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  1. Kik is claracduk. Tel 07770 332685
  2. Been awhile since this was last updated. Anyone have updates? I'm looking at 16th or 17th April and using either royal national or strand palace. First one bit cheaper so leaning towards that. Any insight welcomed.
  3. Hi based in London. Pm if interested
  4. I always save condoms if guys insist on using them then use the cum for playtime after if still horny. Slick my cock up with it or coat my favourite toy with it before fucking myself with it. On a few occasions guys who I cam with have sent me their cum in the post. I open it on cam for them then they can instruct me how to use it.
  5. Always been very interested but never found anyone willing to follow through. Guess if they're not getting the action they have less interest
  6. Claracduk on wickr
  7. Hi all. I see Euston ibis has closed. Any other up to date recommended hotels where key card access isn't needed for lifts? I'll be paying myself so somewhere central and budget /mid price. Thanks.
  8. I have used the Marylebone and the Dorchester. No key cards needed when I last went. Both walkable from piccadilly. I work close to piccadilly so if into Cd's let me know.
  9. I use ibis Euston no key card required for lifts. Busy. Central. Cheapish. there is another post in here on hotels somewhere
  10. Anyone know if you need key cards to access lifts at Ramada finchley? Just booked a room there Saturday daytime 9am-3pm.
  11. I always use ibis euston. Get to rooms without key cards and big hotel so always guys coming and going
  12. My two cents is that this guy intends to stealth you. He may will claim it is an accident and he didn't know but you know differently. Personally I could never trust anyone who did that for their own selfish reasons no matter my feelings for them. I'd personally steer clear of them. Make sure you make a decision before the evening for the right reasons not leave it to chance
  13. how you get on? i have a room booked there in a cple weeks

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