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  1. Several questions. How does a man send a blue heart or other symbol  for comments in one section or another? I saw one and wanted to like it but nothing happened. How long must one wait before a man be able to send messages. Been here a since earlier in the month and it still shows 0. What is the standard ? Where does a man sent a specific question about navigating the site other then sending a message at random to a Staff person ? I had other question but this is enough for now and sorry to bother man.

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    2. ronnie4u


      So Fucking Beautiful and Handsome !

    3. AIDSgetsmehard


      Fucking hot pig you! Into AIDS swapping with me? And other stds, preferably gonorroe oozing sick AIDS cocks drive me wild! 

    4. Twistedperverted


      AIDS swapping for me. AIDS on AIDS fucking. Fucking hot and STD's also

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