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  1. Good hunting...summer season is open! Spread it!

  2. I would nevee put a fucking condom on my cock...but if i had to to be able to fuck a particular guy...i would put certainly go on and really breed the cunt.
  3. Thanks for the follow! 

  4. karluspig

    Poz tops at a bathhouse

    I totally agree. That is why i blow my bugs in any hole and shut my mouth. If yhey are there, well gifting time to my pleasure.
  5. karluspig

    Bareback preacher

    Priests are often real pigs! I had the chance twice to breed 2 different priests...both were total sex addicts and went bareback. They never even asked me my status...so ....well hope they converted to our Pozligion and spread the good word to many choirboys....
  6. If i am in, sure will cream the neg hole's gutts, if want it or not.
  7. Thanks for follow! Hot profile you have :P

  8. karluspig

    Molested as a kid

    I was 11 and he was 27....my older sister's bf. For 2 years i was his toy...and loved every minute of it. Once he invited 2 other men to use me. Unfortunatly he dumped my sister and lost him.
  9. hi - paulomendonc@hotmail.com

  10. Great profile...agree age and shape don't matter....get them poz

  11. karluspig

    The Confession

    Passing the bug...not a sin...a pleasure!
  12. karluspig

    Stealth Breeding from Craigslist

    The things should be done....
  13. karluspig

    Poz guys - Any Regrets?

    No regrets at all and proud to spread it
  14. Thanks for following me

    1. MTWTFSS


      WOOF bud -- hoT cock pic

    2. karluspig


      Thanks man...and love to use it in neg holes...

    3. MTWTFSS


      YES  -- made for neg holes for sure

  15. Very hot profile.

    1. lvbbcumnhole


      Thank you.  And a nice cock you got there!

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