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Found 7 results

  1. I have a crush on J, friend's bf for awhile. He show the interest sometimes like when we were dancing at the bar, he will pull me closer to him when the light was dimmed, sometimes he licked my neck or pushed his hard cock on my back. Few times i grabbed his cock, but nothing happened between us except i started to have fantasy to have sex with him and the feeling is getting stronger over time. Last weekend 7 of us spent the holiday together at a cabin. First night, we got wasted by 8pm, lounging on the sofa, some fell asleep on the floor. I was next to J, first time being so close to him, and he smiled and his eyes opened slowly "hey, did you have fun?". i nodded and he leaned forward to kiss my lips n we kissed briefly and he said "dont lock your door" and he took his bf to the room. I went back to my room, cleaned up and waited naked in my bed. The door opened, he got under the sheet, we started making out and very soon his cock head at my hole rubbing and teasing it with his precum. momentarily, i felt like a slut seducing someone's bf, i held still letting him play with my hole, we both breath heavilly as he penetrated the head in my hole and just rubbed the tight hole with the head, i was melting in his arms letting him to take control. Deep grinding his uncut cock made me feel so good that I wanted more and I blurted "fuck me". he bit my ear and whispered "are you sure?" and his pace increased, pounding me very hard and he slowed when he felt my ass clenching on his cock and knew i came. he reached down to scoop the cum and put it in his mouth. We snowballing, the taste of the cum in his mouth and his cock deep grinding me slowly made stay hard. He let his tongue in my mouth, suck it gently and didnt wanna let go, and soon he flipped me under him and with few hard pounding, he bred my ass. The following nights, he will make his bf drink till he passed out so that he can sneak into my room and pretty much fuck every night when we were there. we both agree the sex was great between us and we continue to have an affair.
  2. Doing A Friend A Favour

    I'm a Good Friend (TM)! Last night I was sharing a bottle of wine with a friend - just a regular friend, no funny business! - and after he mentioned he's had rather a long drought I joked that I'd sort him out! And no, I didn't really mean it; it's not that sort of friendship at all, but... Well; he - also jokingly - said he'd take me up on the offer. Well, You know how it goes... The joke got a bit out of hand and before I knew it he - still jokingly - groped my crotch and said "give it to me". I think he was somewhat surprised when I had an instantaneous "reaction" to this... Surprised, but perhaps not unpleasantly... He didn't remove his hand, at any rate, and... Well... One thing leads to another, doesn't it? So he moved off the couch to the floor in front of me and started unpacking my cock and then proceeded to suck it. It seemed rude to stop him, so I let him go to town on my cock... I'm normally around 99.9% bottom, but I do admit I have a perfectly adequate cock of about 7 inches, so you know... I had the required tool at hand, and he was quite pleased with how it grew in his mouth. At least that was the impression I got when he started taking off his clothes while still sucking me. He got up and led me to his bedroom, him completely naked and me fully clothed with my cock hanging out. Well, not really "hanging"... He sat down on his bed and wanted to suck me some more, but if I'm going to top a guy once in a blue moon I'm damned well going to TOP him! So I pushed him down on his back, ordered him to turn around so his head was hanging over the side of the bed, and then I started fucking his mouth while I undid my shirt. I had no clue what sort of sex he was into, so I didn't know if that'd be too rough for him - but when my cock began entering his throat it definitely seemed like he was moaning with pleasure. Either that or he was struggling to breathe. Or a mix of the two... When I pulled out to take of the rest of my clothes his face was read and his eyes were puffy and teary - but he had a big smile on his face, so it seemed I had assessed the situation correctly! He quickly flipped around on the bed and presented his arse to me... Well, what would be the friendly thing to do? Especially after he had taken my cock down his throat so well? So I spread his cheeks and began rimming him! He was moaning and pushing his arse back against my face, and I did my best to get his hole slick and wet with my spit. Ready for a good, solid fucking! It worked, of course, and eventually he was begging for me to fuck him! What would be the friendly thing to do? Sadly, when I got up to align my cock with his hole, he told me the lube and condoms were in the drawer of the bedside table... DAMMIT! I teased him a bit with the head of my cock, and he definitely got what I was trying to tempt him into, so he told me directly to put on a condom and lube up. *sigh* But still, there was a nice, willing arse in front of me, so I put on the damned condom, smothered my cock nd his hole with lube and then I rammed hard into him. If I couldn't take him raw, at least I could take him hard - and from the throat-fucking I assumed he wasn't too worried about taking cock hard and deep. So I thrust into him hard, fast and deep from every possible angle I could until he finally began moaning and shot his load on the bed under him. He asked me to pull out, but I was SO CLOSE, so I grabbed his hips firmly and gave a few final thrusts before I shot my load. I pulled out, carefully removed the condom and tied a knot on it - and hid it in my jeans pocket while he was still panting on the bed with his face buried in the mattress... I then wrapped the empty condom wrapper in a bit of tissue so it looked like the condom was ready to be thrown in the bin. I might not have been allowed to shoot in him, but I wasn't going to waste that load! ... And in a few hours I'll empty the condom into my own ass, using my own cum to lube me up for the cock that will breed me this afternoon!
  3. Adding Me As A Friend

    I'm flattered by guys on here who want to add me as a friend. But please know that if you add me as a friend, I assume I get to shoot my load into your unprotected ass. Deal?
  4. Kenny and I had been friends for years, since college. I had matured but he still loved to get high or drunk at parties while I liked to have a drink or beer or two and then drink soda and sample the hors-devours at parties. The problem as the years wore on was he'd end up so loaded he'd pass out. In the decade since finishing college and trade school we had gained weight, going from 190-200 to about 250 for me and 270 for him. We were both Tops and respected each other not to try to put our dicks in each other. We took our pleasure together by spit-roasting bottoms and versatiles and taking turns fucking and getting sucked off by them. We also enjoyed getting rimmed, using the mouths, faces and hair of bottoms and versatiles for a bukakke target and urinal and getting our often sweaty feet orally serviced. Some of the parties he liked to attend were boring to me. The loud music, some of which was merely annoying noise, the smoke of cigarettes and various illegal stuff, the uncontrolled pissing, vomiting and passing out of some guests as the party progressed, the loaded/high guys (and women at the bisexual parties) trying to hit on me, other goings-on and having to step over or around used condoms, spikes and other waste on the floor irritated instead of entertained me. The only real reason I went was to keep him from driving there and then driving home intoxicated, especially after two drunk driving convictions and the early morning he clipped a parked garbage truck. Having to take a day off from work to bail his ass out and then drive him to court for his arraignment and trial took its toll on me. I had considered parting ways but when he was sober he was a great sex buddy sharing bottoms and versatiles for our mutual fun. The worst part of those parties was trying to get Kenny to his feet and into the car for the trip home, then getting him on his feet for the walk up to our second floor apartment. The joke was that Kenny was still neg but I had been pozzed by a poz cocksucker who had raked me with his teeth while I myself had been drunk. The virus from poz sperms of the previous guy he'd sucked off and in his own saliva had entered me through the cuts and abrasions he'd put to my dick. One typical night at a nude sex party Kenny was having his fun. We had each let a good cocksucker blow our three-and-a-half decades old cocks shortly after arriving. My sexual needs were satiated and I pondered if the cocksucker was poz or not and if his mouth had any sores, etc. that would allow the passage of my virus into his bloodstream. A couple of hours passed and I had found a fellow designated driver so we had a nice conversation about various subjects including the topic of HIV and AIDS. A couple more hours passed quickly due to our enjoyable conversation. I had to take a piss so I went to the bathroom. The main one was occupied by someone taking a shit and someone pissing in the sink. The master bath was occupied by someone vomiting in the john and two couples having sex. By then I needed to piss bad. The tub and the shower stall were occupied by fuckers but the two sinks were free. I pissed in one, ran the tap a few seconds to rinse it out and then went looking for Kenny. After looking all over the place I asked if anyone had seen Kenny. The host, an older man who was poz, told me he might be in one of the bedrooms. I had checked the master bedroom when I went to the master bath so I checked the other four bedrooms. I found Kenny, still nude, laying face down on a mattress on the floor. I checked him. He was dead to the world, his steady breathing the only sign of life. I pushed on him but he didnt wake. Once again he had drank too much or nearly O.D.ed on whatever dope he had brought or was available. I stood there and then decided to lay beside him since the sheet over the rubber sheet looked clean in the dim light coming through the window curtain and a night light plugged into a wall outlet. I lay on my back and was about to drift off to sleep dreading having to once again ask for help getting him out to the car and then wrestling with his 270 pounds up the stairs to our second floor apartment by myself. I was feeling a bit of anger and got up. I then saw a tube of what looked like lube laying on a nightstand. I stepped over to it and saw that it was a popular brand of lube. I looked at Kenny's bare butt and my dick started hardening. I decided then and there Kenny would finally pay for his lack of control of his drinking and dope habits and I'd finally have a piece of his just about virgin ass. I was horny, my dick finished hardening and starting to ooze precum, his ass was more than just available, seemingly begging to get fucked and I wanted to have fun punishing him by getting a poz load off up his ass which I had coveted for several years, especially because there was the chance someone would come in and beat me to it if I crashed next to him or left the room. Because I was poz and enjoyed gift-giving and he was still neg I'd double my fun and the great feeling of ejaculation, not to mention how sore he'd be the next day because he had been fucked only once, back when we were 18 or 19. I was surprised nobody else was crashing in the room since there was another bed besides this mattress on the floor. I decided it was high time to punish Kenny by taking advantage of his naked and passed-out vulnerability as well as fulfill my longtime desire for a piece of his ass. I first spread his legs. He was still so konked out he didnt move, it was like dragging two padded logs apart. I picked up the lube, unscrewed the cap and squirted some into my hand. I replaced the cap, put the lube back where I found it and smeared most on my dickhead, some on the rest of my shaft and the rest on his hole. He still didnt move at all, not even his hole doing much other than seeming to tighten just a little. I spat on his hole to add just a bit more lubrication and took my position between his spread legs to mount him. I put my cut dickhead to his hole and began penetrating him. He seemed to be fighting it by tightening his sphincter but not consciously. I forced my glans past his sphincters all the way into his ass. He was so out of it that he hardly flinched. Had he been conscious he would have screamed from the pain of getting penetrated and thrown me off before I was halfway in. Once hilted which I accomplished by pulling out a little and shoving it in again, I lay on his back feeling the warmth from him and the nice warm snug tightness of his hole around my weapon. I flexed my love-muscle inside him and then began fucking him. I assumed his tight hole to be virgin because he was as much a Top as I was and that while he may have tried getting fucked when he first came out, same as I had, he didnt like it any more than I did. I liked breaking anal cherries, putting pain to them for my pleasure, before I got pozzed, and after getting pozzed I discovered how much I Iiked pozzing neg holes. But most of all was the combined thrill and fun of breaking a cherry as my dick split parts of the walls of his rectum apart inside from my thrusting in to facilitate easy entry of my dangerous virus into his bloodstream and pumping my pozz sperms into it. I fucked him good, enjoying how good his tight virgin hole felt around my hard horny dick and knowing how each thrust was ripping more fissures in his rectal walls. I fucked his ass as fast as possible, corkscrewed my hips a few times and then angled my dick a different angle with each trust for half a dozen thrusts to further tear his rectum. Once I was satisfied that he was bleeding inside I settled into piston-thrusting in order to reach orgasm and inject my dirty virus into him. Even after my vicious assault his cunt was still nice and tight making for a great piece of ass. He was still out cold, dead to the world. My pre-ejaculatory urge came and I let my loins take over to pound him faster and harder, my pelvis sometimes slapping his ass, and then I felt and enjoyed that magic moment of my dick exploding in ecstasy firing my deadly bullets of virus-laden cum in his torn rectum. I pulled almost out and slammed it home a number of times shooting-off spurt after great-feeling spurt in his ravaged hole until my balls were empty. I lay on his back, lazily thrusting my dick to further force more of my virus into his bloodstream, enjoying how great it still felt in his ass. He barely stirred and was still so out of it that he likely still didnt know he'd been fucked and fucked good. I wanted to go to sleep on and in him til daylight but the circumstances prevented it. I did remain on and in him for a little while before pulling out and dismounting, my long-awaited mission accomplished. I left the room and looked for someone who would be high enough to suck my dick clean. I found a semi-scuzzy looking cocksucker who was up to the task. I had him suck for about ten minutes partly because he was good at making a man's dick feel good in his mouth and I had the possibility of getting a third load off. I was turned on from fucking and pozzing Kenny that I did shoot off a load in the cocksucker's mouth. He swallowed it and kissed my heroic dick. I was satiated and decided to go rejoin Kenny who was still out cold. I lay beside him and replayed in my mind how utterly fantastic my dick felt shooting my deadly jizz up his defenseless ass and dozed off dreaming of picking up a twenty-something twink to bust his ass cherry and pozz it. We both awoke as the first rays of sun filtered through the curtain. Danny our host was standing at the foot of the matteress and a couple more guys were on the bed across the room, one waking up, the other still asleep. "Good morning Dan." I said, feeling chipper. Dan replied, "Good morning." and asked if I needed help with Kenny who was groggily waking up still in a stupor. I said, "I can use it, looks like he needs lots of coffee if we're gonna get him to the car and then up the stairs." "The pot's on its second load. Help yourselves." Dan replied. We went to the kitchen where the last party goers were drinking their java and discussing the fun and bullshit that went on throughout the night. I poured myself a cup and took one to Kenny who was sitting up with a pained look on his face. "Was I fucked?" he asked, his speech slurred. I told him I had no idea. He was conscious enough to take the coffee cup in both hands and sip it, then drank some. He handed the cup back and said he had to go to the john. I helped him up and led him to the bathroom, lowered the toilet seat and sat his ass on it. He began to empty his bladder and ass into the bowl as he seemed to wobble. I had to help steady him as he wiped his ass. There was blood and traces of my spunk as well as the usual shit on it. As he flushed the john he began to heave. I directed him to the sink where he vomited some foul smelling puke. I let him puke until he was dry and turned on the water to wash it down the drain. Next step was more coffee and once I was assured he could keep it down Dan and another couple of guys helped me get him dressed and into the car. By the time we got home he was able to climb the stairs. I stripped him and saw blood on his undershorts. I had bought some adult diapers months ago for when he was too drunk to make the bathroom. I put one on him, let him puke in the sink and then settled him into his bed. By then he was whining about his hangover. I said nothing, having gone through the same bullshit from him several times before. By the afternoon he was feeling better, had a late lunch and was feeling even better. I checked his diaper. It had piss in front and some blood in back. I smiled to myself knowing how mighty my dick was and that he soon would suffer the flu in two or three weeks and then join me on the lifelong med regimen. He recovered from his hangover a day later and was sober and fit enough to go to work by Monday. Fortunately he confined his dope and drinking to those parties and a weekend beer if someone was going to blow him or drink his piss. He never knew what happened other than seeing the blood when he wiped his ass after taking a shit that day after I had my pleasure brutally thrusting in his nice tight ass. He may have suspected something but his hangover seemed to overshadow the pain in his ass which likely subsided by the time his hangover ebbed that afternoon. I could have fucked him even harder the way a large bear brutally drilled a child molester a new asshole in the tank at the county jail. The nice thing was back then rape laws didnt cover same-sex action unless an effeminate male raped or fucked a masculine man and in fact had he reported getting raped he would have been busted for being on the receiving end of sodomy. Being the Top wasnt a crime in that state but taking "the woman's part" was. Had he been effeminate he would have also been considered to be soliciting a dick for his ass or mouth. About three weeks later the AIDS flu hit him like a ton of bricks. He said he felt like he had been used as a heavy bag at a boxing gym. I got him to my doctor who was familiar with HIV and AIDS. The doctor ran the tests and the results came back positive. I had knocked him up just as I knew I would. Fortunately I wore loose jeans when we went to the doctor's because my dick hardened in my pants when the doctor gave us the news. Kenny's sad tears of defeat juxtaposed with my hidden sexual excitement and feelings of accomplishment. We had to comfort him and explain to him that it wasnt all that bad, mainly because he had known about me from the start of my AIDS flu and subsequent meds regimen and the precautions I had to take both for my health and to keep from un-intentionally knocking-up a neg hole. He seemed to realize that he had been impregnated at that last party. The great thing was that he finally curtailed his out of control binging on drugs and alcohol even though it was too late because his behavior had finally caught up with him. If I hadnt pozzed him someone else would have done it later on down the line. Although I would have liked to make him my bitch I knew he wouldnt go for it. He took his meds on schedule with a little help from my prodding. For a while he barebacked poz guys and rubbered-up for the neg assholes. A few short months he experienced the thrill of pozzing a neg ass.
  5. Craig and I had been friends since high school, class of 1980. We discovered gay sex our first year in college and quickly discovered our roles. From the start, I was strictly a top, whereas Craig was versatile. Since high school I gained just a little weight, upgrading from 170 to 200. I had also grown a good beard. I liked to masturbate a lot so I had also taken to keeping my nails bitten to the nubs. My cut dick was somewhere between seven and eight inches, with corresponding thickness. I liked to fuck tight asses as well as face-fuck the cocksuckers. I had tried using condoms but just couldn't get the feeling I needed in order to get my rocks off. Over the decade Craig went from about 200 to almost 300 pounds. He had a small, cut dick which measured about five inches, but he also got super hard, so he really enjoyed breaking anal cherries, as well as getting sucked off. I was pretty much an exclusive barebacker, and in fact, the only time I nutted wearing a condom was when I fucked one asshole using Bengay for lube, which, I found caused his ass to flex around my dick while I fucked him as he tried to escape the abject pain. Looking back it may have been one of the fucks I most enjoyed, maybe ranking with my all-time favorite fuck, which was the time I took Craig's anal cherry. Back in 1990 I was working in a small factory, but Craig, who I still occasionally fucked, had taken vocational courses in college and then went to trade school, and several jobs later was working in a junkyard. I was pozzed about this time when, having gone on a month-long vacation, during which time I went to visit family out west, and ended-up at a bar which led to my attending a sex party. When I awoke the next morning I had a hangover and a sore ass. I remembered someone handing me a beer, which I had only partially consumed, but honestly I don't remember much more of that night. Even so, life went on for a few weeks until I found myself feeling as if I had lost a fight with a gorilla. I went to see my doctor who ran a few tests, and eventually told me I was poz. I called Craig, who I hadn't seen, and, of course, with whom I hadn't fucked since the week before going on vacation and told him the bad news. "Looks like our sex life is over unless you want to get pozzed." "Things will be okay," he replied, and suggested I take things easy. I also called my boss who seemed understanding, probably because he himself was bi. I spent the next two months recovering from the fuck flu, and eventually, after a long hiatus, I finally felt like masturbating. It had been perhaps two months since I had last cum, and I readily shot my first poz load off into a bathroom sink. It felt good to get my rocks off, and I found myself thinking of the first blow job I had ever received, which, as it was, had been given by Craig, who had also been my first piece of ass. I found myself remembering the pleasure I experienced when my dick broke his anal cherry, even as he writhed in pain. Fair was fair, however: he had fucked me first so he had been obligated to let me fuck him. A couple of weeks later I persuaded him to let me fuck him again and that time he came from getting fucked, so he was hooked. Our sex life became a rich mixture of getting my rocks off in his ass and mouth, me jacking him off and us putting our meat and cum to others. After I fully recovered from the fuck flu, I returned to work, and I could see I had been missed. Although my boss had hired a couple of temp guys, none of them could match my performance. A couple of weeks later Craig and I got together, and he confided he longed to fool around with me. Sure enough, he ended-up giving me a blow job, and I jacked him off. It felt good to use his talented mouth, get my rocks off in it and feel him swallow my cum with my cock in his mouth. I was on the crude drug cocktails and pondered if, by blowing me, Craig would likely end-up converting, especially since back in the mid-80s Craig had told me that if he ever got pozzed he'd want me to do it. I should explain that back then Craig and I were more or less monogamous. My dick was usually the only one up his ass, save for the dicks of a couple of friends of mine when we were still college where Craig occasionally played around with other guys, usually sucking them off, and I occasionally fucked other guys or had them suck me off. Craig and I also occasionally had oral sex, and I tried once or twice fucking him with a condom, but that didn't work for either of us. After I converted I looked into the dangers of each type of sex, top vs. bottom, oral vs. anal, and that the safest sex with a poz man of all was getting jacked off by one who kept his nails bitten or clipped to the nubs which prevented accidental cuts to the dick. As for penetration, getting sucked off by a poz cocksucker was safest and the most dangerous was getting fucked in the ass by a poz man. So when Craig and I resumed having sex after I converted, initially we had more oral sex and one time, after he had swallowed my poz cum and kissed my poz dick, we had a short discussion and decided that it was time for me to inject my HIV-laden cum into him up his fat ass. My dick hardened as we discussed how I'd take care of him when he caught the HIV flu and he assured me his medical coverage would pay for his treatments as mine was doing. The next afternoon he told me he had chosen to go on vacation in a month or so, which means if things worked out correctly, he would be hit with the fuck flu about the time he was scheduled to be off work. With that, we both stripped, hugged and french kissed, then he spat in my hand and I jacked him off. He shot-off his last load of neg cum in my hand. He sucked my dick to full hardness, left it wet with his spit and lay on his stomach on the bed while I smeared his cum onto my dick. My dick was rock hard and throbbing as I mounted my buddy and lined-up my shot. I put my weapon to his hole and drove it home with a quick thrust to instantly hilt it up his ass as he squealed in pain. My dick felt really nice in his snug hole. I flexed it and felt my masculine power as it expanded in him. He felt it too. He hadn't been fucked since the day before I started my vacation so his hole was tight and very easily abraded by my dick, which encouraged the opening of more fissures to facilitate passage of my toxic virus into his body. I began fucking him, and felt a sense of power over him, somewhat similar to how conquering I felt when I broke his cherry. Now I was breaking his HIV cherry and enjoying his hole which had tightened over the several weeks since I had last fucked him. This time, as I made it a point to pull out almost all the way, and to slam myself home as roughly as possible, just to make sure I tore-up his insides before my pre-cum began to provide too much lube. He felt the pain and asked what I was doing. "I'm preparing your ass to take my virus easier," I replied and rammed it home a few more times. I knew it hurt him but putting pain to holes provided more pleasure to my prick and usually resulted in better feeling more intense orgasms when I ejaculated. I pulled my dick out of him to check for blood and found some along with the usual other stuff from fucking ass. I rammed it back into him with a snap of my hips and fucked him, piston-thrusting in, intensely enjoying fucking him and thinking how great I would feel when I pumped my dirty cum into him and how my prick would pulse with pleasure with each spurt of my HIV-laden cum into him and how he horrible he'd feel three weeks later when he suffered the flu. I was so turned on I fucked him faster, harder, grinning in anticipation of my soon to come ultimate good feeling. I began breathing hard and working up a sweat as I fucked him good while he lay patiently under me accepting my self-serving thrusts in him. I knew he had trepidation about getting pozzed but then again he knew he'd get pozzed sooner or later and by someone else had I not fucked him soon enough. My thrusts became jerky as I got closer and I slowed my thrusts just a little, knowing that a slower speed near orgasm would result in a longer, better feeling orgasm, ejaculating more cum into him which would slightly increase my chances of infecting him. I had had mixed feelings about infecting my long time friend with such a life altering virus but as we'd discussed before, it would be better if I infected him instead of some Joe Blow. I varied my speed, got close and fucked him good, and then my dick exploded in one of my all-time best-feeling orgasms. I enjoyed the knowledge that my mighty meat was pumping spurt after spurt of HIV-laden cum into his ass, my virus-laden sperm forcing its way into his ravaged anal walls. After my initial eight or nine powerful spurts I repeatedly rammed it home to keep up that good feeling in my penis and to pump as much of my dirty virus into him as possible. I felt on top of the world conquering my friend a second and even more significant time. My hips took over thrusting my meat in him for another minute or two before i felt completely satiated. I rested on his back with my dick buried in his fat ass, feeling manly powerful like the studly mountain man who had conquered the fat asshole in the movie Deliverance. I had read the book as well as seen the movie and each time got a precum-slimey boner. Now thinking of the mountain stud having the virus and pumping it into the fat ass turned me on even more. I thrust every few seconds in Craig's ass while laying on his back and he massaged my still mostly hard dick with his ass muscles. "How's your ass?" I asked him. "Not too bad. About like the second time you fucked me. Oh, and I came," he replied. "Good. I'm going to leave it in and fuck you again when I reload," I told him. He felt a bit of pain but he agreed and I took a nap laying on his back, my dick still inside his ass. I also figured he might cum from getting fucked again. About forty five minutes later I awoke and felt my dick was still semi hard in his hole so I began taking short strokes in him while thinking of how he would suffer from the flu and my dick hardened in less than a minute. I began fucking him and enjoying how my hard stiff penis was forcing my virus from my first load into his bloodstream with each thrust in him. I had ass twice in a row before withdrawing many times as well a having someone suck me off for my second load and sometimes got the blowjob first and then fucked the guy's ass for my second piece. I sawed away in his ass and enjoyed the fuck, my first load of cum also providing additional lube but not too much, just what I needed to pleasure my penis and still further abrade his inner rectal tissues. It took about five minutes longer than my first fuck to nut in him. It was a great fuck with my dick feeling just as good pumping my second load up his ass as it had with my first. Again I brutally thrust and slammed it home while enjoying how great I felt pumping more virus up his ass and into his body. I also corkscrewed my hips and pinned him with my prick. Spent, I lay on his back and asked him if he had cum again. He said he hadn't but it felt good even with the pain from being fucked brutally. My dick, lodged in his hot ass, was in seventh heaven, and I found it quite comfortable to rest on his back, somewhat similar to laying on my good air mattress, so I remained in that position, on Craig's back, for another hour before my dick completely deflated and came out of his ass. I dismounted and lay beside him. He got up and sucked my dick clean, doing a thorough job in swallowing all his and my fluids. Then he lovingly kissed both my cock and each of my balls. Over the next several days I fucked him daily, and occasionally I let him blow me. Sure enough, right on time Craig came down with the fuck flu. Of course I honored my promise to care for him until he recovered, checking in on him before and after work. I showed him my hard dick a few times but he wasn't bitter. He knew the consequences of letting a man infect him and reasoned that it was better I had converted him than an otherwise unknown guy. In addition, we both knew how much I enjoyed injecting my diseased cum up his ass. He started feeling better after nearly another month and returned to work. He slowly built his strength back up and diligently took his drug cocktail just as I had been doing. He began losing weight, maybe a pound a month. He had lamented his decade-long weight gain and I had told him that catching the AIDS would result in weight loss. Craig and I fucked a poz guy or let one suck us off once in a while but Craig was still my main piece of ass and I was his stud. We continued our sex as we had before the pozzing. We also discussed various punks and assholes we could enjoy pozzing. Craig was curious about how good pozzing an asshole would feel compared to fucking someone of the same status. He did enjoy better orgasms when he broke ass cherries, feeling his manly power when the virgin hole suffered from the pain he put to him with his small but mighty prick, much the way I had felt when I broke his HIV cherry.
  6. Giving the Birthday BJ

    I still remember getting that IM on Facebook that one night from a high school straight friend who's birthday was in a few hours. We chatted like it was nothing and then he popped the question, "So, what are you getting me for my birthday?" I immediately knew what he meant, but figured I'd play dumb. Me: What do you want Him: What every 20 year old guy wants for his birthday... Me: Alcohol? Him: That too, but something else enjoyable too... Me: I figure I can pencil you in... Him: Cool, when tomorrow? Me: I'll have the house to myself in the morning. Anything special you want from this Bj? Him: I want you to swallow my load this time, instead of me busting on your face! Me: You got it. Him: I'll stop by before I go to the gym. I'll text you when I'm on the way. It indeed was a fun time for the two of us. He came over, I stripped naked, and, since he was the birthday boy, I pulled his pants down. He lay on my bed and I serviced him while he watched television. Got him to bust. Twice. It was a win win for us both. He got his dick sucked and I got a nutritious breakfast.
  7. My dick was hard and I needed a hole to fuck. Douglas and I had been friends since college days. Doug was about my age of thirty-four and weighed about two hundred on his just under six foot frame. His swarthy good looks accented by his black straight shoulder length hair gave him charm and many dates. He came out half a decade after I did. I scored my first male piece of ass in the form of fifty year old David when I was eighteen and he had scored with someone our ages five years later. I was cut out to be a Top but he was versatile, equally satisfied whether taking the meat of bears and other masculine men or putting his meat to the effeminate fellas. I had weighed over two hundred but after having been pozzed my weight had dropped fifty pounds in a few years but was stablized by a high calorie special diet and my meds kind of halted my decline. I had wavy brown hair almost collar length and wore glasses. I had been biting my nails since I was eighteen although I had neglected them and other things for a short while after finding out that I was pozz, until my depression had passed and I was able to get back in the swing of things. Keeping my fingernails short to the nubs not only made for improved masturbation but also saved the hips of the assholes I fucked and the ears of the cocksuckers I face-fucked. We had kind of reunited at our new jobs working at a junkyard. He was glad to see me and then asked me about my weight loss and looks. I came out with it and told him about how I may have caught the bug. He said he was still neg. I told him I was happy for him. It was a slow day one summer day when he asked to suck me off. "Arent you afraid I'll infect you?" I asked him. "I heard it's alot harder to catch it from oral than anal and I want your meat in me." he begged. I capitulated, partly because I hadnt scored someone in a while and because I missed the gay ol' times we had with me pumping my loads into him, although my nailbitten hand had been keeping my love-gun satisfied. We went into a small wooden shack that was the back mensroom, a facility with two toilet stalls, a trough urinal and a sink. In that shithouse Doug gave me a great blowjob and swallowed my deadly load. He then sucked off of my cock leaving it clean and dry and kissed it and my balls. He blew me and drank my warm beer on tap every other day for almost a month as well as orally serviced my feet after we punched-out after work a few times. "Fuck me." he said one afternoon. "You dont want to get fucked by me." I replied, reminding him of my status. "But I do. I miss your meat in me, those wonderful times back then." he pleaded. "It's your funeral Doug. I warned him. "I still want to feel your masculine power drive it in me." he begged. I thought what the hell, I'd have a really nice orgasm like I just about always did when I knocked someone up. I had fucked poz guys many times but every time I pumped my deadly dirty load up a neg ass my dick went into extacy overdrive with how great I felt when I ejaculated in a "virgin" hole. We had no lube because I never carried any with me and he didnt either. The only soap in the place was the powdered hand soap in the dispenser over the sink so that was of no use for lube. We went into the shithouse and he dropped his pants. We both spat on my hand and I stood behind him, reached-around and jerked him off, catching his cum in my hand. He was as turned on by my hand as ever and came in a short five minutes. He had cummed when I fucked his ass in our younger days. Once he finished cumming in my hand I dropped my pants and he sucked on my semi-flaccid dick bringing it to full hardness and left it wet with his spit when he took his mouth off it. We then spat in my hand adding our spit to his cum. I then smeared the mixture of spit and cum on my dick and he bent-over and grabbed his ankles. I spat on his hole and then put my slimy dick to it. I grabbed his hips and shoved my dick up him, instantly hilting it, my balls swinging against his. He barely flinched, having been fucked hundreds of times. I could feel the warmth of his asshole embracing my dick as well as his excitement at getting fucked by one of his favorite studs. I felt my own excitement at the prospect of pozzing my friend. I began to fuck him, taking full strokes, enjoying how his hole enveloped my dick like a glove. I held his hips to steady us as I fucked him, my dick feeling its power, feeling its oats, as I piston-thrust in his still-neg ass. I knew my larger than average dick was adding new fissures to his asshole walls inside him, providing more pathways for my sperms to carry their filthy deadly loads into his bloodstream. I fucked him faster, harder, my pelvis sometimes slapping his ass, as I enjoyed myself knowing my climax would be double-intense. He was all for it, enjoying feeling the power of my loins driving my shaft in him, enjoying giving me a great feeling piece of his ass. I could feel myself getting close as I gripped his waist tighter to compensate for the sweaty slipperiness. I grinned as I got closer, driving my meat in him stroke after stroke thrusting hard and strong. A few more thrusts and I hilted myself deep in him as I yanked him to me, held his ass to my crotch, pulled out and slammed it home with a powerful snap of my hips, whereupon I exploded in a powerful extremely great-feeling orgasm as my legs shook while my dick pumped bullets of AIDS-carrying cum in half a dozen rapid-fire spurts deep inside his bowels. A half-minute later I pulled almost out and slammed it back in again with another snap of my hips, the smack of my pelvis reverberating off the walls as I pumped more diseased cum up my friend's love-hole. Another minute passed before I slammed what I figured to be almost another dozen thrusts up his ass and then held his hips tight to me again and corkscrewed my hips a couple of times, then held him to me for a few more minutes, occasionally thrusting a little to force more of my sperms into his rectal walls as we enjoyed the afterfuck. My dick was still throbbing with joy inside Doug who showered me with praise for the great fuck I threw into him. "You wont feel that way in two or three weeks whn you get the aids flu." I replied after he wound down his complements on my studmanship. "I know but it's still worth it!" he gushed. He said if I hadnt jerked him off he would have cummed from getting fucked by me like the fucks I had put to him in the past. I thrust a few more times and slowly withdrew so as to keep my cum from leaking out. He stood up, smiled wide, turned around, knelt before me and sucked my dick clean, sucked off of it and showered it and my sweaty scrotum with kisses and sucks. He then wrapped his lips around my dick. I knew what he wanted so I gave it to him as he gulped it down. He then sucked off of my meat and kissed it again. "Well, Doug. You're fucked in more ways than one." I said. "It was a great fuck too stud. I'm yours any time you want me." he replied and hugged me before standing up. He started feeling lousy a couple of weeks later and then called in sick. He was off for a month and I had to work with some bigoted homophobe who wasnt fit to lick Doug's feet much less mine. I was glad when Doug was finally well enough to return to work and the boss took him back, although that was largely due to the bigot's incompetence. A week later when we had some privacy we had a celebration fuck. Although my orgasm wasnt quite as intense as when I first injected my bug in his ass it was still an enjoyable piece of him and how lovingly he sucked my dick clean and again showered it and my hairy balls with kisses after I cummed and pulled out of his ass. It was awesome to me that he loved getting fucked and fucked-up by me and he considered me as a special stud even though he was simply another pozzing conquest I enjoyed sowing my wild, and deadly, oats in. Doug ended up following me into emeciation and was put on a diet similar to mine. He lost more strength but was still able to work at the junkyard and to get it up hard enough to fuck looser asses as well as get sucked off.

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