with out of shape guys. They almost assume you're going to turn th
  14. This really proves the point for some of us sluts -- that we really respond well to those tops who know that we are sluts and treat us that way, no matter what they may look like. It's the openness and honesty, and how easily we can be identified as sluts. Your top knew exactly what to say to you to overcome any hesitation you might have had about his weight. And that he used you twice indicates he really knew you were all about the fucking and breeding!
  15. Hairy or smooth doesn't matter, but I love a gaping hole with a hot pair of puffy pussy lips that are screaming to be chewed on. A gape is so hot though -- a nice round opening that invites you to push your dick in. Heaven. A lot of tops that I connect with want it loose rather than tight. It used to be the other way around, where tops wanted a nice tight cunt to milk them, and it was a status symbol for bottoms who could milk a cock well, but not anymore. What caused that change, I wonder?
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