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  1. Wish I could come and be a btm for a crowd of people.
  2. Leather nights of a Thursday is good for sex. You'll love it if you go then.
  3. Yeah I am definately trying to make it to the next one. I have a 9 incher pierced cock but I have a lot of trouble staying hard now days, the boys love it but i have to just btm. But then I am super paranoid about hygiene because of a mishap a few years back. The troubles of being on anti depressents.
  4. I hardly get bred at the Laird. People don't like me much. Bears can hold grudges.
  5. You poz?

    1. chubbyhousekid
    2. whore83


      Shame! Would love to take poz loads with you at Club 80 in Jan! ☣️

    3. chubbyhousekid
  6. I haven't btmed in a while and I would love to organise people to come use my hole sometime. Anyone wanna help me out? Any load accepted. Public, private, anywhere.
  7. I'm 29, uncut and got a big 9" pierced cock that I love fucking guys with. I'm vers so I enjoy a fucking as well.
  8. In Melbourne. Would love your cock inside me. Flip flop fuck perhaps
  9. Fuck yes! Wish this was something my own Dad would do to me.
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