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  1. Any alternative to poppers? I have a bad allergic reaction to poppers. Would weed help instead?
  2. Planning a bathhouse visit this weekend to fulfill a long-term goal- get fucked by as many cocks as I can (raw preferably). I'm no virgin to bathhouses but in the past, I would mostly watch and engage minimally. I was scared (of raw sex) and insecure about the way I look, thus the hesitation. This weekend though, I plan to walk in, get on the bed of the common area with my ass facing out and let anyone with a dick fuck me. I'm nervous and was wondering if you guys could help. Tips, tricks or just any advice you could give.
  3. Part 6 Baxter Sloan When I got home that night, Sam was sleeping in my room. I needed to be alone, so I crashed on the couch instead. As sleep slowly crept in, my last thought was on how would I explain all of this to Sam? I woke up late next morning to an empty house and a bad hangover. On the coffee table, was aspirin, some water and a note from Sam saying he went on a house call and he was going to spend the night at his friend’s place. Fucking great, as I was still not sure what to say to him about everything that had happened. After a long shower, I grabbed some breakf
  4. Merry Christmas! I am not a writer (finance majors), so I apologize if some of the writing is stunted and at times forced. This website is my first time writing and I will try to improve my writing over the course of the next few parts and subsequent other stories. Until then, I hope you enjoy and let me know if you like the story. Cheers. Part 5 Baxter Sloan 3 years ago One of the best feelings in the world to wake up to is getting your pecker sucked first thing in the morning. I had woken up to Sam nursing on my dick, and good boy that he was, he was happy to oblige when
  5. Hello everyone, thanks for all the kind words. I'll write more parts in time, I'm currently very busy with grad school and I have exams coming up. The story of the Sloan clan isn't over. It's just getting started 😉
  6. There is very little sex in this part. I wanted to move the plot along but I hope you like it. Part 4 Time seemed to stand still as I watched my father licking his fingers covered in my pre-cum. Of all the things I'd have thought could happen, this was certainly not what I had expected. I stood there, frozen in place, our eyes locked on each others, as time stood still. Dad's face started to move closer towards mine, his lips moving towards my lips. the distance between us closing until it was almost suffocating. I felt the faint touch of his lips on mine and it sent a shudder
  7. Part 3 I woke up late the next morning, on account of having slept late. Mostly because of the thought of my dad and brother fucking and having a weird master-slave relationship, kept racing through my head till the wee hours of the morning. On the bright side, I knew dad and Sam would be out for work by now, so I had the house to myself. I didn't have it in me to talk face to face with either just yet without picturing them in their gear from the night before or confronting them about what was going on. Relaxed and showered, I headed downstairs to grab some breakfast and was su
  8. This was originally longer but I decided to split into two parts. Part 3 is coming soon. Thank you for the nice words of appreciation and I hope you enjoy. Part 2 For years, I regretted telling my dad about being gay. Pushing those emotions down by throwing myself into school and then work, I never let myself have a moment to think about just how much it hurt when dad was not supportive of me coming out. So, to sit here and hear my dad tell me he was gay too and so was my brother, it brought out all of that repressed anger and frustration. For now, dad was still talking. “I
  9. This is part 1 of a new series. The first part contains no sex and is a setup for more to come. I promise that the lack of sex in this part will be heavily compensated for in parts to come. For now, enjoy reading 🙂 -- Part 1 Growing up, it was just my dad (Baxter Sloan), me (Joseph Sloan) and my older brother (Samuel Sloan). Mom left soon after I was born to marry some rich guy who loved her but didn't want the add-on baggage of 2 kids. So, the responsibility to raise me and my brother fell on my dad, who did the best he could to provide for us. My dad was only 21 when Sam was b
  10. Sorry for the delay. This is the last part for now. Enjoy Part 5 As a kid, I'd see my parents sneaking kisses and moments when they thought the kids weren't around. A slap in the butt, a squeeze here and there, playing footsie- my parents were completely crazy about each other. As I grew up, part of me always wanted that connection. To be crazy in love with someone, even after 20 years of marriage. Maybe this time, I'll get what I want -- I woke up to an empty bedroom. As my eyes adjusted to the morning sun, I saw a tray full of food, coffee, a glass of water and aspir
  11. Sorry it's been so long guys. Classes have been absolutely brutal and time-consuming. This is part 4, with part 5 coming sometime before the 20th of September. --- Part 4 "Are you sure boy?" Was I sure? No. Was I going to do it? Hell yeah! "May I daddy?" I asked him, with absolute certainty in my voice. I was scared but I knew it was now or never. He looked at me with the most intense gaze. So strong, that it always made me look away. But I decided to hold my ground and keep my eyes on him, to show him I wasn't weak. That I wasn't doing
  12. Great body pic....

    1. Akoor


      Thanks buddy, means a lot

  13. Part 3 The first time I met someone from my old life after my conversion, the first thing they asked me if I was doing okay. For some reason, this person had assumed I had been an unwilling participant in my pozzing and had been forced to undergo it. If only they knew. --- Liberated- the last thing I had expected to feel that day. And yet, being on my knees, sucking this glorious beast’s cock and hearing him talk about sending evidence of my nasty, perverted self, triggered something I couldn’t comprehend. The initial shock had paved way for a relaxing pulse to spread
  14. Part 2 When I finally turned around and saw him, it took my breath away. He was one of the ugliest men I had ever seen. His round pudgy face was filled with scars, his nose looked like it had been badly broken at some point and hadn't healed, his nostrils were shaped upwards with a gigantic septum piercing hanging, giving the illusion of an actual snout. A full, dirty beard decorated his face, his lips were thick, ashy and a little charred, with a piercing in his chin. Multiple ear piercings adorned his ears, which alongside the tattoos on his bald scalp, made him look like an absolu
  15. This is my first time writing a story so forgive me if some of the editing isn't all that great. Appreciate your feedback and thanks for reading. Part 2 is coming soon
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