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    Perth, Western Australia
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    Tops breeding my hole
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    Total bottom cumdump usually found presenting my hole for breeding on the sauna darkroom fuckbench.
    Love sharing fuckbench and tops with fellow cumdumps.
    Felching creamed holes and cleaning cum covered cocks icing on the cake.
    No load refused.
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    Tops Heavy cummers with full balls and hard cock breeding my hole, I’m into cumdump sessions, groups and being whored out to tops

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  1. I had finally crossed the line. I could not help myself. I got so frustrated with the guys wearing condoms. being ass up on the dark room fuck bench can be hit and miss most nights. I go to steam works as apps don’t work for me in the small city that I live in- likely not their type. Spending late evenings as an all-loads-taking cumdump on my knees on public display is so much easier in the sauna - hate standing around waiting. I often get raw cocks drop by but lately all the guys seemed to be wearing rubbers. I hate the feeling as it scratches and rubs my hole - much prefer raw cock. I was horny and needed cock and cum in my hole tonight. i peeked between my knees behind me and could make out shapes moving behind in the dark inspecting my hole. hands reached out to touch my ass, a few fingers reached in to finger my hole. In time a cock entered. I was relieved but pissed as he was wearing a rubber. I took several hits of amyl and matched his fuck rhythm-anything to tolerate this thick rubber cock. The fellow cumdump next to me on the fuck bench looked at me with envy but I was sore -not in a good way. when the top quickened his pace and I could feel the cock thicken I knew he was about to blow. I made a decision right then and there - I am getting his load. when the top blew his load I reached my hand under and gripped his cock. When he slowly pulled out i gripped onto the rubber making sure to milk the last few drops of cum into the tip. The top regained composure and walked away into the darkness. I was left on the fuck bench bent over holding a loaded condom in my hand. I held onto my trophy until I was able to find a dark corker, pushed the condom into my ass ring and squeezed all the contents in. Threw the rubber in the waste bin and sucked my fingers clean. load number 1. load number 2 from a young cub fucking my hole on the sling. Again I yanked the condom off his cock as he pulled. He made a quiet laugh as he watched me doing this - he could tell I wanted his load in me and what a desperate and shameless slut i am. again I emptied all the cum in my hole. i could not believe how desperate i have become. Anything for cum in my hole. perth steam works cumhole here.
  2. Would be great to get together perth raw pigs for regular breeding parties. I would definitely offer up my hole.
  3. Started to lose count of cocks going into me at the start of the night was frenzied. Felt 2 cock spasms and my hole was gaped and cummy from there. More cocks over 3 hours. Pushed out a handful of cum back at the hotel and woke with wet sheets from leaking. Some guys I saw definitely came back for seconds.
  4. Came from Perth to attend unwrapped nud night. Was in cumpig heaven. On fuck bench with fellow cumdump in dark far corner for most of 3 hours. Non stop cocks and loads, left gaped and dripping into my socks. Definitely cumming back. Thanks Melbourne blokes.

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