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  1. claracdul

    Pozzed in the cinema

    Sounds like FV
  2. claracdul

    Farming for condoms

    I always save condoms if guys insist on using them then use the cum for playtime after if still horny. Slick my cock up with it or coat my favourite toy with it before fucking myself with it. On a few occasions guys who I cam with have sent me their cum in the post. I open it on cam for them then they can instruct me how to use it.
  3. claracdul

    Online Anon Whoring Out

    Always been very interested but never found anyone willing to follow through. Guess if they're not getting the action they have less interest
  4. claracdul

    Uk taboo mates

    Claracduk on wickr
  5. Hi all. I see Euston ibis has closed. Any other up to date recommended hotels where key card access isn't needed for lifts? I'll be paying myself so somewhere central and budget /mid price. Thanks.
  6. I have used the Marylebone and the Dorchester. No key cards needed when I last went. Both walkable from piccadilly. I work close to piccadilly so if into Cd's let me know.
  7. claracdul

    LONDON ANON CUMDUMP 29.09.17-01.10.17

    I use ibis Euston no key card required for lifts. Busy. Central. Cheapish. there is another post in here on hotels somewhere
  8. Anyone know if you need key cards to access lifts at Ramada finchley? Just booked a room there Saturday daytime 9am-3pm.
  9. I always use ibis euston. Get to rooms without key cards and big hotel so always guys coming and going
  10. claracdul

    Time For Me To Decide.

    My two cents is that this guy intends to stealth you. He may will claim it is an accident and he didn't know but you know differently. Personally I could never trust anyone who did that for their own selfish reasons no matter my feelings for them. I'd personally steer clear of them. Make sure you make a decision before the evening for the right reasons not leave it to chance
  11. claracdul

    Hotels For Anon Sessions

    how you get on? i have a room booked there in a cple weeks
  12. claracdul

    Cum Dump Anon

    I use ibis Euston but would be interested to hear of alternatives.
  13. claracdul

    Hotels For Anon Sessions

    I always use the ibis Euston for following reasons: 1, central and close to a major station and many tube lines. 2, no key cards required to get to room 3, busy and large enough so guys coming and going late would not be noticed 4, no need to walk past reception to get to lifts 5, relatively cheap.
  14. Part fact part fiction. Will let you decide which parts are for real.... Just back from a couple weeks in the Caribbean and thought some of you may be interested in the fun I had out there. I was staying in a well known hotel chain in the carribean for two weeks. You know the sort - all inclusive as much as you can eat or more importantly for me as much as you can drink. I was out there with four friends who as far as I knew didn't know I was out but they probably suspected. We were having a grand time. Nice dinners and cocktails till the early hours, lazing on the beach during the day. Just over a week in and I started to need a release, looking at those tanned fit scantily clad guys and girls on the beach every day was getting me horny - I needed a good jerk off session. I went back to my room - I had my own as two of my friends I was with were a couple and the other two were female. I stripped on the bed but couldn't get into it - nowadays I need porn to get off. My phone wasn't working and no "dodgy" channels on the tv so was at a bit of a loss. I knew there was free wifi in the lobby but once I got there all sex websites had been blocked. I was desperate at this point so paid the $5 for in room wifi access despite expecting the same restrictions. Got back to my room went on my Internet browser on my phone loaded up xtube and success! Spent a happy 30 mins viewing porn while teasing my hole and cock until I exploded. I joined my friends on the beach sated at least for the moment. Next morning I woke up and checked my phone for the time and noticed I had a grindr message. Out of habit I logged in the previous day but left the app running in the background as in the UK at least I don't get much joy on there so let guys contact me rather than chase them. He had messaged me about 2am so just after I had hit the sack. His message was in Spanish but after a quick Google translate worked out it was the standard "hi., wanna meet". His profile was hot - muscular toned black man and he had sent me a cock pic - thick meaty and veiny. Best of all he was only 7km from me in the town next to where my resort is. I replied "English? " not really expecting a response but to my delight I got a message back mid morning saying "no english" and in Spanish "free tonight?" Thanks again Google translate. To keep things simple I just gave him my hotel name and a time -10pm. With a couple pics of me taking dick so was clear I was a bottom. He replied back within the hour "ok". I gave him my room number and started to make plans. I tend not to fly with all my tranny gear to avoid embarrassing situations but did have black fishnet holdups and red lingerie with me that I could always claim were for a girlfriend. I went to the hotel clothes shop and bought a cheap sundress and feminine sunhat (I have short hair) and at the onsite chemist bought lipstick blusher and eyeshadow. All set I thought for tonight. I joined my friends for predinner drinks at 8pm and had a few rum and cokes for the nerves. My pals noticed and asked if everything was alright. That gave me the opportunity at 9:15 just as they were heading for dinner for me to claim wasn't feeling great so was going to have an early night. Back in my hotel room I had a quick shower dressed in my lacy red panties and bra. Pulled on my indecently short sundress and my black fishnets. Put on a layer of foundation, some eyeshadow and lipstick. Nearly ready I thought as I looked at the time -9:55. I slipped into the bathroom and fingered some baby oil into my ass put the bottle on the nightstand then laid a beach towel on the bed. Started looking at porn on my phone to get me in the mood. At 10:10 as I was wondering if yet another failed meet there was a knock on the door I checked the spy hole to make sure wasn't one of my friends checking up on me. It wasn't. I invited my new friend in and offered him a (flat) rum and coke I'd bought up from the bar. He declined he was too busy running his eyes up and down my body. I decided to take the initiative and wrapped one leg round him and started to kiss him he responded urgently sticking his tongue in my mouth and could feel him hardening. After a couple mins I pulled away and started to dance for him. Showing my stocking tops and my panty clad ass. I pushed him back on the bed then continued teasing him. I got on all fours in front of him my dress rode up and I pulled my panties to one side and slid a finger into my well lubed hole as I looked over my shoulder at him. He was kneading his cock through his trousers and I decided I needed it now. I crawled up to him and whilst looking in his eyes pulled down his trousers and boxers. His beautiful black cock sprang free and I took the head into my mouth and suckled softly. He tasted clean but manly as I enveloped his whole length into my wanton mouth. I then sucked on his balls for a while until he stood up and took control. He slapped his cock all over my face then slid back into my mouth. He grasped the back of my head and face fucked my mouth. He was aggressive and dominant speaking to me in Spanish i didn't understand a word but loved him using my mouth. He started to force his cock down my throat making me gag and drool all over his cock and balls. He withdrew and stripped completely. I went straight back to work throating his weapon as I massaged his strong thighs and ass. He seemed to be asking me a question a couple times again I had no idea what he was saying. He took his cock out of my mouth and said it again. I shrugged my shoulders and he spun me round and grabbed my ass. Perfect I thought. I took my panties off and got on all fours on the bed. I felt him getting on the bed and a rough finger playing with my hole. It was then replaced with his tongue, I love being rimmed and this guy was more than eager. After a long rimming he reached over for the babyoil fingered some into my hole and lubed his cock up. No mention of condoms at this point and no chance to as he slid into my hole. He got about four inches in then waited for me to adjust. I wiggled my ass and pushed back getting another inch into me, he took the hint and slid in to his balls. I moaned in pleasure/pain and clenched my ass muscles around his tool and reached round to massage his balls. He roughly slapped my hand away grasped my hips and withdrew fully then piled his whole 8inches back in one thrust, i again squeeled in delight and pain. He did this several times over until I was begging him to do it harder and harder. He started to get a good rythym going in my ass pulling out almost completely before plunging back in all the way. I was moaning aloud at the hard fucking I was getting I was urging him on in English he was verbally abusing me in Spanish somehow made it hotter we couldn't verbally communicate. After 15 mins of fucking I could sense a change in his strokes and his breathing got heavier I knew he was going to cum soon. Without warning he pulled out I span round and got my mouth onto his cock just as the first spurts of cum were released. I slurped and swallowed happily like the dirty cum pig I am making sure I didn't waste a drop. He collapsed onto the bed beside me but I wasn't done yet. I quickly got my head buried back between his thighs and licked his shaft and balls until I once again felt signs of life. I looked up at him and saw a look of pure lust in his eyes. I worked him back to full stiffness taking him deep into my throat and holding him there whilst my throat convulsed around his dick. After a few mins of this he pushed me onto my back and held my legs apart surveying my body. I reached down between us stroking his slippery hard cock and tried to slip it back into my ass but he had other ideas. He buried his face into my hole and stuck his tongue up my cunt. I opened my ass wide as I could as he used the fingers of one hand and his tongue to drive me wild. He was jerking me off with one hand and that as well as the expert rimming soon had me shooting ropes of cum over my chest. He grinned at me stood up and could see his chin glistening with my ass juice and his saliva. He scooped the cum off my chest and started fingering it into my hole. Once I cum I'm normally finished but the thought of my cum Lubing my hole got me extra hot. Once he'd used it all he stuck his fingers in my mouth for me to clean as he lined up his rod against my ass. He more than easily slid in this time and had a more leisurely pace as he slid in and out of my fuckhole. He pushed my bra up and started tweaking my nipples and I responded by wrapping my stocking clad legs round his waist Digging my heels into his buttocks forcing him deeper on every thrust into my throbbing hole. By this time we were sweating profusely and drops kept dripping off his body onto my sweaty torso feeling our bodies sliding against each other and it running between our crotches where we were joined. This gentle yet forceful fucking went on for ages every so often he brushed my prostate and my cock jerked in response. Like all good things though it came to an end he suddenly stiffened thrust in me hard, held his position and I could feel him emptying inside of me. I clenched my ass muscles milking every last drop until I felt him start to soften and he slipped out. I eagerly cleaned him up with my mouth and tongue savouring the different flavours until we collapsed back on the bed. All too soon he dressed and gave me a kiss on the cheek and left. As I lay there spreadeagled on the bed with my ruined sloppy ass pointed at the air con I wondered if he'd want a repeat in the 4/5 days I had left.
  15. claracdul

    How to go about being an anon cumdump bottom?

    Done hotels a few times. Way I do it is as follows: First the choice of hotel is important. I am in london so central london is best. Needs to be big enough so guests are coming and going all the time so tops are not put off. Similarly best if lifts not right next to reception. Just as important is you need to be able to access room corridors without a key card. I always use ibis next to Euston. In terms of getting guys over. I post ads all over the place a few days before. For guys who respond and seem genuine I give them hotel name my number and a 30 min slot. So one guy 9:30 next guy 10:15 then 11 etc. Gives me 15mins between each guy in case of late running or if I need some time to sort myself out. Guys will text me from hotel bar at time specified I ask them a simple question to ensure they are here eg what beers are on tap. What colour are bar seats etc then give them room number. When they knock on door I check through spy hole looks ok then crack door open a little ask him to give me five secs then assume position on my knees or on all fours. Room will be dark but don't put on blindfold or hood unless met the guy before. Likewise valuables are hidden. I'm not small so even if two of them looking for trouble am not a pushover. I definitely get less action than if I posted my room number out everywhere but it's a safer scenario so a trade off. I get a few flakes but generally have around an 80% success rate. Hope works out whichever method you choose

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