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  1. Lovecraft used to be my favorite place to "play" when I lived in MD. A young, slim, horny black top and I shared a booth there. Damn was that hot.
  2. Who took your virginity and at what age? Where you tricked into it or did you initiate it?
  3. Wow. Kind of surprised at the number of bottoms who prefer older tops. I have always preferred a horny younger cut top. Also prefer sucking a guy who is 18-29. So if you are young and horny visiting Hawaii, let me know.
  4. In school, did someone ever approach you saying, "I heard you sucked cock, can you do me too"?
  5. In high school, did you ever hear about a guy who had sucked someone's cock and approached him to suck yours?
  6. Did your dad, brother or friend ever share the fact that you had sucked their cock and expected you to do the same?
  7. At what age did you first suck a cock and how did the other guy know you were up for doing it?
  8. There was a college theater that had stairs to a balcony. No door to the stairs and people were walking about the lower level. A horny guy took me to the stairs, turned me towards the wall and pulled down my pants and fucked me right there. We could hear people walking around and talking. Any one could have elected to simply walk up the stairs and see us fucking. I was so nervous but the college student was such a stud. Afterwards, he pulled out and said, "wow, I can't believe we just did that" and walked away with me still bend over with my pants around my ankles thinking, "wow, I can't belie
  9. I wish there were more horny younger tops here in Hawaii. A couple horny tourist were fun. :-).
  10. Some have recommended using an empty popper bottle - cut a 'cotton ball' in half - and push into the bottle. Then use an eye dropper to add some poppers from my full bottle. Is the hit still feel the same when not taking it directly from the bottle? By the way, does any one order there poppers online? If so, what site do you prefer?
  11. When in middle or high school did you ever get approached by a straight guy to suck his cock? How did he know you would be up for it? A very hung guy in the high school asked me in the shower if I wanted to give him head. I was worried someone would come in and said no. To this day, I regret not saying yes. :-).
  12. A young horny 20 year old guy with an awesome cut cock contacted me on grindr. I ended up going to his place and sucking his cock. When his parents are out, he now contacts me and simply texts, "Can you come suck my cock". I have yet to say no. We don't talk. I arrive and let myself in. He is always naked laying on his bed with a stiff cock ready to be sucked. After swallowing his load, I leave and wait until he texts again, "Can you come suck my cock". Has anyone else had a similar experience where you were essentially "on call" for a horny young guy?
  13. Another guy wrote, "He shared the news with a couple of his friends and I soon had three cocks to service!" Did anyone you sucked share the information with his friends who subsequently approached you for a blow job?
  14. Another guy wrote, "...he would get on phone lines and let other guys listen to me gag on his dick." That made wonder if this has ever happened to you? Or while getting sucked, did you ever answer the phone and have a conversations while someone continued to suck on your cock?
  15. You took Parker James BBC like a champ. Fucking nice. :-).
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