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  1. Fort Troff Sit-N-Stretch XL. 30 minutes a day every other day until you can take the whole thing comfortably.
  2. After 20+ years of being in the leather scene I have no patience with those who claim they have no limits. "I have no limits." *SMH* "Perfect I'm a Fin Dom. Give me your wallet and go jack off... somewhere else." Now if you're new to kink and don't know your limits yet. Well that's different, lets explore together.
  3. Love caths and sounds. Nothing like the feeling of your prostate throbbing around something
  4. You'll need to find and stretch your next opening. It's a matter of getting your toy and insides to align. If possible, use a thinner toy that's just as long. While squatting on your toy, try leaning to the right and back slightly. May need to make some odd motions with your upper body to find the right spot. You'll know it when you find it. Good news, once you have found the next chamber and started working it, your body will adapt and it will be easier to get there next time.
  5. I enjoy making a man piss himself while I fist him.
  6. You lucky devil getting to work with HungerFF. That man's ass is... one of a kind. I was at a fisting party in Chicago where he was the featured guest. Didn't get to play with him, but did get to see him... do his party trick in person. After that a med student asked if he could write a term paper about him.
  7. I prefer no glove, but if the bottom asks I've got a big bag of nitrile
  8. triangulation might be better. However that's assuming that the location in the app is reasonably accurate, precise, and regularly updating.
  9. Tend to fall into the handler roll around other pups. But have been known to pup all the way out when the energy is right.
  10. The dungeon parties are at The Academy, a straight fetish space that claw rents out for the entire weekend. There are several St. Andrews Crosses, multiple slings, bondage tables, a suspension scaffolding, and a rack. There is very little fucking or sucking at The Academy, because you have plenty of opportunity to do that elsewhere. Focus is on the S&M, creative bondage, intense flogging/single tail, fire play, public humiliation.
  11. The speed dating, is yes actual speed dating. Couple of circuits of chairs, 5 minutes on the timer, DING inner circuit moves to the next chair. As for CLAW as a whole, there are classes, vendor market, dungeon parties, and a whole bunch of men (and a few women) who are totally DTF. I've gone several times and had a blast.
  12. I was there for leather weekend and bear weekend. Had an amazing time. You should cum.
  13. Enjoyed the class. Hope you guys do it again next year, and that you get scheduled later in the day.
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