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  1. Thank for the follow!

  2. Hi do you come to Nottingham sometimes

  3. hey there.... are you assisting with conversion at moment ?

  4. Thanks for following me

  5. I like a mixture of both, from slow, building up faster and faster to powerslammming me until i'm bred.
  6. Thanks for the follow! xx:*xx

  7. Hi, Can you please delete my album too, as I no longer have any use for it. Thanks
  8. Yes, two I went to school with, one of which I used to sleep with.
  9. hey thanks for the follow stud!

  10. hey, thanx for following... hope there is a chance to meet - planning to visit london agin this summer janko

  11. Thanks for the follow

  12. Bareback brotherhood!

  13. Thanks for the follow, hot cock you got there

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