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  1. The question was put to tops, but I notice that more bottoms than tops seem to have answered, so I'll add my thoughts. I live in the Washington, DC area and, with more bottoms than tops in the area, the search for tops has gotten "competitive" (I suspect this might be true in other places and would be interested in hearing from others about their own local experiences), so I try to thank my tops before, during, and after taking their seed. I always thank them! (Some others responding feel that the fuck alone might be thanks enough, but I like to verbally thank them) I always provide ATM. (I didn't always do this, but now with the popularity of ATM, a breeding is not complete, without ATM) Always be fuck ready Always make yourself available when HE needs a fuck. (This is a "before" thank you. Nothing says I'm here to service you more than making your cunt available when HE needs to get off.) Give HIM what HE needs in a fuck, not what you need. (This is a "during" thank you. And, a great way to say this cunt is here to service you. Some of my tops want to fist or give me a piss enema when they're done. Best thing you can do is oblige.) Be an enthusiastic, grateful bottom (a "during" thank you. Give him positive feedback on the fuck as it's happening.) Give any referrals HE makes as happy as possible. (Nothing will say thank you as much as the feedback HE gets from HIS peer tops about what a good cunt bottom HE is referring out.) Don't be a whiny bottom. Deliver on what you said you were going to deliver. (I have a 10" top who keeps cumming back to fuck me. That's because I can accommodate his 10" relatively easily. HE wants to get to fucking, not the working of getting HIS dick into your cunt.)
  2. I like taking loads from as many different guys as possible, but also value having regular buds, for those times that I can't find new meat, regulars are good for keeping my cunt loaded. I like getting variety because I get very turned on by the thought of all that different DNA getting mixed up with mine. I have been getting turned on recently by taking cum from guys of different ethnicities. I like challenging myself to find breeders from different ethnic groups and fantasizing about all that DNA that's getting bred into me.
  3. Thanks for following, pig!

    1. hunting4anon33


      Pardon the late response - my fuckin' pleasure, pig stud. 

  4. @AirmaxAndy Thanks for starting up the thread on this good topic. I am in the Washington, DC area and have noticed something similar to what you're experiencing and some of the comments others have made. I agree with @bbzh that the parties are being listed in other venues or being organized in other more spontaneous ways. Here in DC, the parties do not tend to be all that good as so many guys don't follow through with attending. I notice that some parties have people listed as attending who live in far-flung locations. Mind you, they may be traveling into town, but many are not. I also notice guys signed up for more than one party taking place at the same time. I think the parties feature could be better if guys were more honest about their ability to attend. It would also be incredibly nice at this point if BBRT were to upgrade some of their features or build in some new ones. The site has been the same for so long.
  5. I have a moderately hairy pussy that I have left natural for much of my life. (I have been shaving my balls for quite some time.) I am generally more turned on by hairy men, so I took this to mean that I would also prefer it on myself. Within the last year, at the suggestion of a good slut bottom buddy of mine, I shaved my hole not expecting to like it very much, but thinking "oh wtf..go ahead and give it a try". I actually surprised myself. I like it a lot and am getting some positive reactions from tops. I love the feeling of running my fingers along and really feeling all the skin surface that is available now. The rim jobs are more pleasurable as I can feel the top's tongue much better. And, some of my fisting tops have said it looks and feels much nicer. So for the time being, I am going to keep shaving it.
  6. The weirdest fetish that I came across was a bottom asking me to fuck him but pretending to be a giant. He had a fetish for giants. Might have something to do with size disparity, but there seemed to be more to it. Didn't know how I could help him out with that, so we didn't connect.
  7. I'd be curious to know, too, as I was thinking of a trip up that way, oddly enough, for the same reason. hehe
  8. @RawTop ... great question and great thread. I'm a slut by your definition, but not in a relationship right now. I think a slut can be in a meaningful relationship, but this can probably only be done by a few guys, as it requires a special set of skills, such as communication, honesty, and intentionally creating the space in your relationship for each partner to live his life to the fullest extent that he wants for himself. Personally, I feel closer to a partner who is living his life honestly and in the way that makes most sense to him within the guidelines of whatever we have decided and agreed to together. If each has agreed to the guidelines, then each can be held accountable for trying to stay within them. I'm a slut and appreciate that men are sexual creatures and sex is one pathway for us to explore in order to understand ourselves more fully. Trying to suppress or deny this natural desire, to the extent some of us need it (in my case several times a week), will eliminate the possibility of making such a relationship successful. My two cents....
  9. Thanks for the follow, hot phukhole!

    1. phukhole


      Thanks!  Yours too!  I'll be in your neck of the woods next week for work, but I'll be looking for fun too.  Love to eat a cummy hole as much as get mine bred....

  10. If you're ever in the DC area stud, HMU...wanna take that poz tattooed fat cock of yours!

  11. Thanks for the follow, hot pig!!


  12. I have a new 10" BBC buddy who cums a minimum of 6 times when fucking me. He's about 6'3" tall, lanky build, thin frame, and a huge cock that rests comfortably on a pair of medium sized nuts. Because of his size, he needs to get deep past my second ring in order to fuck me. He fucks me on all 4s and on my left side with my leg high in the air coming in from behind me. We spend the first few minutes with me poppering up and working to get his dick lodged deep into my gut past my second ring. Once in there, he goes to town, starting off with slow circling strokes to open and widen my cunt and to loosen up my second ring. Then he starts pounding and doesn't stop for an hour or so. He cums every couple of minutes. First time he fucked me, when he pulled out I realized I had been flooded with his juice. His loads were buried in so deep, I had no concern about them leaking out. I knew I was going to be carrying these loads around for a while! :-) For the time he's fucking me, I'm basically his fuck doll. He presents as fairly innocent at first, but the second time we hooked up, he was lying back, legs spread, with me between his long thin legs, worshipping his dick to full hardness, when he asked me "so after I fucked you the first time, how long did you keep the loads in for?" Bam, knew it: pig! He had fucked me on a Sunday and I didn't lose the loads until Tuesday, which I told him and his face lit up with a wide smile.
  13. Their failure to deliver you a load has nothing to do with you, sausalito, although, as a fellow cumloving bottom, I understand your frustration. Some guys can't seem to cum from a blowjob although they love the feeling of getting one.
  14. The range of answers is interesting. I have for quite some time, called my hole a pussy or cunt. In fact, I find the word "hole" demeaning and a turn-off, as much as some men find the words "pussy" or "cunt" a turn-off. I do not find the terms feminizing at all, but, quite the opposite, masculine in that I feel I'm taking ownership of my love to use my body to service top guys and be a cum receptacle. The words are incredibly eroticizing to me; when a top uses those terms as well, it just heightens my desire to service him. Plus, I feel he understands me much more.
  15. I love ARMPITS...always have. The smell of my own intoxicate me and get me rock hard. I could smell them for days turning my head from side to side to sniff my hot fucking natural smelling pits. Like to share them with others as well. Have been on my back with guys plowing me leaning forward to sniff my pits.

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