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  1. Yeah I definitely can feel a guy cumming inside and his load in there too. I'm a good boy and try to keep it inside to absorb.
  2. Yes, I can tell. I think it really comes down to paying attention. I've found a guy's cock changes (like gets harder and sometimes starts throbbing) and also he tends to fall into a rhythm of fucking before he's going to cum. Not that I've had tons and tons of experience, but that's what I've found when I've been fucked.
  3. I enjoy the intimacy and the connection in the act. It's the ultimate thing I can give to a man sexually. Plus it feels better for him and me.
  4. Lesson learned: be careful of the bullshit artists. They’ll sing a sad ballad of romance lost, but really, they’re con men in disguise. Beware.

  5. Like breeding videos, I have found quite a few creampie videos also have a guy pulling out, cumming, then pushing it back in. The one term I have started to use with limited success is "impregnates".
  6. Totally understand this, but the word “breeding” means just that. Don’t strap an icecream cone on a cow’s head and call it a unicorn. It’s false advertising.
  7. My opinion on this: Bareback - not wearing a condom during the scene. Cums either inside or outside the ass. Breeding - cumming inside the ass. No pulling out. I mean, seriously, let’s look at the term itself. Breeding. Implies someone is getting pregnant. Most likely NOT going to happen if someone pulls out, dumps most of the load somewhere else, then pushes the cock inside. It really fucks me off when I’m watching a “breeding” clip and the top pulls out. Bareback, it was. Breeding, it wasn’t. </rant>
  8. I agree with @travelingdude and @Veytoss because either of those options work. I have my douche in a non-descript box hidden under clothes in a drawer in my dresser I barely used. The ex never found it, so that might work too.
  9. Sorry I’ve trunicated your message, @raunchycumslut but you’ve made a lot of excellent points. I want to put my 2 cents’ in here because it backs you up. When you say, “I am not going to be your backup plan”, it really hits home for most of these guys. When you say, “You said ‘no’, and I’m holding you to that”, it also hits home. The other night, I had a guy who was average looking but do-able contact me. He sent a face pic, I sent one back. He said he wasn’t interested. The prick had the fucking audacity to contact me a few nights later when I was feeling a bit precio
  10. To answer your questions: It's not just you. I get frustrated about it as well. And yes, I am a sensitive person, but hey, I'd rather care than not. I actually do sometimes get depressed or upset. But, then I realize all things happen for a reason, and there has to be something better out there for me. And seriously, would I really want someone like that buried deep inside me? No. I don't know if I have faith in the community per se, but I do have faith in individuals. I try to keep those individuals close to me and push away those who are not good for me. I do get frus
  11. Americans don’t have the same employment and personal protections as people in other countries; remember that. And everyone is welcome and free to have anonymity on this site. It’s not like we’re discussing how much we like My Little Pony or something ?
  12. You know, there is something attractive about everyone. Whether it's a smile or sense of humor or whatever, I personally always seem to find the good in people, and I have faith that I'm right. It doesn't equate to sexual attraction per se but relatability.
  13. Very very very interesting! I have a cat — her nickname is Sissy, somewhat ironically — and before I go to bed, she bites me and also puts her claws out slightly to try to draw my arm back into petting her. So there’d be multiple meanings to that sort of tattoo; not only the “I’m here” thing but also the ideology of how a cat shows her master affection. That’s a great idea @Leather69 — Thanks! :)
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