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    Amsterdam NL
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    Will travel or host for infection sex
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    I got a fetish for the virus. Freshly sero-converted with an acute infection. Lets make love to the virus.
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    An HIV infected partner to share blood slams; STDs; HepC; infection sex; T

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  1. Hey aidsbrother.  Let's play pervert 

  2. I want to blood slam with you.  

  3. Toxicpig is looking for aids strains 

    1. Pozfetish


      We need to meet.  Share all our infections.

  4. Fuckinoink is toxic wish we are closer.wood love to swap cumholez. 

    1. Pozfetish


      no doubt we would hit it off.  we got lots to share with which to infect and re-infect each other.

  5. Poz tops at a bathhouse

    Reverse Stealth I used to do it too.
  6. Fuckin' Oink~! Pervs like you make visiting BZ fun. Please keep sharing and stay off meds. Love to follow other toxic fuckers.

    1. Pozfetish


      thanks mate.  i just had a week end of blood slamming fun with a POZ detectable fuck buddy.

    2. dickluva


      i hope you post pix of pozfunslam for us.

  7. who here as bb forever and is still neg

    I had been barebacking since the mid 90s and seriously chasing HIV for the last 5-7 years. Including doing blood slams. But I always tested neg. That is until the past month. Met a guy with a VL over 200,000 and slammed his blood. I am now confirmed HIV infected. Currently have an acute infection, no meds, a very high viral load. So, those of you who are long term neg and think you are immune most likely you just haven't met the right guy yet . Don't give up hope.
  8. Thanks for the rep!

  9. Hot profile! I've got HIV and Hep C, and still want more poz loads. I definitely have a fetisih for fellow poz gays. TIM Porn does a great job at promoting poz guys and breeding! Plus I've heard most of the guys on TIM are poz anyway

  10. Thanks for the rep Fetish xx:*xx

  11. Thank-you for the follow

  12. thanks for the 'follow'.  I'd love to get your viruses and diseases into my blood.

  13. Hey man - I am planning a trip to the states in a couple of months.  Will be flying out to Oregon.  HOWEVER, I will make a stop over in Boston (?) if you and I can arrange to hook up.  I would like to spend a couple of days with you in bed - blood slams,T slams, HIV breeding, infection sex, disease worship. 

    I want you to infect me with all of your diseases and infections.  No limits infection sex.

    Let me know if you are interested and we can arrange the details. 


    (I tried to send you a private message but was unable to... )

  14. you facial wasting is very attractive

  15. Thanks for the reputation

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