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  1. thanks guys! i think i know where to go! what would be the best option to go on a saturday night (say after 1 am)? are any of those bars still open, or would i only have the option of sauna NZ? I saw online that the web, cuckoo's nest etc close around 1 am?? thank you!
  2. Hello guys! I will be going to Amsterdam for the first time ever very soon and I need some good advice as to where I can go be sleazy! Im looking to take as much cum as possible - not picky about age and looks so the sleazier the place the better !! Only things is not big on leather so I probably wouldn't get into any of the leather bars... SO far Im planning on going to DRAKE'S glory holes (afternoon till evening) and church club on sunday for the poz party! Any advice? Help this greedy cumdump get hot loads!
  3. hosting a gang bang session this coming FRIDAY 4th AUGUST in a studio flat in SOHO. from 7pm onwards. ill be the ONLY bottom - taking ALL loads. no top refused. door will probably be open so just walk in, queue up, breed me and go. ONLY tops please. private message me if interested and ill send details.
  4. javelin, just go to kings cross theres loads of homeless men in the area. offer them 10 pounds and they'll do anything. I've done ti several times
  5. hello everyone! I've always wanted to organise a meet where id just leave the hotel door on latch and have guys come in dump a load and leave - anonymous and/or not. trying to find a hotel in london where i can do that --- meaning guys can just walk in and up to my room without anyone asking or checking at all. anyone know a couple places like that? the cheaper/sleazier the better!
  6. hi guys - im new at barebacking and i have been reading about cumunion. sounds REALLY hot and am keen to go but wanted to hear if anyone's been - is it worth it? whats the scene like? ideally would be a room full of horny fuckers just barebacking each other and cum being shot everywhere! id plan to go and bend over and take everyone's cock! if anyone's been please let me know if its good/worth going?
  7. i will be going to the one nov. 6th im a young sub cumslut will let anyone breed me! collecting as many loads as i can
  8. thank you for the answer! have you been there recently?
  9. Hi! i am new to the site and to the barebacking scene. been reading that hampstead heath is the place to go if you want to get anonymous loads. i am looking to literally bend over and be fucked by anyone who needs to unload. hopefully get pozzed too! but scared to go alone! would tonight be busy? is it safe? anyone going, maybe feeling like bringing a new neg bottom to turn him into a total cumdump?
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