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    Prefer Atlanta but can travel.
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    Tops to fuck my brains out, especially with pierced cocks.

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  1. thanks for the likes mate, there's a sort vid to upload - very sticky pubes.


  2. I haven't been since last year. I was traveling until COVID and now stuck at home. But I can't take much more of this isolation. I am definitely making the rounds during my Christmas vacation.
  3. I have the same interest. Since I won't be traveling anytime soon I am thinking this is a good time to have it done.
  4. any position that would have that nice hardware up my ass.
  5. I love rimming. I don't like topping so I have become fairly adept at rimming as my contribution to a man's hole. I am not particular about hair or no hair but generally don't like them too musky, although I am was working on that.
  6. Great idea I don’t like beer and feel weird not drinking one.
  7. This may be too mundane to be interesting. But I am wondering how many have changed their daily habits while in isolation and will that carry over after we are free again? After being isolated for going on 11 weeks I have changed several habits, some good some, well you judge. I used to bathe daily even if not leaving the house. Now, I may go 2 or 3 days. I never wore the same thing twice without washing it. Now I wear stuff...well more than once. I don’t wear underwear anymore. I am on porn sites 18 hours a day and I work a full time job. Do the math. Something is cutting into something else. 🙄 I still brush my teeth, wash my hands and clean myself after going poo so I have not completely reverted to caveman instincts 😝 Of all these things I think I am done with underwear. 😈 the rest I will resume in the new world.
  8. Thanks, your a hot stud with an enjoyable profile as well!

  9. That should remove any doubt. I like your thinking. It beats certainly beats walking up and down like a zombie. I never did that but I saw others who did. 🤥 I will try that when we are free to move about again.
  10. You have beautiful feet! I’d service them anytime. 

  11. Yeah, I want some too. That dispel any uncertainties about your interests.
  12. In the past I have been on and off about vac pumping, porn and jerking off; preferring to wait for my excursions to Atlanta for really good plowing. With that on hold I have resumed daily vac pumping, especially nipples and ass. Also I am jerking off almost constantly, even when I am (supposed to be) working (from home). Fortunately I can type with one hand and, we’ll... Going commando or no pants at all may be part of the problem. I also can’t stay off BZ, datedick, pumppig... All in all, I would rather be in Atlanta. Hopefully this will be over by summer?
  13. Nope. Not at all. COVID-19 is not a calculated risk I am willing to take especially when my actions can affect others in such a horrific way.
  14. I agree with @norcalraw but what is a 3D rim job?
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