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  1. Yeah, maybe I shouldn’t have fucked this guy in these circumstances but when I asked him on Grindr what he was into, he said all he wants to be is a cumdump. So a buddy and I went over and used his pussy. My buddy came in him first and then I fucked it deep it and fuck - it was frothy. Then I shot a huge load. I was horny enough to eat our loads out of his ass and he wanted me to spit the cum into his mouth. Such a pig - I loved it!!!
  2. Dumped a huge load in a sexy 25-year old twink last Saturday. Messaged him on Grindr just to say I thought he was cute. He had an innocent look to him so I wasn’t expecting much. But turned out he was a huge pig in bed. I picked him up at the nearby train station (such a gentlemen I know!) and brought him home. As soon as we got in, I started felling up his bubble butt and he started rubbing my crotch. Minutes later, he’s stripped to his jock and on all fours on my bed, presenting his hole to me. I ate him out deep and hard and got him nice and sloppy before shoving my raw cock in. We fucked in every position imaginable for the next hour. He was deep throating my cock in between fucking, like a good boy who loves ass to mouth. Finally I shot a huge load deep in his pussy and he came immediately all over the both of us. Like a good boy, he kept every drop in him as I dropped him off. I love knowing my cum is in a boy as he heads home on a train or bus, having it start to leak out as he is sitting there surrounded by people who would never guess how big of a slut he is... ...and he is coming over again tomorrow 😈
  3. Was in a bottom mood on Friday night and went to the bathhouse to take loads. My general MO is to stand in my jockstrap in my room beside the open door so guys can see my body and ass. That gets the most guys - if they are confident they come right up to me; if they are hesitant, I can let them know I'm interested. Was there for 5 hours and took 10 loads. Probably could've taken about 10+ more if I wasn't slightly picky :P Fuck, I love how 90% of guys just assume bareback and side their raw cock into a sloppy hole. And the few guys who want to use condoms seem genuinely apologetic as I kick them out. Now to go back to dumping my cum into hot boys >:-)
  4. The cumdump that I fucked last week (built Asian boy) got a nearby hotel last night. He had 5 loads in him when I arrived. His sloppy and loose hole was sooooo good. I love fucking cum from completely random strangers deeper into a boy. I dumped a huge load into him and had to go - it was such a great orgasm that I was completely spent. Apparently he got four more after I left. He sent a pic of the next guy’s cock in his ass, slimy from my cum 😈
  5. My bf and I are going to Vietnam and want to breed some cute Vietnamese boys. Any tips or advice? Is there even a barebacking scene there? I’m not too worried about finding hookups - just wanna know what the lay of the land is. thanks!
  6. Met a hot built 24 year old Asian boy on Grindr this past Sat. He was at the bathhouse Friday night and took 6 loads. He got 2 more before coming to my place. His hole was sloppy and loose - just how I love it. I fucked him for two hours straight. There was cum from random guys all over us both as I churned it out of his cunt. I finally dumped a huge load in him - one of the best orgasms I’ve had in months. He left to get one more load before calling it a day. I love hot guys who also happen to be huge cumdumps 😈
  7. Saw a profile on Grindr with the username BB Cumdump. Ended up being a guy I’ve fucked before. I was too tired to fuck him that night but he was still online when I woke up in the morning - and he had 8 loads in his ass. He came over and I pounded that sloppy hole. I love the smell of cum when you churn it up, and the sound it makes as you fuck loads deeper into a boy. I dumped a huge load in him and sent him home with 9 loads leaking out of his hole.
  8. Finally hooked up with a guy that I wanted to breed for a long time. We always had bad luck - he’s allergic to cats meaning my place is off; he lives with parents so his place is off; seen him taking loads at the bathhouse but I’m either spent or being a bottom slut myself. But finally met at the bathhouse on Xmas eve. He’s a hot muscular Asian with a great bubble but. I ate out his slutty hole good and long and then fucked him full of my 3 day load. Then ate my cum out of his hole while he jerked off. He was definitely worth the wait 😈
  9. And of course I mean breeding young men - not suggesting anything otherwise!
  10. A cute 19-year old latino twink from bbrt came over last night. He was shy and quiet but had no problem deep throating my cock and presenting his hot boy hole to me. I fucked him doggy using only spit. He was very quiet with only soft moans - normally I like a verbal bottom, but in this case it was super hot. I bred him deep and stayed up his hole while he jerked off and came. Then we cuddled for a short while and he went home. Fuck - I love breeding young boys. It's so hot sending them home on the bus with my daddy load deep inside them 😈
  11. Hi gents. I will be in Sydney for Mardi Gras 2018. I am planning to give and take more raw loads than ever before Any recommendations for saunas, parties, etc.? I assume hot bareback sex wont be that hard to find, but I also don’t want to waste any time! Much appreciated!
  12. Yeah??? I’d love to dump my cum deep up your hole ?
  13. I’m Melbourne form Feb 10-15. Any recommendations for saunas or sex clubs? Looking to breed and take tons of loads myself. Thanks!
  14. holy fuck! i'd love to try and take that (will a shit-ton of poppers lol)

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