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    5'11 210 lbs 6 in cut. Oral submissive bottom. I enjoy one or more HUNG Tops/Vers. Tops. mild to WILD. I am not looking for a relationship but I wouldnt mind regular buddies.

    Who can help me fulfill my fantasy? I want to gangbanged......one by one.....one after the other. preferably in a sling. Let's do this.

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  1. Seven months ago I got bred 5 times in one weekend at a bathhouse partying. From that weekend on I have been addicted of the feeling of cum shooting in my ass. It now not enough to just be bareback fucked but I had to feel the shots. I met this black guy online a few months ago. 30, 5'9, 185 lbs. 8.5 cut. We hooked up one night while I was parTying and he pounded me hard like he was mad at somebody. After 30 minutes of just straight dog-pounding my ass he asked where I wanted his cum. And of course I said my ass. He shot about 7 or 8 times in my ass. For several months we always kept missing each other but I never forgot how he fucked me. And he didnt either. I had gotten some tina to partying with and of course neither one of the guys showed up so I used slammed a little tina in disappointment. Fast forward to a few hours later of trying to hook up online unsuccessfully saw the black guy online. He was logged in on his phone and was on a break from work. I asked him how much time he had left. He told me he had an hour but the only way he could come is if he "drove the bus." Im like what bus? That's when he told me he was a school bus driver but he really wanted to fuck me because he had not cum in over a week. Well I said come on over in the school bus if you must. He said he would be here in 10 minutes. Since we were pressed for time I figured I better make this memorable. I mixed up a rig. I put a little extra in the rig and got it ready. I stuck the needle in, registered and pushed the tina in my veins. I heard the school bus pull up outside. And then the heat came, I coughed and the bells were ringing. I turned over on my stomach with my legs wide open. My ass lips began to quiver as they got wet. I hear him open the front door to my house. At this point it could have been anyone. I didnt care. I then open my fresh English poppers and take a whiff in each nostril counting to ten. Now Im floating. My entire body becomes a sexual object waiting be used. I take my hand and dug 4 fingers in my wet gyrating ass and begin to moan loudly so he knows which bedroom Im in. He walks in and when he see me with a hand in my ass, humping the bed, moaning like Im in heat, he says, "DAMN I want you." I began to say, "I want you! Fuck me please." Then he gets that temper I was talking about. After taking off his clothes, he yells, "SUCK MY DICK BOY!" and grabs my head and forces his 8.5 in cut red bull can thick black cock down my throat. I could taste and feel his pre-cum streaming out of his dick. He then grabs my upper body and forcefully turns me over and says get on all fours. "TELL DADDY YOU WANT THIS DICK. As I get up on all fours there is a string of pre cum still connected to a puddle o pre cum on the bed. I never pre cum!!! Well that ended to day. "LOOK AT YOU PRECUMMING LIKE A PUSSY BITCH. COME ON TELL DADDY YOU WANT THIS DICK BITCH!!!!" I start whining, "Please give me that dick daddy. Please give me that dick and cum daddy." "YOUR GONNA GET THIS DICK AND MY DIRTY CUM BITCH!!!" And at that moment he slams his fat black dick in my wet pussy ass. OMG!!!! It felt so good. He fucked me like his life depended on it. The more he slam fucked me the hotter I got. The more the precum flowed. It was so much I started to grab the precum from my shrivel clit-dick and lick it from my fingers...with same fingers that were in my pussy ass only 5 minutes before. He pounded until I fell back flat on the mattress. He lifted me back up each time. DONT RUN FROM IT BITCH. TAKE IT." By this time Im literally was in tears it felt so damn good. I didnt know (or care) what time it was but I knew it would be coming to an end. He stopped and pulled out. Actually I was so wet it slid out of my ass. I asked him did he cum. He said No. I said, "Please cum in me beore you leave Daddy." He grabs two pillows, turns me over on my back, places the pillows under my ass, spreads my legs as far as they could go and slams his still hard dick in my ass with no hands!!!!! I felt so good I got dizzy. He fucks me with my legs wide for a couple of minutes then pulls my legs shut until my knees were on either side of his shoulders. My feet were on his waist. "Come in me! Give my that seed Daddy!" "YOU WANT MY POZ CUM BOY? YOU WANT 7 DAYS OF MY SEED? YOU WANT TO CARRY MY BABIES?" By this time, I could only say, "Ill be your bitch and carry your poz seed. And while Im yelling and whining, "Cum in me!" Over and over again he says, IM ABOUT TO MAKE YOU PREGNANT. IM CUMMING RIGHT NOW!! He froze and shot 9-10 ropes of cum in my ass. I literally could feel his dick pulsating. He let his dick stay there until he was finished cumming. As he slides his still hard dick out of me I beg him to let me to suck it clean. GODDAMN!!!! YOUR ASS IS OPEN AND ITS FULL OF MY POZ CUM. Before I suck him clean I grab my butt plug so I dont lose any of his dirty seed out of my ass and shove it in my ass. A glob of cum comes out of ass and he scoops it up with his fingers and places it in my mouth and slowly pushes his wet hard dick in my mouth. The glob of cum along with the taste of my ass juices and blood was all over his dick and now in my mouth and on my tongue. I try to do a good job because I remember he has to drive the school bus. After I lick him clean, he says, 'THANKS BOY. I SO NEEDED THAT. THANK YOU OR LETTING ME OWN YOUR ASS." As I laid on the bed in bliss he gets dressed and runs out to the bus and drives off to pick up the kiddies from school. What a lunch hour!!!
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