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  1. Yes, sounds can introduce foreign bacteria into the urethra or bladder. There are several things you can do to reduce the risk. Of course wash your hands and your dick before you start. Since they are metal, you can sterilize the sounds, an autoclave is best tho impractical for most. 30 minutes in a pressure cooker or 45 minute boiling will kill just about anything. Please let your tools cool completely before playing with them. You also want to use sterile lube. Small packets are best so you don't waste any. My personal choice is made by Dynarex, reorder number 1250, available on
  2. The site owners defined Hardcore as having an "ick factor" which I would say water sports can have, many find it distasteful. However unlike say fisting, breath control, or needle play, the risk of injury is low. Biggest concern is several medications and allergens are filtered by the kidneys and your partner may be exposed to a dose of what you're taking. So sure, put piss play in the hardcore section, something has to be the softest of the hard.
  3. Love the art. Toy collection is quite nice too. Would like to put you in the sling and make you howl.
  4. [Engage Dad mode] Boy, I think you did the right thing. You saw blood, you paused to reconsider, you tried to keep going but stopped when you saw more. Since there was no extreme pain, and you had to actively look for blood on the toilet paper, I don't think any major damage was done. Keep taking those fiber supplements with lots of water. However, "I just really want to avoid having to mention what happened to some Dr." that attitude could get you killed. Your primary doctor, and the one doing the sigmodoscopy, need to know what you are putting in your butt. Be it penis, hand, or lar
  5. HungerFF. He used to do pro-porn. Found he made more money, had more fun, (and less meth) working for himself.
  6. one plastic sheet + two men + four cans of barbasol = one hell of a good time
  7. Fort Troff Sit-N-Stretch XL. 30 minutes a day every other day until you can take the whole thing comfortably.
  8. After 20+ years of being in the leather scene I have no patience with those who claim they have no limits. "I have no limits." *SMH* "Perfect I'm a Fin Dom. Give me your wallet and go jack off... somewhere else." Now if you're new to kink and don't know your limits yet. Well that's different, lets explore together.
  9. Love caths and sounds. Nothing like the feeling of your prostate throbbing around something
  10. You'll need to find and stretch your next opening. It's a matter of getting your toy and insides to align. If possible, use a thinner toy that's just as long. While squatting on your toy, try leaning to the right and back slightly. May need to make some odd motions with your upper body to find the right spot. You'll know it when you find it. Good news, once you have found the next chamber and started working it, your body will adapt and it will be easier to get there next time.
  11. I enjoy making a man piss himself while I fist him.
  12. You lucky devil getting to work with HungerFF. That man's ass is... one of a kind. I was at a fisting party in Chicago where he was the featured guest. Didn't get to play with him, but did get to see him... do his party trick in person. After that a med student asked if he could write a term paper about him.
  13. I prefer no glove, but if the bottom asks I've got a big bag of nitrile
  14. triangulation might be better. However that's assuming that the location in the app is reasonably accurate, precise, and regularly updating.
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