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  1. Having to travel for work is not very fun. I had to drive down south for a 2 day seminar, and was on my return trip. I was in one of the Carolinas, not sure now which one. I pulled into a rest stop about 3am. It was summer, very warm & humid even in the dead of night. I saw there were dozens of big trucks parked, most running, guessing to keep the air conditioning running. I was a little horny, and had some skimpy girl clothes hidden in the trunk. Thigh high black stockings, a shiny, tight gold mini skirt, black top, pumps. I looked up the zip code and put an ad on Craigslist saying I was a slut, practiced safe sex, and going to cruise the parking lot in 30 minutes. Went to the bathroom, cleaned up, and mostly changed. I put sweats on over my outfit, in case I ran into anyone coming out of the men's room. Decided to head to a corner of the rest stop where it was not illuminated to shed the sweat clothes, When headed there, I noticed several trucks now had interior lights on. Maybe this work trip will have some fun in it after all. While walking past the trucks on way to the corner, I hear a deep voice say "Hey Slut". I freeze. No one can see my slut clothes yet. The voice then says "Don't just stand there bitch, get over here!" I did as I was told. I walked to the sound and found a very large black man leaning against a truck. He said he saw the shoes, but wanted to know why I was not dressed slutty yet. I told him I was dressed under the sweats. "Then take that shit off, white bread!" I might be in trouble. But I did as I was told. This guy easily outweighed me by 100 pounds. "Now, start walking like you were, I'll follow" he commanded. He fell in step behind me and started grabbing my ass. We get to the dark corner, and there are a couple guys at a picnic table. I once again freeze, but get smacked on the back of the head. "You think I am the only one fucking you tonight? Think again! Just bend yourself over that table bitch!". Definitely in trouble. The guys at the table are also big. They start laughing as I get to the table. They are already playing with their massive cocks. I don't bend over right away, realizing my condoms were back in the pockets of my sweats. I start to tell them all "Listen, I left my condoms back there, I need to go get them". I am then forcefully bent over the table and held down. "Condoms?" the first guy says, "you're gonna take our poz loads raw, bitch!" I could not break free, no matter how hard I tried. The first guy pulled down his pants, revealing a bio-hazard tattoo, and an 11" cock. He positions himself behind me and forces his cock in me. God does it hurt. I had lubed when I cleaned up, but not enough for this monster, it felt like he was ripping me apart. After what seemed like forever, he stops pumping and unloads his hot, dirty load in my ass. It burns. And I can't stop it. The other 2 guys take their turns, but after that monster had torn me up, the other cocks did not feel too big. They still hurt, and both dirty as well. My rapists left me spent at the table. I had to wait about 10 minutes until I could walk. As I was headed back to the car, I hear another man in a truck yell "Hey Slut". I ran to my car and took off. Drove for 2 hours before I pulled off the highway and changed back into regular clothes and continued my journey home.
  2. I love being bent over and receiving a rough fuck. Really the top is in charge, but rough is what I crave...
  3. Holy shit that was hot. I hope to be bound and double teamed one day...
  4. fantastic story! would love to be on the bench for all that black cock
  5. I had been talking to this guy on-line for a couple of weeks. He'd responded to my craigslist ad. I said I was a non-passable white crossdresser, kind of a guy in a skirt type, looking to give a bj. I had a blurry pic of me in a short leather skirt and thigh high stockings. He said he loved my pic and wanted to fuck my lips, but I saw a pic of his cock and thought no way, that black monster is way too big. In our chats, he asked if I liked "BB", I foolishly said yes, thinking that was Big Black (since he was a big black guy). He asked if I'd try a blindfold, I said cool. So after he promised he'd take it easy on me, and telling him there was no way I could deep throat a cock that big, he invited me over to his place. I put on that black leather mini skirt, thigh high fishnet stockings, a tight white blouse, and pumps. Although not passable, guys I gave head to in this outfit always wanted my ass, but I just did oral. Mark answered the side door after I parked in his garage, as he wanted to be discreet. He got me a drink, and after some small talk, he just whipped out his massive cock. It had to be 7 or 8 inches, soft. I got on my knees, and got to work. At this point, I could take it all in my mouth, but he was starting to stiffen up, so I placed my hand on the base of his shaft. He said I was being a good slut, but to drop the hand. I did as I was told. Mark then said he had the blindfold, and not seeing might help. It did make sense to me at the time, so he put it on. He said I was taking it much deeper without seeing, so it was working. Mark asked how my knees were feeling, I said they were OK, but he offered to guide me to the bedroom where things were a little softer. Mark was being very kind, so I let him guide me to the other room. Mark had me kneel, and said I could lean forward, as there was a little bench. What a nice guy. As I have my arms on the bench, sucking on that huge cock in the dark, all of the sudden, my arms and legs are grabbed. Mark pulls his cock out and starts laughing. It feels like there are restraints on the bench for my wrists, and ankles on the floor. There are other men laughing too. What the fuck is going on I ask. Mark asks if I'm ready for my bareback breeding. I say no way! He says I agreed to bareback, and there was no turning back now. My panties are cut off and my ass quickly lubed. I started to scream, right when they gagged me. The first cock in my ass felt like it was as big as a thermos! I was crying while they laughed. The fucking of my virgin ass continued for what seemed like forever then stopped. Oh god! I had a man cumming in my ass! Once he pulled out, I could feel his cum running down my leg, but I thought at least it was over. Boy was I wrong. Mark sad that I was just fucked by Justin, a skinny white guy with a 6 inch cock. That was 6 inches??? Oh shit.... So for what felt like hours I was fucked by several men, and cocks kept getting a little bigger, and hurting less for some reason. I was starting to like the feeling... Finally Mark said it was his turn. His huge cock slid in without too much problems, but it went REAL deep. He was fucking me slowly at first then asked if I was worried about AIDS. I shook my head yes. He said I was a silly little cunt, he was HIV poz and I never asked! OH SHIT! I tried to buck him off and push him out, this just made him piston fuck me harder. He buried his cock deep and said his dirty seed was going in my ass now, and I could feel it hot in my guts. For the next 2 days, I was kept bound, and every now and then fucked. The guys would tell me how sweet my ass was, and how hard it was to get a guy willing to take poz loads. I was far from willing, but Mark had told them I was going to act surprised. Then I was punched a couple of times in the head until I passed out. I woke up in my car, on the other side of town. Cum and blood on my legs, in my girl clothes, in the parking lot of a shopping center. The house where it happened was abandoned that day, with an eviction notice over a month old on the door. The e-mail account closed. So I was set up, and raped. Now I'm waiting to find out if they lied about being poz, or if I'm infected too.....
  6. So fucking hot! I need a good breeding like that...
  7. Damn, I'd love for a black stud to treat me like that. Quite the story...

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